Cool Oscar Party Ideas

by Joanna

Admit One To The Fun & Fab Party Of The Year!

Admit One To The Fun & Fab Party Of The Year!

I had an Oscar party and had my mother and her friends dress up and act like the paparazzi! It was great. All my guests had fun dressing up as their favorite Hollywood stars and staying in character with that person's behavior.

We used a lot of mini white lights to decorate the room and give it a Hollywood feel. We covered the chairs with white sheets and tied big fabric bows around the backs to make them look fancy. We got the sheets from thrift stores so it was real cheap.

We made a lot of finger foods for everyone to munch on. We had several different dips and chips, fancy cheese and crackers, mini cupcakes, mini breads and meats, and the best part was the chocolate fountain and strawberries--Yummm!

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Throwing a teen Oscar themed party is sure to be tons of fun, especially for teens that really love pop culture. Looking for a few Oscar party ideas? This post made me think of a few more you may want to use, from invitations to Oscar party games.


For invitations, movie ticket shaped invitations are the perfect choice. Simply cut out of cardstock and decorate to look like movie tickets. You could also use gold paper to create invitations in the shape of an Oscar award.


Another of the fun Oscar party ideas is to decorate the party area like you are hosting the Oscars at the party venue. Roll out the red carpet and let guests have fun walking the red carpet as they arrive; be sure to take pictures just like paparazzi would be doing.

You can add some spray painted stars outside or cut out stars and add them to the floor area of the party. You could also bring the glitz and glam of Hollywood to your home by adding lots of silver and gold streamers and balloons. These decorations will quickly change your room into one that any Hollywood starlet would be happy to accept her Oscar in.


It’s nice to have some Oscar party games for the teen guests to enjoy as well. If you’re holding this party on Oscar night, have guests submit their guesses on who will win certain categories. Give prizes to those that guess correctly. Another fun idea for Oscar party games is to break guests up into teams of 3-5 guests. Have each team put on a skit that they create. Have a set of three judges. The judges should come up with awards for “best skit,” “best actress,” “best actor,” etc.


To add to the fun, one of the exciting Oscar party ideas that is sure to be a hit is to set up a nice popcorn bar. Everyone needs popcorn as they watch movies or the Oscars. Decorate the table with garland and cutouts of silver and gold stars. Add glamorous napkins and cool boxes of popcorn. Add some bottles of flavored popcorn toppings for guests to sprinkle on top of popcorn.

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