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Christmas party games are a wonderful way of creating and making the holiday season memorable.

Christmas Party Games – Holiday Games Appropriate for All Ages

Once the wrapping has been removed from the presents, the Christmas dinner has been enjoyed by all, and while the classic Christmas songs are still lingering in the air, you can instantly optimize excitement among all by playing some Christmas party games. Regardless of age, regardless of size, and regardless of the time of day, these games are sure to bring everyone together and provide hours of holly, jolly entertainment for all!

In this guide, you will be introduced to a few Christmas family games that are sure to excite and amuse everyone at your Christmas party celebration!

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Unwrap Relay

This is considered to be one of the most popular Christmas family games because it is quite easy to set up, challenging, and enjoyable for all individuals involved – regardless of age.

You will need to have at least two teams and a gift for each team. The gift that you provide to each team should be wrapped within a box that contains many smaller boxes, with the inside box containing the gift. In other words, wrap the small gift, place it in a box, place that box inside of another box, and so on and so forth. Each box needs to be wrapped with wrapping paper. At the beginning of the game, each team is provided with their box and a pair of mittens. Each individual should attempt to unwrap the gift as quickly as possible – without taking off the mittens. The team that successfully reaches the gift and unwraps it first, wins the game. You may then provide that team with ribbons, party favors, or items that are similar in nature.

Holiday Musical Chairs

When it comes to Christmas party games, no holiday party is complete without the addition of the game, holiday musical chairs. In this game, you simply set out a preset number of chairs and have everyone sit in them. You then play holiday music that is fun and upbeat. When the music stops, everyone sits and you remove a chair. Individuals that are left standing are eliminated from the game. The last person that remains wins the game. You should ensure that you have a gift to provide to the winner. Examples include a holiday music CD, a stocking filled with Christmas candy, and other items that are Christmas related.

Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree

For Christmas family games, the one known as, “Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree” is exceptionally popular. This is similar to the game known as, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” that is often played at other types of celebrations. You may make your own Christmas tree from construction paper, or simply buy a Christmas tree banner. Then, you should cut out a star that may be used for the game. You will also need a blind fold. Once you are ready to start the game, you should line up each person that chooses to play. During each individual’s turn, place the blind fold on their face, ensuring that it completely covers their eyes. Then, slowly turn them three times. They will then take the star, and attempt to place it on the top of the designated picture of a Christmas tree. The person that comes the closest to getting the star in this location wins the game.

Printable Games

As you peruse the printable Christmas family games listed below, you might want to consider the fun Christmas version of Jeopardy if you enjoy games that test your knowledge. Pictionary and Charades are always a fun option at parties and when you add a Christmas twist, all are sure to have a jolly good time. Another tried and true easy going party game is Bingo, but why just play the traditional version when you can turn it into a Christmas round of fun. Finish My Phrase and It's a Wonderful Life are great options when you want to tickle the brains of your guests while bringing a fun Christmas game to the table.

Christmas Family Games - Conclusion

One more thing before I sign off, if you're in need of a few ideas on the party planning end of things, I have a Christmas Birthday Party page that has some options for your invites, decor, food, and favors. Although the page is set up for a Christmas birthday, these ideas can certainly be used for your Christmas party, family get together or holiday party.

There are many Christmas family games that may be played and enjoyed by your relatives at your holiday party. In this guide, you have been provided with an original Christmas classic game, a spin-off of two traditional games that are played with a holiday-twist, and some great printable game options.

By integrating these Christmas party games into your holiday celebration, you are sure to provide your guests with hours of laughs, kicks, and entertainment. To make the Christmas family games even more exciting, be sure to prepare gifts and rewards for the winners of the games. Be sure to allow plenty of time for your games, as your guests may enjoy the activities so much that they want to play them over and over again. Be creative, be entertaining and above-all, ensure that the games that you bring to your Christmas celebration bring tidings of joy and holiday fun!

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