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Fun And Fabulous Christmas Game Ideas
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If your home has been elected as the site to host your friend or loved one's Christmas Birthday Party, then you will want to be sure to plan some games that will compliment your event.

Since games in general have a way of drawing people together and promoting camaraderie and competition, I have put together this page of game ideas to assist you in creating your fun-filled Christmas birthday party. They will also work great for a family Christmas get together.

WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE - Have all of your guests bring a wrapped, white elephant gift. Then proceed to play the game as noted above in the Ornament Gift Exchange.

COOKIE EXCHANGE - If you have 12 guests, have each of them bring three-dozen homemade cookies. Line the plates of cookies up on a table, give each of your guests an empty Christmas paper plate and have them walk around the table collecting one cookie from each plate until they each have three dozen cookies. You can adjust the number of cookies accordingly to coincide with the number of guests you have.

Christmas Game Ideas For Teens

SANTA SUIT – Much like the bridal shower game that has guests creating a wedding gown with toilet paper, this game has guests working to create a Santa suit. After guests are divided into teams, every team should get tape, pompoms, white and red streamers, some batting, scissors and any other materials. Guests should be given 5-10 minutes to dress up one member of their team with a Santa suit, using the supplies to create the suit. Have a judge decide who has the best Santa Suit.

SANTA PHOTOS - Divide your guests into teams and have one adult go with each team. Using cell phones, digital cameras, or Polaroid cameras, send your teams out to obtain photos of various Santa's posing with teammates. One photo of each Santa allowed. Each posed picture must be different and unique. Winners will be judged on originality and the most photos obtained.

Christmas Game Ideas For Teens

SNOWBALL TOSS - Divide your guests into teams and give each team a bag of large marshmallows. Have half the team line up on one side of the room and the other half of the team stand about four feet away. On "Go", the first person of each team tries to toss a "snowball" (marshmallow) into their teammate's mouth. Once that teammate catches a marshmallow they can either get out of line or move to the throwing line. Whichever team gets through all of their teammates first, are the winners.

HOW MANY CHRISTMAS MOVIES CAN YOU NAME? – Guests should be given a pencil and some paper. Give them a couple minutes to list as many Christmas movies as possible. See who has the biggest list to figure out who wins the game.

Christmas Game Ideas For Teens

CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER HUNT - This is a perfect option for teens and tweens alike. They usually love a fun hunt, so here's some ideas to help you create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt to occupy a nice amount of time during the party.

BLIND PRESENT WRAPPING – Create teams, ensuring every guest is on a team. Every team should get a small table, wrapping paper, a blindfold, bows, ribbons, tape and an empty gift box. To get started, the first team member will head to the table, placing the blindfold over their eyes. Then, they have to use the gift wrap and tape to wrap up the box. Every person on the team will need to wrap the box once with the blindfold on. The last team member to wrap the box should add the bows and ribbons to the box. Just like a relay race, the team that finishes first is declared the winner.

Christmas Game Ideas For Teens

ALL THUMBS - UNWRAP THE PRESENT – Using many layers of gift wrap, take a nice box and wrap it up before the party. To make it difficult to open, forget the regular tape and use duct tape or some other tough tape. Consider the number of people who will play the game when figuring out how many layers of wrapping paper to use. For big parties, you can do this to a few boxes so you can place guests in groups.

The prepared box should be put right in the middle of everyone. Have two dice on hand and let guests begin rolling to see who gets doubles. When someone gets doubles, they have to start unwrapping the box with only one hand. The other people keep rolling the dice until someone else rolls doubles, allowing the first person to stop unwrapping and the other person to carry on. The person who finally gets to completely unwrap the gift wins this game.

UNWRAP THAT PRESENT – Guests should be placed on different teams. Give each team a table that has a large stack of gifts that have already been wrapped. Make it hard for the gifts to be unwrapped with packing, duct or masking tape on the gifts. Say “Start” and have the first team mate head to their team’s table, unwrapping one present, disposing of the wrapping and then heading back to the team. Then, the next person goes until everyone has unwrapped the presents on their team’s table.

Christmas Game Ideas For Teens

CANDY KISS GAME - Divide your guests into teams. Have a bowl of Hershey candy kisses and Christmas mittens on a table for each team. On "Go", the first player from each team runs to their table, puts on the mittens, unwraps a kiss, eats it, removes the mittens, and runs back to their teammates. Each teammate repeats the process. The first team to all get "kissed", shall be the winners.

NAME THAT CHRISTMAS TUNE - Divide your guests into teams. Then you will start to play a few notes of a Christmas song and see which team can name that tune first. The team who correctly identifies the song will receive one point. The first team to obtain 10 points shall be the winners.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Print and play party games would be a perfect add-on to your Christmas birthday party. Here's an entire page with nothing but a wonderful batch of Christmas Printable Games to also consider.

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