Coin In The Flour

by Aireil

Flour Power

Flour Power


Just put a coin at the bottom of a plate or bowl of flour. Then everyone has to get the coin using their mouth and no hands. If you can't hang with the flour then you can substitute water or use cut-up fruits for bait!!!!!

Come on guys--make it a little challenging and disgusting or it just ain't fun!

Aireil is right – teens just love teen games that are a bit disgusting and challenging. Having a tough time coming up with more games for teens? This idea gave me some ideas that you may want to try.


One fun game that is messy, therefore sure to be a huge hit, is the Cheetos Head game. You’ll need some shower caps, plenty of Cheetos and a lot of shaving cream. To play, break up the guests into pairs. One person in each pair will wear a shower cap. Then, shaving cream is piled up on their head in a big mound. The other person in the pair gets a bowl or plate of Cheetos, steps 4-5 feet away and begins to throw the Cheetos at the shaving cream mound. Time them and give them two minutes to keep throwing. The team that lands the most Cheetos in the shaving cream will win the game. Keep in mind, this is one of the games for teens you’ll probably want to play outdoors.


If you’re looking for creative teen games, Fashion Show is sure to make teens laugh while they get creative. You’ll need as many newspapers as you can find and several rolls of duct tape. Split teen guests into groups of 4-5. Give each team a roll of duct tape and some newspapers. Give guests 15 minutes to create a fashion outfit out of newspapers and the duct tape. They have to actually make the fashion item something that one of the teammates can wear. After 15 minutes is up, have a fashion show and have a couple judges decide on the best fashion creation.

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