Cinco De Mayo Games To Spice Up Your Cinco De Mayo Theme Party?

Fun And Fabulous Cinco De Mayo Games
To Help You Celebrate To The Max!

If a festive fiesta sounds like fun and May 5th is around the corner, then perhaps you have decided to host the Cinco De Mayo Party of the year. If so, you will want to spend a bit of time deciding upon some party games to make sure you keep all your senors and senoritas happily engaged in party activities.

To help get you started, here’s some incredible Cinco de Mayo games that are the perfect add-on for a Cinco de Mayo theme party. Time to kick up those heels, toss your sombrero down, and get ready sign and dance your way to a fabulous party.


MEXICAN JUMPING BEANS - While playing Mexican music in the background, have everyone jump around like Mexican jumping beans. When the music stops, everyone must freeze. If anyone moves or laughs, they are out. The game continues until only one person remains, who is the winner.

HOW MANY BEANS CAN YOU COUNT? - As your guests arrive, have them each write down how many beans they think are in a jar. The one who comes the closest, shall be the winner. If you are having children guess, then make the jar be full of jelly beans. If adults are guessing, fill it with dry pinto beans and attach your favorite recipe to the jar. Either way, just be sure to decorate the jar to make the game more inviting.

CHILI PEPPER WADDLE - Divide your guests into two teams and give each team an inflatable chili pepper. On "Go!" the first player on every team puts their chili pepper between their legs and waddles to the finish line and then waddles all the way back. The game continues in the same fashion. The team that finishes first wins this game.

Cinco De Mayo Games

MUSICAL MEXICAN HATS - This game is played like musical chairs except you will place Mexican hats into a large circle. Everyone shall walk around the hats while Mexican music plays in the background. When the music stops, everyone tries to grab a hat and put it on. Whoever does not get a hat is out the game. For each round, remove one hat. Keep playing until only one person remains, who shall be the winner.

PASS THE CHILI PEPPER – Play just like the game, Pass the Parcel, this game is tons of fun. Have all of your guests sit down in a circle, then pass an inflated chili pepper to the person on their right as Mexican music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the chili pepper is out. The game continues in the same fashion until only one person remains, and that person wins the game.

PASS THE SOMBRERO – Again, this game is a lot like Pass the Parcel. Ask guests to sit down on the floor, forming a circle. Then, play some fun Mexican themed music, passing the sombrero to the right. As each person receives the sombrero, h/she must put it on his/her head for a second before sending it on to the next person. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the sombrero, is out of the game. For an opportunity to remain in the game, the person caught holding the sombrero must step into the center of the circle, throw down the hat, and do a Mexican Hat dance. The game continues in the same fashion until only one person remains, who shall then be the winner.

Cinco De Mayo Games

MEXICAN RING TOSS - A fun Inflatable Cactus Cooler/Ring Toss Game will keep your drinks cool while providing a fun game for your guests. Make anyone who wants a drink, have to get a "ringer" around one of the cactus arms.

DON JUAN SAYS... - This game is played like Simon Says... except you will say, "Don Juan says..." The guest of honor starts the game as Don Juan and everyone has to obey what Don Juan says, only when asked with a phrase beginning with "Don Juan says." If "Don Juan says, "start skipping", the players have to skip; if they don't then they are out of the game. If Don Juan just says "start skipping" but doesn’t say, "Don Juan says", the players do not skip; anyone who does is out of the game. It is Don Juan's goal to get everyone out as fast as possible. It is the players' goal to stick in the game as long as they can.

LIMBO – Most kids enjoy doing the limbo. Have two guests or helpers hold on to the ends of a horizontal pole. Guests should line up single file, and when they reach the pole, they have to bend backwards, going under the limbo pole without accidentally touching the pole. Anyone who falls or touches the pole is out of the game. Continue lowering the pole with each round until one person is left. That person wins.

Cinco De Mayo Games

DON'T SAY "NO" - As guests arrive, give them each fiesta beads. The goal is to collect as many beads from the other guests as possible. To achieve this goal, your guests must get other guests to say the word "no." The guests will have to ask questions of one another to try to elicit a "no" from their selected target. Whoever ends up with the most beads at the end of the night or a predetermined time, shall be the winner.

MEXICAN HAT DANCE – Take a few sombreros, putting them on the ground. Then, have guests dance around the sombreros, showing off their best dance moves. It can be free dancing for fun or you can even have a dance contest.

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