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If you have a construction-loving tot, then you might have visions of Construction Parties rooting around your brain. If you have decided upon this theme, then you will certainly need to have some construction games that your crew will really dig.

To get you started planning for high-rise fun, I have put together a bunch of construction theme games that are perfect for toddlers. You might want to check them out to see if any of these activities should be added to your punch list of fun things to do at a construction birthday party. Your little workers will be delighted and you need not concern yourself with the possibility of them picketing your party. However, you better proceed with caution as these games have been known to create fun that cannot be stopped.


WALL DEMOLITION GAME – Your party guests are sure to like a construction party game that allows them to demolish something. This wall demolition game is easy to set up. First, you’ll want to set up a nice wall that is made out of cereal boxes or other types of cardboard boxes. Construct a wall so that it can easily be set up multiple times so all your guests can enjoy getting a chance to try to demolish the wall. Then, place a tennis ball in a plastic bag, tying off the bag in a knot. Tie a rope around the bag’s knot that you created. Then, tie the top of the rope to a tree branch. Give every guest three chances to swing the tennis ball at the wall, trying to knock down as many boxes as possible. See which child can knock down the most boxes with the “demolition ball.”

BRICK TOSSING GAME – Another of the fun construction party games to play at your construction party is the brick tossing game. For this game you’ll need two dump trucks and you’ll also need to make your own “bricks” for the game as well. To make the bricks, take some felt in a color that looks like a brick. Sew the felt into a brick shape, filling the felt with some dried beans so you have some “brick” beanbags. Have your young guests line up about 5-10 feet away from the big dump trucks. Then, give each child five beanbags and see how many “bricks” they are able to throw in the dump trucks. The child with the highest number of “bricks” that go in the truck will win the game. If you have a tie, have a tiebreaker tossing contest to see who wins or simply give out two prizes.

CONSTRUCTION PARTY GAMES - BUILD A TOWN ACTIVITY – This activity is a perfect choice for the beginning of your party. You’ll need to create a craft area where your guests can use foil, toilet paper tubes, cereal boxes, foil and other items to create their own town. Give them a base of poster board and then let them use the various supplies you have out to make their own town. Make sure you have scissors and glue available for kids to use. Before the party, you may want to make an example town for kids to look at so they have some ideas of how to make their own cool town.

BIG BOULDER TEAM RACE – A big boulder team race is another of the exciting construction party games that toddlers are sure to enjoy. To prepare for the game, you’ll need four large Styrofoam balls, four large boxes (they should be larger than your Styrofoam balls) and some gray spray paint. To make the boulders for the game, you’ll need to use the gray spray paint on the Styrofoam balls so they look like real boulders. Plan to have four teams, so paint all four balls. Make sure they have plenty of time to dry before the party. To play the games, divide your party guests into four different teams. Have each team line up, but have every team member stand about 4-6 feet away from each other. Behind the last person in line, place a box on its side about 4-6 feet away. Give the first person in line a “boulder.” Have them roll the boulder to the next person, but they have to do it while on their knees and without picking the boulder up. They can crawl while batting the boulder along with hands or knees or they could even push it using their head. They have to get the boulder to the next player, who does the same thing to get the boulder to the next player. The final player has to roll the boulder right into the box. The team that gets their boulder in the box first will win the game.

MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS - Divide your little workers into two teams. Give each team a pile of rocks or a dirt, a plastic shovel, and a dump truck. On "Go", the first child of each team fills their dump truck up with the rocks or dirt and proceeds to maneuver their truck through the construction zone, empties their truck, and then pushes the empty truck back to their teammates. The next child in line repeats the process. Whichever team gets through all of their workers first are the winners. You must create a "construction zone" for each team that is identical. Use construction cones, mounds of dirt, rocky areas, etc.

CONSTRUCTION PARTY GAMES - OBSTACLE COURSE - Divide your little workers into two teams. Create a construction zone obstacle course for each team that is identical. Whichever team gets through the obstacle course first, shall be the winners. Use construction cones to create a zig-zag area, a large mound of dirt to make a "mountain", lay a board on the ground to walk across, lay a wood ladder on the ground for kids to walk through the rungs, a refrigerator box with the ends cut off to create a tunnel to crawl through, etc.

WHEELBARROW RACE - Divide your little workers into two teams. Place an orange cone about 15-25 feet away in front of each team. The first child that has the honor of being number one in their line will need to get down on the ground on all fours. The second child in each line grabs the ankles of the first child to create the wheelbarrow. Then everyone tries to "runs" on their hands, rounds their orange cone, and returns to their teammates. When the "wheelbarrow" returns to their teammates, the second child who was originally in line, drops to the ground and the third child in line grabs the second child's ankles to create a new wheelbarrow. The relay continues until everyone on the team has been both the child "running" on their hands and the child pushing the "wheelbarrow." Whichever team gets through all of their teammates first shall be the winners.

DIGGING FOR CONSTRUCTION TREASURES - Bring in some sand and create some sand "mountains" while hiding various toy trucks, tractors, excavators, plastic tools, Ziploc bags with construction stickers, etc. Give all your workers a little pail and shovel, and let them dig out their construction treasures, which they will get to keep.

CONSTRUCTION PARTY GAMES - SKYSCRAPER SUCCESS - Divide your little workers into two lines and give them each identical building blocks. On "Go", the first person of each line proceeds to build a skyscraper with their blocks. Whichever skyscraper topples over first, that builder is out of the game. The winner of that round goes to the end of their line. The play continues until only one builder remains and that person is the winner.

WRAM 'EM UP! - Divide your little workers into a few teams and give each of the teams a roll of actual caution tape, a large roll of yellow streamers, or you can use a roll of yellow toilet paper. Once the game starts, everyone will need to mummify one of their teammates, with the exception of the head; whoever finishes first is the winner.

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