Choose Ears Of Animals

by Ashish Kashyap
(Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, India. )

What Kind Of Crazy Animal Am I???

What Kind Of Crazy Animal Am I???

In this game, you will need to have pictures of many types of jungle and wild animals like a tiger, lion, zebra, fox, and many other wild animals.

You will also need to have pieces of paper that have only pictures of the various animal ears that coincide with the wild animals.

You will need to cover up all the ears on the pictures so the kids cannot see them. The object of the game is to select a correct pair of ears for each of the animals.

Whoever gets the most right, shall be the winner. This is a very interesting and funny game that I am sure kids of various young ages will enjoy.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Add this game to your jungle themed toddler birthday party and your guests are going to have a blast. Of course, you need to keep those toddlers busy, so it’s important to have several exciting games and activities to keep the party going. Here are some helpful game and activity ideas to add to your party.

Barrel Of Monkeys

Remember the old game, Barrel of Monkeys? Why not pull that game out for your toddler birthday party. It’s the perfect game for a jungle themed party and it’s easy enough for toddlers to play. They’ll enjoy this old game that's tried and true.

Tarzan Yelling Contest

Another fun game idea for the party is to have a Tarzan yelling contest. Kids love to yell, so why not let them go outside and yell as a game. You may even want to capture this game on video. Have the birthday boy or girl be the judge and then have all the guests give their very best Tarzan yell. The judge decides who gave the best yell and the winner gets a fun prize.

Pin The Tail On The Monkey, Elephant, Lion, ?

Pin the tail on the monkey is tons of fun for a jungle themed toddler birthday party. You’ll need a big picture of a monkey and enough monkey tails for each child. Give the child a monkey tail, spin them around three times, point them towards the monkey and then have them pin the tail on him. See who can get closest to the monkey’s actual tail. Of course, you don’t have to use a monkey, make it pin the trunk on an elephant or even pin the tail on the lion.

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