Chopstick Master

by Robinson

Kung Fu Panda Fun With Tootsie Rolls

Kung Fu Panda Fun With Tootsie Rolls

Chopstick Master

Give everyone a set of chopsticks and a small bowl. Fill a large bowl with small Tootsie Rolls. Using the chopsticks, grab the Tootsie Rolls one at a time and place them into a bowl. The person who has collected the most in a minute wins.

Tootsie rolls are sure to make this a fun Kung Fu Panda game to use at your next party. This game would also work with any other candy if you don’t want to use tootsie rolls.

Panda Masks

This fun game got me thinking of some other great ideas you can use for a Kung Fu Panda birthday party. One fun idea for your Kung Fu Panda birthday party is to allow the kids to make their own masks. They can make a Panda mask, a Tiger mask, a Mantis mask, etc. Make sure you have plenty of art materials like markers, crayons, glitter, paper plates for the masks and more. Be sure to give the kids plenty of time to work on their masks. You can punch holes in each side of the masks and run some yarn through them, using the yarn to tie the mask on the child’s head. You can even take pictures of the kids and their masks, printing out copies that they can take home with them along with their masks.

Panda TV/Movie

Another fun idea that is perfect when you want everyone to wind down or at the end when the kids are tired, is to let them watch some of the cool Kung Fu Panda television shows. They only last about 25 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored too fast. You could also show one of the Kung Fu Panda movies, but they last about 90 minutes, so keep that in mind before you decide to show the movie at your party.

Favor Time

Make sure you have some cool favors to hand out at the end of your Kung Fu birthday party. One fun idea is to hand out stuffed Kung Fu Panda characters. Kids are sure to love these stuffed animals! Another idea is to give out Kung Fu Panda themed stickers and coloring books for each of them to take home.

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