Clever Clown Cake

by Janice Lang
(Portland, OR)

My Kid's Cute Little Clown Cake

My Kid's Cute Little Clown Cake

All my kids just love clowns and anything circus related, so I’ve used circus party ideas several times for my children’s birthday parties. Just recently, my youngest boy turned five and once again, and he too wanted to have a big circus party with all his friends.

A friend of mine owns a farm, so I had them bring over a few animals to make a fun petting zoo for the kids, even though they weren’t actually circus animals. To make it feel like a circus atmosphere, I decorated the party area to look like the big top, using plenty of red, yellow and orange for the basic décor colors. I made decorating easy by finding some circus themed wall decals that I could put up on the walls and easily take down after the party.

In the past, I’ve always purchased a cake, but this time I decided to look for some good circus party ideas for a cake and then try making one myself. This is what I came up with. I created a round cake and then used icing to make it look like a clown. I used white for the face, orange for the hair. I added on the red nose, added a big clown smile and of course some eyebrows.

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