Christian Easter Party Ideas To Help You Plan A Blessed Event!

Fun And Fabulous Christian Easter Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Special Easter Memory!

If one of your friends or loved ones happen to share the birth of our blessed Savior and you're looking to create a special Easter birthday party, Christian Easter party, or a family Easter get together, we have some Christian ideas that you can spring on your guests. So, get ready to bless the socks off your guests and spring into some Easter fun!

If you're more interested in a bunny and chick type of Easter celebration rather than one that focuses on our Lord and Savior Jesus, then click on over here to find some great Easter Birthday Party Ideas, for Easter themed invitations, decorations, party food ideas, favors, and more! These ideas could also easily work for an Easter theme party or an Easter family get together.

Now, onward and upward toward helping you to create an Easter party where the focus is on Jesus. Just start scrolling along and you will find all sorts of ideas that you can use or perhaps they might stimulate a new idea for your. Enjoy and have a blessed Easter celebration!


EMPTY TOMB EASTER INVITATIONS – Start with a white cardstock background for your invitations. Then, find a picture of a tomb with the stone rolled away online. Print it out, scaling it down so it will fit on the front of your invitations. Make sure you print off enough for all of your Easter invitations. Then, color the tomb and the stone. Glue the tomb picture to the front of the invitations. Above the tomb write, “He is Not Here! – Celebrate the Risen King!” Then, inside of the invitations write, “You’re invited to celebrate the empty tomb!” Include all the details for your Christian Easter party inside as well.

EASTER SCENE COLORING PAGE INVITATIONS – Another of the fun Christian Easter party ideas for invitations is to find a beautiful Easter scene coloring page online. Print off enough pages so you can give one to each guest. Do NOT color in the coloring page. Instead, write all the information for the party on the back of the coloring page. Fold and place the page in an envelope. Mail to your guests. They can enjoy a preview of the party and kids will enjoy coloring the coloring pages as they await the exciting party.

Christian Easter Party Ideas For Invitations

HE IS RISEN INVITATIONS – Use pale blue cardstock for these invitations, folding the cardstock into the shape of an invitation. Then, using yellow cardstock or construction paper, draw the shape of a sun. Cut out the sun and glue it in the middle of the blue invitations. Above the sun write, “He is Risen!” Below the sun write “He is Risen Indeed!” Inside of the invitations write, Christ the Lord has risen. You’re invited to attend a celebration of the living king!” Add the pertinent party details on the inside as well.

CROWN OF THORN INVITATIONS - Make salt dough by mixing together 4 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt. Gradually add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Knead dough until smooth. You can add food coloring to make your crowns brown, leave them natural, or paint and varnish the crowns after they have baked.

Cut toothpicks in half, which will be used for the thorns. Roll out three pieces of dough to create long ropes. Braid them together to form a circle. Place toothpicks into the dough. Create enough crowns to cover the number of invitations you need. Bake at 300 degrees for 1/2 to 1 hour, or until the dough is light brown and dry.

Then finish your invites off by attaching a decorative piece of paper that contains all your party info to the crown and hand-deliver them to your guests.

Christian Easter Party Ideas For Invitations

LILY INVITATIONS - Pick out a piece of decorative Easter themed scrapbook paper and cut it into two or four pieces. Write out the party info that everyone needs to have and cover the paper with a piece of laminate to add stability. Then attach it to a fresh or silk lily with either silk or curling ribbons. All you need to do is hole-punch one of the corners and run the ribbon through it. Then all that remains is the hand-delivery of your invites.

BIBLE INVITATIONS - Cut from a piece of brown, black, or burgundy card stock an open Bible shape. Write your party info onto a piece of paper or Easter scrapbook paper that is cut into the shape of the open Bible, but slightly smaller. Glue to one side of the Bible. On the reverse side put "BIBLE" using a gold gel pen.


To keep your party interesting and get everyone to become even more engaged in your festivities, be sure to either require or give them the option to wear their Easter best, or a fun Easter themed costume. You have a couple different options when it comes to Christian Easter party ideas for costumes. One idea is to have guess show up in their Easter outfits, wearing bright colors for the party. Another idea is to have your guests show up in costumes of Bible characters, specifically those from the New Testament that may have been around at the time of the crucifixion. Bible character ideas include Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, James, etc. Guests will enjoy getting in character to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.


When making your party color selections, they could be any combination of pink, yellow, lilac, light blue, white, and light green.

  • Make a large cross out of wood and place it in your front yard before the party. Top the cross with a crown of thorns and drape with a piece of purple cloth. It will be a beautiful symbol of faith and will let guests know where the party is being held.

  • Use a cardboard refrigerator box to create your own version of the empty tomb. Decorate the box to look like stone, cutting a hole in the box to look like the entrance to the tomb. Make sure you use another piece of cardboard to be the stone that covered the entrance to the tomb. Above the tomb, put a big banner that says, “He is NOT Here!” Let kids enjoy going inside the tomb to proclaim that Jesus has risen. Kids can even have pictures taken with the empty tomb in their Easter costumes.

  • Using construction paper, create your own stained glass windows to hang up on the party walls. Make cool religious scenes, including scenes that include the empty tomb, the cross and Jesus.

  • If you have a tree in your yard, you could create an Easter tree and hang various Christian symbols from the tree using colorful ribbons or use fishing line and they will look like they are floating in the air. Here's a great site that provides lots of good ideas for your Easter Tree.

  • Place a Jesus standee at your front door to greet your guests, or place it in a corner; this prop provides the perfect photo op. Hire a teen photographer to take the pictures at the start of the party, print and frame them during the party, and give them out as party favors at the end.

    Christian Easter Party Ideas For Decorations

    • Make some large cross shapes out of brown poster board and then staple one cross to a yard stake and insert the stakes along the walkway.

    • Add some Christian Easter window clings in your windows.

    • Cover your front door with tan butcher paper and then create a large brown cross and glue to the tan paper. Add, "He Died For You", "He Is Risen", or "Come Share In My Easter Birthday Celebration", etc.

    • Hang streamers throughout your party room in your party colors.

    • Create balloon clusters and decorate the corners of your room or perhaps place the clusters throughout the room itself. Be sure to have lots of colorful curling ribbons hanging down for added party-appeal. Decorate your party room with Christian latex and Mylar balloons that have crosses, "I Love Jesus", "God Loves You", etc. imprinted on the balloons.

    Christian Easter Party Ideas For Decorations

    • Make mini crosses and attach them to fishing line or colorful ribbons and then hang the line/ribbon around the perimeter of the room or from the ceiling.

    • Hang Christian Easter garland around your door frames, windows, and around bannisters.

    • Intertwine white Christmas lights into any tall floor plants or trees for added Spring fun.

    • Hang a "Happy Easter Birthday (Name)", "Happy Easter", or "He Is Risen", etc. banner on one of your walls.

    • Cover your party room walls with Christian posters depicting the cross, the tomb, the resurrection, etc.

    Christian Easter Party Ideas For Decorations

    • Cover your tables with pastel-colored tablecloths and coordinating table runners or lace overlays.

    • Sprinkle confetti that is cross-shaped onto the table tops for a little more party fun and added color.

    • Decorate the center of the table with a Christian Easter centerpiece. Place a vase of lilies on top of some green shred. Place a stuffed lamb next to the vase and attach some Christian balloons to the vase or lamb's body. Make a sign that says, "He Died For You; He Died For Me".

    • Place bouquets of spring flowers on your table tops, mantel, shelves, and any place that will brighten up your party room.

    • Add to the overall ambiance of your party by playing Christian Easter music in the background. Make a playlist of favorite Christian Easter tunes and set it to loop throughout the party, declaring through music that Jesus has risen!


    If you have been racking your brain a bit for some Easter birthday party ideas for some activities and games that would complement your Easter party, I have put together this entire page that has the following Easter Game Ideas And Activities:

    • Jesus Says...
    • Bible Book Memory Game
    • Pass The Cross
    • Christian Eggs
    • Jelly Bean Prayer
    • Resurrection Eggs
    • Read The Resurrection Story
    • Decorate Cross Cookies
    • Lamb Craft
    • Christian Bookmarkers
    • Make Salvation Bracelets
    • Egg Carton Cross
    • Easter Play

    If you need some Printable Easter Games to add to your party activities, I've got this page all set up with some Easter game options that would be great for various ages to play.


    If you opt to serve a traditional Easter feast, then you'll want to consider serving some of the following items:

    • Deviled eggs
    • Potato salad
    • Ham
    • Green bean casserole
    • Au Gratin potatoes
    • Mashed potatoes
    • Marshmallow sweet potatoes
    • Ambrosia

    VEGGIES & DIP - Serve mini baby carrots, along with other cut-up veggies with a yummy dill dip.

    EGG-SHAPED PIZZA - Make your favorite pizza dough and lay it out into an oval shape. Cover the pizza dough with sauce and cheese. Lay out the toppings in an Easter egg design. For example, lay the pepperonis, in a striped pattern. Mix together sliced black olives, chopped onions, and sliced mushrooms and lay the mixture out in a striped pattern.

    MINI SANDWICHES - Make some egg salad sandwiches or perhaps some ham and cheese sandwiches, and then cut them up into fourths for serving.

    Christian Easter Party Ideas For Food

    SHRIMP & COCKTAIL SAUCE - Serve up a nice big platter of fresh shrimp with a spicy cocktail sauce. Yummm!

    MINI HAM & CHEESE QUICHE - Either buy pre made quiche or roll up your sleeves and make your own.

    MINI MEATBALLS & DIP - Whip up your favorite meatball recipe and serve with BBQ, Teriyaki, or Thousand Island dips.

    FRUIT PLATTER & DIP - Serve various cut-up fruits, along with a fruit-appropriate dip. Here's one idea: Wisk together 1 cup of raspberry cream cheese spread and 1 cup marshmallow creme. Stir in 12 ounces of lemon yogurt. Chill or serve immediately.


    christian easter party ideas
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    LAMB CAKE - Here's a great Lamb Cake that would be a sweet add-on to your Easter party. You could add a sign that says, "Jesus - The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away All Of Our Sins".

    STAINED GLASS EASTER CAKE – Start by baking a large sheet cake. Ice the sheet cake in white. Then, look on the internet for a pretty stained glass window that you like. Print off a picture of the window and use it as a template for the cake, recreating the stained glass window using different colors of icing. The cake will look fabulous when you are finished.

    EASTER LILY CAKE – Start out with a rectangle or square cake. After baking the cake, ice the cake in a pretty blue buttercream icing. Then using white icing, draw some Easter lilies onto the cake, using yellow for some of the details. Use a picture of Easter lilies for a template if needed. On the cake write, Hope Springs New – He Is Risen!”

    CROSS CAKE - Make a rectangular-shaped cake and once the cake has cooled, cut out the shape of a cross. If you want to give it the look of the old rugged cross, then frost it brown and comb some lines into the frosting to create some wood grain. Then all you need to do is add an appropriate Easter greeting.

    Christian Easter Party Ideas For Cakes

    BIBLE CAKE - Make a rectangular cake and wrap it in a tan or light brown fondant. Put "BIBLE" along the "spine" (side) of the cake. On the top put, "Jesus Died For Me", "He Is Risen", etc.

    CROWN OF THORNS CAKE - Make a round cake. Melt some chocolate in a pan, add pretzel sticks and stir until covered. Remove sticks, one at a time, and place onto a piece of wax paper. Then lay the pretzels on top of each other to create a crown of thorns. Once dried, transfer the crown to the cake. Note: work quickly before the sticks harden into the chocolate in the pan.

    EASTER CUPCAKES - Bake up your favorite cupcake recipe and then cover them all in pastel-colored frosting. Add various Christian-shaped sugar decorations of crosses, the Bible, dove, lily, lamb, and the Christian fish symbol.


    Fill cellophane bags decorated with Christian Easter stickers with some Christian and/or Easter-related items. You might consider some Christian Easter stickers or tattoos, Christian balloons, Christian coloring or activity book and crayons, cross-shaped rainbow putty, Christian bookmarks, etc.

    Your Favorite Christian Easter Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

    Do you have some favorite Christian Easter party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your cake and costume ideas for Easter.

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