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If you're throwing a Circus Birthday Party, then you will surely want to spend some time creating a "Midway" for your guests to enjoy a bit of game time. Let them try their hand at some of the traditional circus themed games and see if they have what it takes to win a prize!

When creating your fun-filled Circus Theme Party to ensure everyone has a ball, here are some dynamite games to consider incorporating. As Ringmaster you're in charge, so gather your roustabouts to help you out. No need to grand-stand the games will speak for themselves. Here are some terrific ideas to check out for your Greatest Show On Earth.


CIRCUS FACE PAINTING BOOTH – Make your own circus face painting booth for the circus birthday party. Create a decorative booth and make this the first activity for guests to engage in when they arrive at the party. That way kids can enjoy having their faces painted as you wait for the rest of the guests to arrive. Make sure you have face paints, paint brushes, a small table, some chairs, handheld mirrors, face glitter, cosmetic sponges and plenty of paper towels. Have two or three adults work the booth, painting the faces of guests as they arrive at the circus birthday party.

CIRCUS FUN PHOTO BOOTH – Another fabulous idea is to create a circus fun photo booth that guests can enjoy during the party. Decorate a large cardboard box to look like a big circus tent. You can add other decorations, like stuffed animals, to the photo area as well. Then, place a box of fun props for kids to wear for the photos, such as funny hats, clown noses, clown wigs, moustaches, animal masks and more. Have someone on hand to take the pictures. If you have a photo printer, print out the pictures before the end of the party and send them home in fun circus picture frames as a wonderful favor idea.

Circus Games & Activities

THE CLOWN SAYS GAME – If you want easy circus games, this one is sure to be a hit that all your young guests can easily play. Have an adult or a teen dress up as a clown to lead this game. Then, play the game much like the old favorite, Simon Says. Have the clown lead the game saying, “Clown says to pat your stomach” or “Clown says to hop around on one foot.” Come up with lots of fun things kids can do. Remember, if the clown doesn’t start the phrase with “Clown says…” and the kids still do the activity, they are out of the game. You could play this game until you only have a single guest left playing. Give the last toddler in the game a fun prize, such as their own cool clown nose.

FUN LOLLIPOP GAME – Another of the exciting circus games you may want to add to your circus party is the fun lollipop game. For this game, you’ll need a Styrofoam cone as well as plenty of lollipops. If you have the time, consider decorating all the lollipops to look like clown faces, but they’ll be fine without the faces if you don’t have time to decorate all of them. Pick on lollipop and color the bottom of its stick black using a black marker. Then, place all the lollipops into your Styrofoam cone, ensuring that the bottoms of the lollipops are all hidden. To play the game, let kids take turns picking a lollipop from the cone. If the child pulls out the specially marked lollipop, then they get a prize. Kids that pull out lollipops can still keep their lollipop, so everyone wins this fun, tasty game.

Circus Games & Activities

BALLOON POPPING ANIMAL GAME – Balloons are always popular at circuses and this game will be exciting for your guests. You’ll need a lot of balloons for this game. It’s best to plan on about 10 balloons for each guest. Blow up the balloons before the party and draw circus animal faces on the balloons. For the game, you’ll put all the balloons out on the party floor. When you start the game, have the kids pop as many of the animal face balloons as they can in 2 minutes. However, they are not allowed to use their hands to pop the balloons. They can sit on the balloons or use their feet, but no hands allowed. This noisy game will help get rid of some of the energy your young guests have.

CLOWN RELAY - Create two sets of clown clothes that includes extra-large shirt, pants, shoes, silly wigs, clown sunglasses and nose. Split the kids into 2 teams. 1 child from each team runs to pile of clothes, puts them on, runs to tag teammate, and runs back to take off clothes and leave them where they were originally. The team who is able to get through their clowns first wins.

WHAT CIRCUS ANIMAL AM I? - Download pictures of circus animals and pin a picture on each child's back. Then have children ask one another yes/no questions, e.g., "Do I have a long tail?," "Do I have a long nose?," "Do I have a long neck?," "Do I have stripes?," etc.

Circus Games & Activities

WALK THE TIGHT ROPE - Lay down an age-appropriate length of rope on the ground and have the kids pretend they are walking the circus high wire tight rope. Have the other kids sit on the sidelines and provide audience participation with applause.

FEED THE WILD ANIMALS - To create the bean bag game board you can use a sturdy refrigerator cardboard box and cut out the necessary openings. If you have someone who is handy and if you're wanting something a bit more sturdier, then you can use a piece of plywood. Draw a wild animal heads with their mouths cut open large enough for bean bags to go through. Paint animals. Make red, blue, and green bean bags from small to large. Give various points for different sized bags.

"EGG" TOSS - Remove lid from egg carton, tape bottom to large cardboard box, and place on ground. Have kids stand an age appropriate distance from box. Give kids 12 "eggs" (ping pong balls) and have them toss the "eggs" into the carton. Whoever gets the most in wins.

Circus Games & Activities

TIN CAN ALLEY - Set six empty tin cans on top of each other in 3 levels. Make red, blue, green, and yellow bean bags. To win the game, all the cans must be knocked off the platform with 2 bean bags.

WATER GUN SHOOTING GALLERY - Line up plastic bottles an age appropriate distance from start line. Give kids squirt guns and let them try to knock down as many bottles as they can.

TICKET REDEMPTION - As an alternative to giving out prizes to the winners for each individual game that you play, you could hand out tickets that the kids can redeem at a prize booth. You would need to provide an assortment of prizes, each baring a particular ticket/point value, and just let everyone pick out what they want and "buy" the prize with their winnings.

INFLATABLE BOUNCE HOUSE OR MOONWALK - Always a hit and perfect for a circus birthday party.

CLOWN - Hire a clown to put on a show or have one of the parents take on this role.

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