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Easter is a time when Christians rejoice in the resurrection of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is also a time when friends and family gather together and share in this celebration. If you have decided that you want to host a Christian Easter Party you may also need to have a few games on hand to keep everyone engaged, especially if there are going to be kids in attendance.

To help you out in this regard, I have put together a page of Easter games that all have a Christian focus. Some games are appropriate for kids, while others are geared more towards adults, and some you will find are perfect for all concerned. So whether you are striving to create a fun-filled Easter birthday party, or a warm family get together, you may rest assured that there is a game or two just for you.

Christian Easter Games

JESUS SAYS... - This game is played like Simon Says. The game starts with someone calling out the commands and everyone must do what "Jesus" tells them to do when asked with a phrase beginning with "Jesus says." If "Jesus says, skip", the players must skip; if they don't they are out. If "Jesus" just says, "lift your hands" without saying, "Jesus says", the players should not lift their hands; those who do are out. It is "Jesus' goal to get everyone out as fast as possible. It is the players' goal to stay in as long as possible.

BIBLE BOOK MEMORY GAME - You can play this game individually or separate everyone onto teams. The object of the game is to either name off verbally or write down all the books of the Old Testament, New Testament, or the entire Bible.

Old Testament Books
  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth
  • 1 Samuel
  • 2 Samuel
  • 1 Kings
  • 2 Kings
  • 1 Chronicles
  • 2 Chronicles
  • Ezra
  • Nehemiah
  • Esther
  • Job
  • Psalms
  • Proverbs
  • Ecclesiastes
  • Song of Solomon
  • Isaiah
  • Jeremiah
  • Lamentations
  • Ezekiel
  • Daniel
  • Hosea
  • Joel
  • Amos
  • Obadiah
  • Jonah
  • Micah
  • Nahum
  • Habakkuk
  • Zephaniah
  • Haggai
  • Zechariah
  • Malachi

New Testament
  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John
  • Acts
  • Romans
  • 1 Corinthians
  • 2 Corinthians
  • Galatians
  • Ephesians
  • Philippians
  • Colossians
  • 1 Thessalonians
  • 2 Thessalonians
  • 1 Timothy
  • 2 Timothy
  • Titus
  • Philemon
  • Hebrews
  • James
  • 1 Peter
  • 2 Peter
  • 1 John
  • 2 John
  • 3 John
  • Jude
  • Revelation
    Christian Easter Games

    PASS THE CROSS - Have your guests sit in a circle, play Christian music, and have them pass a wooden cross to the child on their right. When the music stops, whoever is holding the cross is out. Game continues until one child remains who is then the winner.

    CHRISTIAN EGGS - If you do decide to color eggs, then opt to put Christian messages on the eggs using a wax crayon to keep the dye from adhering to the words. Write Easter messages like, "He Is Risen", "Jesus Died For You", "Jesus Loves You", etc.

    Christian Easter Games

    JELLY BEAN PRAYER - Give each child a small bag of jelly beans with the following attached:

    The Jelly Bean Prayer

    RED is for the blood He gave.
    GREEN is for the grass He made.
    YELLOW is for the sun so bright.
    ORANGE is for the edge of night.
    BLACK is for the sins we made.
    WHITE is for the grace He gave.
    PURPLE is for HIS hour of sorrow.
    PINK is for our new tomorrow.

    A bag full of Jelly Beans, colorful and sweet.
    Is a prayer, is a promise,
    Is a friend's small treat.

    RESURRECTION EGGS - Gather the kids and tell them the resurrection story, while using Resurrection Eggs to help give the visual for the story.

    Christian Easter Games

    READ THE RESURRECTION STORY - Read the resurrection story from an age-appropriate Bible to remind the kids what Easter truly means.

    DECORATE CROSS COOKIES - Give each child a piece of cookie dough and have them create a cross and decorate it with various cookie decorations. Depending on the age of the kids, you might consider having some teen helpers to assist.

    LAMB CRAFT - As the kids do this craft, remind them that Jesus is known as the Lamb of God Who takes away all the sin of the world.

    Christian Easter Games

    Put some black paint in a paper plate. Have children dip one hand in the paint and make a handprint on the center of a piece of card stock. Once it is dried, turn it upside down, with the fingers pointing downward. The fingers will be the lamb's legs and the thumb will be the tail. Glue pieces of cotton onto the body (the palm portion of the picture). Cut out small ovals for the lamb's head. Glue the head in place and give each one a wiggly eye.

    CHRISTIAN BOOKMARKERS - Depending upon the age of your participants, either cut out pieces of card stock in the shape of bookmarkers prior to the party, or give everyone a pair of scissors and pieces of card stock and let them cut out their own bookmarkers. also give everyone Christian Easter stickers, glue, glitter, etc. to decorate the bookmarkers.

    Christian Easter Games

    MAKE SALVATION BRACELETS - These bracelets are also called Faith Bracelets. Each colored bead represents one of the "steps" to following Jesus. Tie a knot in a piece of cord about 3" from the end. Slide the beads on in the following order: black, red, white, blue, green, and gold. Tie another single knot to hold the beads on. You can now tie the bracelet onto your wrist. Use your bracelet to share your faith.

    Black bead - Sin that separates us from God
    Red bead - Jesus' shed blood on the cross to pay for our sins
    White bead - Jesus' blood washes away all of our sin
    Blue bead - Water baptism the outward sign of our faith
    Green bead - Our faith grows as we read the Bible and pray
    Gold bead - Eternity in heaven with the Lord

    EGG CARTON CROSS - While the kids do this craft, have someone tell them the story of Jesus dying on the cross for their sins and that the flowers represent the new life Jesus brought to us through His death and resurrection.

    Cut egg cartons into strips containing six cups and five cups. Glue the middle cup of the five-cup piece to the six-cup strip to create the cross. Wrap the cross with strips of fabric or lace. Glue ribbons, silk flowers, bead garland, etc.

    EASTER PLAY - Hire a local church youth group to put on a simple play portraying the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection of Jesus.

    PRINTABLE GAMES - Print and play party games would be a perfect add-on to your Christian Easter party. Here's an entire page with nothing but a wonderful batch of Printable Easter Games to also consider.

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