Construction Game Ideas To Help You Build A Great Party!

Fun And Fabulous Construction Game Ideas
The Perfect Choice For Your Little Contractors!

If you're throwing a Construction Birthday Party, then you will want to be sure to have games that will not only compliment your theme, but will also keep all your little contractors diggin' your party and having a good time.

To help you build an unforgettable party that will have everyone refueling for fun, I have put together this page of construction party games. It's the perfect blueprint for creating high-rise birthday fun. So prep the site and get ready to rope off your construction birthday party zone. Be sure to tell your crew to pack their tool belts and get ready for the big job, cuz' we're gonna raise the roof!


SHOVEL UP SOME FUN - Get 3 large bowls and fill one with cotton balls. Blindfold 2 kids at a time, give them each a plastic shovel, have them shovel as many cotton balls from center bowl into their bowl for a specific time. Count balls and return all of them to cetner bowl. Play continues with next 2 kids until all have played. The child who shoveled the most wins.

IT'S A WRAP - Break kids into teams. Give each team a roll of caution tape. First team to mummify (except for the head) one of their teammates wins.

WHEELBAROW RACE - Split workers into 2 teams. Give each team child-size wheelbarrow and enough boxes to fill it. Relay starts at "construction yard" with 2 kids competing to fill their wheelbarrow with their boxes, push it to "construction site", unload, and bring empty wheelbarrow back to next teammate. Next worker takes empty wheelbarrow to "construction site", loads boxes, and wheels it back to "construction yard", and unloads. Whichever team gets through all of their workers first wins.

WORKSITE CLEANUP - Split workers into 2 teams. Give each team a stack of "rocks" made from tightly wadded newspaper. Place empty bucket an age-appropriate distance from start line for each team. Each worker takes a turn and throws a "rock." This continues until one team fills up their bucket first and wins.

BUILDING FUNTIME - Workers create building fun with Legos, tinker toys, erector sets, blocks, or any other construction toys.

PLAY DOH CREATIONS - Workers create construction-related items with Play Doh.

BUILD A TOWN - Protect card tables with plastic or butcher paper. Workers make roads, buildings, landscaping, etc. Give them ice cream sticks, colored beans and rice, graham crackers, frosting, construction paper, poster paint, markers, silk flowers, greenery, glue, safety scissors, and tape. Also, give them cars and trucks to play with on their roads.

DIGGING FOR TRUCKS - Bury small trucks in large sandbox and give each worker a plastic shovel and bucket and let them dig out vehicles which they get to keep.

BULLDOZER OR DUMP TRUCK PINATA - Blindfold with handkerchief. Wrap bat with caution tape and decorate with yellow and black streamers and curling ribbons.

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