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If your child has decided that nothing less than a Circus Party will do, then you will want to be sure it doesn't turn into a dog and pony show, so be sure to plan some circus games to keep everyone entertained and having a good time.

To help you create some high flying fun at your circus birthday party, I have put together some games and activities that you might want to add to your festivities. Be sure to plan on more than you might need, otherwise you could end up with a 3-ring circus of kids running a muck!


CIRCUS ANIMAL NOISES AND GESTURES – Make up some cards with circus animals on them before the party. Have kids sit on the floor and let the birthday guest of honor start the game. The child should pick a card and then they have to try to get the rest of the kids to guess what circus animal they are by making noises and gestures. However, they are not allowed to say any words. They can only make the animal sounds and try to move like the animal. Let the person who guesses go next, but be sure to let everyone have a chance at this fun game. It’s sure to bring lots of laughter to your Circus birthday party!

FOLLOW THE CLOWN – You will need to have someone dressed up like a clown at your party. Then, this game is played much like the kid favorite, Follow the Leader. Have everyone get in line behind the clown. Then, all the kids have to follow the clown wherever he goes, doing exactly what the clown does. So, if the clown gets down and crawls, everyone else has to do it too. If the clown starts skipping around, all the other kids have to skip around. This active game will help get rid of some of that excess energy.

Circus Party Games

FABULOUS CIRCUS STUNT COMPETITION – The circus is all about fun, exciting stunts, so have all of your young guests get ready for a circus stunt competition. Give them a few minutes to plan what they want to do. Kids can do a hula hoop stunt, a somersault, a cartwheel, a headstand or even simulate a tightrope walk. Have everyone compete with their circus stunts. Be sure to snap photos of the competition. Then you can make up fun awards to give all your competitors so no one feels left out.

CIRCUS BALLOON POP GAME – Kids enjoy popping balloons, so this game is sure to be tons of fun for all your little clowns. You will need to blow up plenty of balloons for this game. The goal is to put out plenty of balloons for the kids. Then, they have two minutes to see how many balloons they can pop. However, kids are not allowed to use their hands or feet to pop the balloons, they have to do it by sitting on the balloons or by some other way. Make sure kids keep the balloons they pop to show how many balloons they popped within the two minute time period. Get ready for lots of noise during this game!

Circus Party Games

CLOWN ACT COMPETITION – Have some clown noses and clown hair. For this game, let kids go in pairs, putting on a clown nose and hair. Then they have to do their best clown act for the rest of the group, seeing how funny they can be. You may want to give the pairs a few minutes to figure out their act before they compete.

THE MYSTERY BOX – Have a big cardboard box and decorate it with some paint or some wrapping paper to make it look like it fits in with the circus. In big letters, have the words “Mystery Box” written on the sides. You could also put caution tape or “beware” signs around the box to make it more of a mystery. Place a tiny eye hole in the side of the box and allow brave guests look through the tiny hole and try to guess what is in the box. The person who comes closest to guessing what is in the box will win the game and a prize.

Circus Party Games

CIRCUS PARTY IDEAS FOR CLOWNS - One of the parents could dress up like a clown and put on a show or you could hire a clown or someone from your local drama department.

BALL TOSS - Staple or tie various baskets to a board and hang it up. Use at least 3 and have them be different sizes. The kids will then be given three to six balls to try to throw into the various baskets. The smaller the basket, the more points they will receive. You can make it so everyone receives a certain number of tickets for the points they receive or only one person is the winner--whoever has the most points. You may have to have another match or two to ultimately come up with one winner.

Circus Party Games

RING TOSS - Create your surface by nailing some dowels to a piece of wood. Be sure to make them 5"-6" in height and then lay them out in rows. Then place the piece of wood across two wooden horses. Have the kids stand back an appropriate distance and try to toss hoops (embroidery work best) over the dowels. Award various points depending on the size of the hoop used.

WATER GUN SHOOTING GALLERY - This is a cheap and easy game; all you need are some various sized plastic bottles, a flat surface and some squirt guns. Line bottles up on a flat surface and have the kids stand a distance back from them that would give them a bit of a challenge to try and "shoot" them down with their squirt guns. Award points accordingly. Whoever has the most points is the winner.

Circus Party Games

FEED THE WILD ANIMALS - Make a extra-large wild animal head with the mouth open from either a piece of plywood or strong cardboard. Draw the animal head's features and paint it accordingly. Be sure the mouth is open enough to allow the bean bags to be thrown into it. Paint the animal. Make green, blue, red, and yellow bean bags in various sizes. Give points for getting the bags into the animal's mouth based upon the bag size.

CIRCUS PARTY IDEAS FOR ANIMAL TRICKS - To bring the circus atmosphere home, have some animals that can do tricks for the kids. Check with local dog clubs for possible candidates. Also, consider hiring a snake handler or someone who has a pet chimp that does tricks. These are always fun circus party ideas to add on to your festivities for creating the circus atmosphere.

Circus Party Games

CLOWN PINATA - A pinata is always fun and if you decide to have one at your circus party, you might want to opt for a clown-shaped pinata. The kids can take turns taking a hit or two while blindfolded of course, or for a younger bunch you can always go with a pull-string version.

CIRCUS PARTY IDEAS FOR TICKET REDEMPTION - Set up a prize booth instead of giving out prizes as you go along. You could give out tickets to the winners of each game and then have the kids redeem their tickets when game time is over.

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