Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Ultimate Christmas Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Perfect For Teens & Tweens Alike!

Before I address the Xmas scavenger hunt ideas, I just want to make mention if you're planning a fabulous Christmas Birthday Party, check out these excellent ideas for decorations, invitations, food, favors and more, and they all have a Christmas theme! A lot of these ideas will transfer right over to other Christmas celebrations, so if you're looking for some Christmas party ideas, click on over and check these out.

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When creating a fun-filled Christmas birthday party or a warm, family Christmas get together, you'll want to be sure to have some party games at the ready, especially if you're going to have kids at your party. No need to worry about boredom setting in if you plan some activities ahead of time. A neighborhood scavenger hunt with an emphasis on Christmas, is a perfect activity that will keep your guests busy and entertained. It can easily be adapted to fit a younger crowd, but is also a perfect choice for a slew of teens with time on their hands!

You'll want to start by creating a list of Christmas-related items for your guests to obtain in the neighborhood. Split everyone up into teams and turn them loose. If appropriate, assign an adult to accompany each team.

Listed below are a few ideas to help get you started in coming up with a Christmas Themed Scavenger Hunt of your own:


  • __________Candy cane

  • __________Christmas angel

  • __________Christmas card

  • __________Christmas cookie cutter

  • __________Christmas napkin

  • __________Christmas pencil

  • __________Christmas ribbon

  • __________Christmas star

  • __________Christmas tree light

  • __________Cranberry

  • __________Gingerbread man cookie

  • __________Hot chocolate packet

  • __________Holly leaf

  • __________Mini marshmallow

  • __________Mistletoe

  • __________Ornament

  • __________Piece of coal

  • __________Pine cone

  • __________Pine needles

  • __________Plaid ribbon

  • __________Poinsettia flower

  • __________Popcorn garland

  • __________Red Bow

  • __________Santa hat

  • __________Santa sticker

  • __________Silver bell

  • __________Stocking

  • __________Tinsel

Before you send the troops out, make sure that you set up a meeting place and a time to meet. The winner of the scavenger hunt should be the team that ends up with the most points at the end.


  • Give 1 point for every item that is collected.
  • The team that finishes first gets 5 bonus points.
  • There is a 1 point penalty for every minute a team is late.
  • Give bonus points for some of the tougher items to find.

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