Circus Games Make For Circus Fun!

by Amanda Davis
(Addison, Michigan)

Under The Big Top - Circus Game Idea

Under The Big Top - Circus Game Idea

This would be better for a younger set of children. You could write down all the different type of performers in a circus onto pieces of paper. Put the papers in a hat to be drawn out by each child.

Whatever performer they draw out, they will then have to play that part. There could be a ring master, acrobat, lion tamer, lion, elephant, etc., and they could all act out their own circus. You could then have different skits and games.

Amanda has a great idea for circus games and even older kids and tweens will probably enjoy playing this game. It’s always fun to play characters from the Big Top!

If you decide to use this game, why not have some costumes around that the kids can dress up in. After all, every party game is better if you get to dress up! Have some animal masks, a big top hat for the ring master to wear and maybe a tutu for a circus dancer to wear. Make sure everyone gets involved so all your young guests have a great time.

This cool idea for circus games gave me some more cool circus party ideas that can make your party even more exciting. One idea is to make sure you have some great circus music to add to the party vibe. Kids will feel like they’ve really taken off to the circus with all the cool circus music playing in the background.

Another of the fun circus party ideas is to bring through the circus theme in the foods that you serve. For example, consider putting out boxes of animal crackers for the kids to snack on. Another fun food idea is to bake up cookies and decorate them as different animals from the circus. You could even make some cupcakes and decorate them to look like funny clowns, complete with the big red nose; you could even use a cherry for the nose.

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