Christmas Birthday Party Ideas That Will Ring Your Bell!

Fun And Fabulous Christmas Birthday Party
Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Christmas Birthday!

A Christmas birthday does require extra work and effort, but you certainly don't want to entertain the alternative--just letting your friend or loved one's Christmas b-day go by with nary a word from you just because they happened to be born on or near December 25th. Plan ahead and let the celebration of the December-born person's birth help be part of the festivities that kick off the fun as you prepare for the Christmas season.

To help you figure out ways to carve out some time to celebrate that special person's birthday, I've put together some great b-day party ideas and intertwined them with the Christmas theme. You will soon see that you'll easily be able to take your birthday celebration from the invite stage right through to the thank you very much--now leave my house stage (Ha! Ha!). Scroll on and snag those ideas that ring your bell and kick the others to the curb!


Remember, to insure a good turnout, plan for the party to be held either 10 days before or after Christmas, otherwise you might be hard-pressed to have everyone you want at the party actually attend.

3-D CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT INVITES – If you want to send out a 3-D invitation, these invites are the perfect choice. Head to the dollar store and pick out some cheap Christmas ornaments--enough to be able to give one to each of your Christmas birthday party guests. Take pieces of festive, red cardstock, cutting each individual piece into 4 cards of the same size. On the card, write “I’m Dreaming of a Christmas Birthday Party. Then, include the party details on the card. Attach the card to the ornament using some pretty gold or silver ribbon. Place your ornament invites into little boxes and mail or deliver these ornament invites by hand.

CHRISTMAS PHOTO INVITATIONS – Take a photo of your birthday child in front of your Christmas tree or outside in front of a snowy background. Then, choose bright red cardstock, folding it into a party invitation shape. Glue the Christmas photo on the very front of the invite. On the card's front write “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way to (Name’s) Christmas Birthday Party.” Then, be sure to include important party info inside of the invitation, including RSVP contact info, time, date, place and other pertinent info.

CHRISTMAS TREE BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS – Using green card stock, cut from it the shape of a Christmas tree. Use glitter and other embellishments to decorate your Christmas trees, leaving room in the middle of the tree for some writing. In the middle of the tree, use a gold glitter pen to write, “Come Rock Around the Christmas Tree with Me!” Then, inside, write “You’re invited to have a rocking good time at (Name)’s Christmas birthday celebration. Then, include the details for the party inside as well.

MANGER SCENE INVITATIONS – Start with some brown cardstock, which will be the stable for your manger scene. Print out the characters for a manger scene, such as Mary, Joseph, a manger, the baby, sheep, other animals, wise men and shepherds. Color them and then cut them out, gluing them to the “stable” background to create your own manger scene. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the season as you invite guests to your party. You can place a star above the manger scene as well, and even some angels in the sky. Inside of the invite, include the important information for your party guests so they know when the party is, what time it will be held and how to contact to you to RSVP.

CANDY CANE INVITATIONS #1 - Cut a piece of white textured scrapbook paper into four pieces. Use decorative scissors to create a fun edge to them. Using red ink, either write in calligraphy or type out the b-day party details. Then laminate them for added stability. Finish them off by running a piece of red and white curling ribbon through a hole punched into one of the corners. Tie to candy canes, add a fun bow, and send them on their way or hand them out personally.

CANDY CAND INVITATIONS #2 - Cut large candy cane shapes from heavy white card stock and affix strips of red card stock to create the stripes. On one side, put, "Join us in celebration of (Name's) Christmas Birthday party." Write or type all of your party details on the reverse side. Mail or hand-deliver your invites.

CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY PRESENT INVITATIONS #1 - Print out your invitations on birthday themed scrapbook paper and place it into a Christmas colored envelope. Glue and/or tape ribbons onto the envelope to look like a present.

CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY PRESENT INVITATIONS #2 - Cut 1 piece of Christmas themed scrapbook paper into two or four pieces, depending upon how big you want your invites to be. Type or write out your party info. Fold up the invite and insert into a small box that is wrapped in Christmas paper with Happy Birthday ribbons. Hand-deliver invites.

ORNAMENT INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper into 4 pieces. Then type out or hand write all of your b-day party details in calligraphy. Laminate, hole-punch, and tie to an ornament with a Happy Birthday ribbon.


If you're trying to get a bit creative and come up with an appropriate Christmas birthday message, here are some ideas for some Christmas Birthday Cards.


To ramp up the fun, invite all your Christmas birthday party guests to wear some fun Christmas-themed costumes, or greet everyone with some Santa hats and/or elf and reindeer ears. If you don't have the time or inclination to make your own costume, here are some great options:


Any combination of Christmas colors like burgundy and gold, red and green, blue and white, pink and gold, are great options for a Christmas birthday party. All of my suggestions I will reference to red and green, but you can obviously change to whatever colors suit your fancy. Here's some traditional Christmas decorating ideas with a little birthday twist:
  • If you have any columns in front of your house, you have the perfect opportunity to turn them into candy canes. If they aren't white, cover them with white butcher paper, fabric, or gossamer, wind 4" to 5" wide red ribbons around them, and voila' you've got candy canes to greet your guests.

  • Cover the front door with wrapping paper, bow, and a big birthday greeting card attached.

  • Have someone dress up like Santa and greet everyone at the front door with, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Birthday (Name). Come one, come all and join in the birthday celebration."

  • Place a sled at the front door with a stuffed Santa or snowman, along with lots of colorful Christmas birthday wrapped packages.

  • Create a white Christmas inside with the use of a snowflake machine, which will create realistic snowflakes.

  • Create a Winter Wonderland by covering your walls with a fun snowflake background.

  • Deck your party room walls and turn them into an instant Christmas scene with a fun Christmas scene setter.

  • Use last year's Christmas cards to deck your halls. You can string them on ribbons to create garland and hang them around the ceilings or just affix them to a party room wall to add to the festivities. Periodically add photos of the birthday person at various ages, just to remind everyone that it is a Christmas birthday party.

  • If you are fortunate to have a fireplace, create Christmas stockings, except use birthday printed fabrics.

  • Hang Christmas wreaths that are decorated with birthday decor on the walls.

  • Make a photo collage of the birthday person and turn it into a Christmas tree skirt. Be sure to add "Happy Christmas Birthday (Name) somewhere on the skirt.

  • Decorate a Christmas tree with lots of photos of the birthday person. Cut the photos to 3x3 or 4x4 and back them with red or green card stock that is cut slightly larger using decorative scissors. Hole-punch and hang on the tree with red or green ribbons.

  • Sprinkle a mixture of Christmas confetti and "Happy Birthday" confetti onto the tabletops.

  • Turn your serving, buffet, or dining room table into a Christmas birthday combination. For example, use a disposable tablecloth that says Happy Birthday. Then add red and green plates, cups, napkins, etc.

  • Create a table centerpiece using empty boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and topped off with birthday bows and ribbons. Add some teddy bears with Christmas bows tied around their necks. Attach a big ole' bouquet of balloons consisting of Christmas colored helium balloons and birthday Mylar balloons.

  • Another centerpiece option is to use a Christmas poinsettia, sugar and glitter fruit with birthday balloons and ribbons attached.

  • A Christmas village placed right in the center of a large table with perhaps some birthday balloons attached to the larger pieces would create a great focal point.

  • Hang white lights in house plants with mini ornaments.

  • Hang ornaments from chandeliers.

  • Make or buy snowflakes, the kind that are glittery and hang them from your party room ceiling.

  • Add clusters of balloons all around the room. Don't forget to combine Christmas colored helium balloons with Mylar Happy Birthday balloons.

  • Be sure to hang lots of twinkle lights or strands of white lights throughout the party room and let this serve as your party lights.

  • Add floating tea candles throughout party room. Just be sure you don't place them where they could be a fire hazard.

  • Adorn one of the walls by hanging a personalized Christmas birthday banner on it.

  • Be sure to add a yard sign that says Happy Christmas Birthday, along with lots of balloons.


To help insure that you ultimately host a memorable party, I have gathered together lots of fun Christmas activities and games that would be great for all different ages. In addition, they would be perfect for a Christmas birthday party or a traditional Christmas party or get together. Many of the games for adults and teens could be interchangeable, so you may want to click through both assortments to gather a wider range of options.

Here's an entire page with nothing but Adult Christmas Party Games:

  • Ornament Gift Exchange
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • How Many Ornaments
  • Name That Holiday Tune
  • How Many Christmas Songs Do You Know?
  • Two Truths & A Lie
  • Reindeer Antler Game
  • Wrap That Present
  • Unwrap That Present #1
  • Unwrap That Present #2

Here's a page that I've put together that contains Christmas Game Ideas For Teens:

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Cookie Exchange
  • Santa Suit
  • Santa Photos
  • Snowball Toss
  • How Many Christmas Movies Can You Name?
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • Blind Present Wrapping
  • All Thumbs - Unwrap The Present
  • Unwrap That Present
  • Candy Kiss Game

Here is a page that contains nothing but Kids Christmas Party Games:

  • Pass The Bows
  • Christmas Gift Stacking Relay
  • Stuffed Santa
  • Pin The Nose On Rudolph #1
  • Pin The Nose On Rudolph #2
  • I'm Wearing Santa's Beard
  • Santa Says...
  • 3-Legged Christmas Stocking Race
  • Bustin' Up Snow Balls
  • Pinata For "Feliz Navidad" Party

If you need some games that will allow for lots of people to play them, of varying ages, then you might want to click on over to my Christmas Printable Games page which offers a great batch of printable games that all have a Christmas theme to them.


MINI SAUSAGE WREATH – This sausage wreath is so easy to make. You’ll need plenty of mini sausages, crescent roll dough, some butter and a red bell pepper. Wrap up the mini sausages in pieces of the crescent roll dough and arrange the wrapped sausages in the shape of a wreath on the baking pan. Brush the crescent roll dough with a bit of melted butter. Bake according to the directions on the crescent roll dough. Carefully remove the wreath from the baking sheet and place on a serving platter. Cut a bell pepper into pieces and arrange to look like a bow on the wreath. You can also make up a nice dipping sauce to go with the mini sausage wreath as well.

SNOWMAN CHEESEBALL – To make this delightful snowman cheeseball, you can make any cheeseball recipe that has a cream cheese base. However, make two cheeseballs, making a large one for the bottom of the snowman and a smaller one to be the snowman’s head. To decorate the snowman, add olive pieces for the eyes, make a mouth from red bell pepper, add dried cranberries and a bit of rosemary to make a little decorative crown on the snowman’s head. For the arms, use celery sticks and add a scarf with a ribbon of carrot or radicchio. Serve up with crackers.

FESTIVE CHRISTMAS CRANBERRY PUNCH – This tasty punch looks so festive and it is sure to be a hit with guests as well. You’ll need a big bottle of cranberry juice (64oz), two cups of a lemon-lime soda, 1 sliced lime, 1 sliced orange, 1 cup of orange juice and some sugar to taste. Mix everything together, tasting and adding sugar as necessary. The sliced oranges and limes look amazing as they float in the punch. If you want to keep the punch cold, freeze some of the punch in ice cube trays the day before. Then pop them out and serve in the punch. You’ll keep the punch ice cold without watering it down.

PEPPERMINT REINDEER FOOD – All you need is white chocolate, Chex cereal and some candy canes. Melt the chocolate and crush the candy canes. Add the crushed candy canes to the white melted chocolate. Then pour over the Chex cereal and toss. Place on cookie sheets and place in the fridge to harden. Break apart if necessary and serve with a sign that says, “Peppermint Reindeer Food.”

CHRISTMAS COLORS CARAMEL POPCORN – Not only does this Christmas colors caramel popcorn taste amazing, but it looks so festive too. It is so tasty that you’ll want to make a huge batch for everyone to enjoy. All you do is add some food coloring gel to the caramel topping and you get the different colors of caramel popcorn. The recipe is easy and you can make it before the Christmas birthday party. Here's a link to the Christmas Carmel Popcorn

FUN SNOWMEN MUNCHIES – Put out a big bowl of pretzels along with some bowls of white marshmallows. Call them “Snowmen Munchies.” Then, let kids have fun building their own snowmen treats. Have them use pretzel sticks to make arms and legs and the marshmallows can make the body of the snowmen. You can have mini chocolate chips to make eyes, raisins to make buttons and small candy corn candies to make the snowmen nose. Red licorice strings make fun scarves for your little snowmen.

CHICKEN SALAD STUFFED CRESCENT ROLL WREATH – Make up a chicken salad using chicken, cream cheese and cheddar cheese, but don’t add any mayo to the salad, since you will be heating it up. Take two 8-oz tubes of crescent rolls arrange them on a pizza pan individually, but making sure they connect so they make a wreath. Place spoonfuls of the chicken salad inside each crescent, rolling it up. After rolling up the crescent rolls, make sure they are still touching. Place in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes at 375F, until the crescent rolls turn golden brown and the chicken is warm and cheese has fully melted. Serve on the pan you baked it on so the wreath stays in place.

FRUIT CHRISTMAS TREE WITH DIP – Arrange fruit of different colors in the shape of a Christmas tree on a serving platter. Make sure you have sections in different colors so it really makes the tree look pretty. Make up a tasty fruit dip, adding some green and red sprinkles to the dip to make it look festive. Serve at the top of the Christmas tree. Guests are sure to enjoy this naturally sweet, tasty dish at your Christmas birthday party.

HORS D'OEUVRE TREE - This is the perfect choice for an edible centerpiece. To learn how to turn a Styrofoam cone into a fabulous Edible Christmas Tree, click on over and check it out. You'll find the necessary recipes for creating your edible decorations, along with some yummy dipping sauces to entice your guests with even more decadence.

CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY BUFFET IDEAS - A buffet is the perfect choice, which allow guests to mingle and sample all of your various delicacies. Here's some suggestions that are always great for not only Christmas parties, but would also serve a Christmas birthday party very well:

MINI MEAT BALLS - Serve these with decorative toothpicks and various sauces.

SHRIMP COCKTAIL - Serve a big platter of shrimp with bowls of cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.

CHICKEN DRUMETTES - Serve with BBQ and teriyaki sauces.

DEVILED EGGS - Serve on a bed of green spinach leaves to give it a festive touch.

MINI CHEESE BALLS - Whip up your favorite recipe. Instead of rolling it all into one big ball, make mini cheese balls, roll in crushed nuts, parsley, etc. and arrange on a large plate in a wreath shape. Put party crackers in the center.

SNOWMAN CRACKERS - Spread cream cheese on round crackers, add olive slices for eyes, and a small piece of carrot for the mouth.

DIPS, CHIPS & NUTS - Onion dip and guacamole are tried and true and always a welcome to parties. Moreover, a party isn't a party without lots of yummy nuts.

FRUIT SKEWERS - Line up cut-up pieces of fruit onto bamboos skewers and serve on a platter.

VEGIE PLATTER - It's always a good idea to serve some healthy food alternatives, along with all of the yummy holiday foods.

WALDORF SALAD - Serve in a decorative glass bowl that is lined with the red/green lettuce leaves.

EGGNOG - Make or buy some eggnog and garnish with nutmeg.

HOT APPLE CIDER - Make your own or buy it ready-made. It's a great addition, especially if you have a roaring fire in the background.


CHRISTMAS TREE BIRTHDAY CAKE - Either use a Christmas tree cake pan or cut a rectangular cake into a tree shape. Frost it green and top it off with various candies to create your decorations. Top it off with a yellow star made from fondant. Add a birthday greeting.

SNOWMAN BIRTHDAY CAKE - Use a snowman pan and follow the directions on the pan, except you'll want to add a birthday greeting.

ORNAMENT BIRTHDAY CAKE - To start your Ornament cake, you will need to make a large, one-layer cake. Then frost it up in one color and decorate it with various colored icings to create the look of an ornament. Add a birthday greeting.

CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY PRESENT CAKE - Make a square or rectangular cake. Frost it white. Make ornament shapes out of various colored fondant that is decorated with contrasting icing. For example, a red ornament might have yellow dots or lines on it. A green ornament might have red and green dots or lines. Make a big, red fondant bow; then place it right into the center of your cake. Pipe out the Happy Birthday message onto the bow. Then decorate the sides and the top of the cake with the ornaments that you have prepared.


Fill up a white organza bag with red and/or green bath beads or crystals, tie it off with a colorful bow in your party colors, and tie a little note that says, "Thank you immensely for coming to my Christmas Birthday Party."

Fill a decorative plate or a decorative paper plate with homemade cookies or fudge. Wrap with a piece of Christmas designed cellophane and tied off with Happy Birthday ribbons.

Put four chocolate truffles into a small box, decorate with happy birthday ribbons and a snowflake.

Fill an organza bag with Christmas-shaped soaps, tie off with colorful happy birthday ribbons, and tie a little note that says, "My Christmas birthday party would not have been complete without you. Thank you for coming!"

Your Favorite Christmas Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Christmas birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Christmas birthday cakes and costumes.

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