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If you have decided this is the year for you to host a Christmas soiree, you will probably also be trying to come up with some interesting games. After all, you do want to be known as the one who hosted the most unforgettable party of the year!

While everyone is kicking back, sipping on their egg nog and eating way too many of your wonderful yummy hor d'oeuvres, you might want to challenge everyone's brains with some fun print and play song-related games.

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Christmas Song Game - For example, you can test your guests' ability to recall the song lyrics to all of those infamous Christmas songs. Find out who can remember the words well enough to fill in all of the blanks. There is also a Christian version of this game, in case that is more in keeping with your party's theme.

Christmas Song Scramble - Another fun option is a song scramble game. We all listen to the radio and sing along as we drive down life's highway, but how well do we really know the words to those songs. Time to test your guests' ears and brains and see if they can unscramble the titles of their favorite Christmas songs. For your info, there is also a Christian version of this Christmas song scramble game.

Christmas Humming Game - There are some who hear the word party and automatically think karaoke, but who says you need to have a karaoke machine to have fun? Why not let your guests entertain themselves as they hum their way among one another trying to locate their humming counterpart. This is a game that is sure to have everyone laughing more than they are humming, especially those who can't carry a tune in a bucket. If this sounds like a fun option, then let the humming begin!

As you are planning your night of festivities and trying to determine which games to play, click on any of the pictures below to learn a little more about each of the Christmas song-related games. I am sure their inclusion will help to provide the perfect blueprint for a successful party.

Christmas Song Games Conclusion

Now that you have got a few games under your belt, just in case you are still on the look for some ideas for your invites, decor, party food, cakes, or favors, you can click over to my Christmas Birthday Party page where you'll find lots of Christmas-related ideas, all of which can easily be adapted to a Christmas Party, holiday party, or family get together!

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