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For a birthday party that stands out, allow the Eastern country of China to inspire you. A Chinese themed birthday party makes an elegant and festive theme idea that will allow you to celebrate in style. After all, China is one of the most influential cultures within the world today and this culture offers many interesting ideas that can be used to plan an exciting party.


Have fun planning your Chinese party with these great ideas for invitations, favors, decorations, costumes, games and more. After all, who said that one must be from the Orient in order to create a great Chinese themed party? Use these ideas as is or use them to help get your imagination and creativity flowing so you can come up with even more great ideas of your own. And if you do, be sure to come back to this site and share them with our readers so others may draw ideas from your grand affair.


Since you’re throwing a Chinese birthday party, you’ll want to let guests know about the party theme within your invitations. You can find lovely pre-made invites at party supply stores and websites that will look wonderful with your chosen theme. If you love getting creative, making your own invitations for the party is an excellent idea and there are many great DIY invitation ideas you can try.

CHINESE LANGUAGE INVITATION - One excellent idea is to print out invitations in Chinese. Then, you can offer the translation underneath so guests know what your invitations actually say. It’s easy to accomplish this by using Google translate to help.

CHINESE RED & GOLD INVITATIONS - Another idea that you might want to consider is to use red cardstock as the foundation for your invitations. Use gold Chinese stickers or print out Chinese characters in gold to add some style to your invites. Then, you can also print out the party information in gold, making a stylish and elegant invitation that guests will appreciate.

PAPER LANTERN INVITATION - You may also want to try using paper lanterns for your invitations. Make your own paper lanterns and then write the party information right on the lanterns for a lovely, 3-D invitation that looks amazing.

FORTUNE COOKIE INVITATION - It’s also fun to purchase fortune cookies, printing out the party information on strips of paper and inserting them into the cookies. Hand deliver these cookies to guests for a unique party invite they won’t forget.

Alternative: Spread out the party details onto various pieces of paper that will be inserted into six fortune cookies. This way it'll be necessary for each guest to crack open six cookies in order to get all the necessary party info and piece it together. Package up each invite which will consist of six cookies into a little Chinese take-out box.

CHINESE DRAGON INVITES - Download a colorful picture of a Chinese dragon onto a piece of black clipart and put all your party details on the back.

PANDA INVITES - Download a picture of a panda onto a piece of cardstock or create the invite on a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and attach it to a stuffed Panda toy.


To add to the ambiance of the Chinese party, consider having guests dress up in Chinese costumes. For the women, Chinese dresses look amazing and no doubt, women will enjoy dressing up in these lovely dresses. Another idea is to have guests show up in Chinese robes, cheongsams and Chinese slippers for the party. Everyone is sure to enjoy dressing Chinese for the party. Just make sure you provide this information in the invitations.

If you don’t want to require guests to come dressed in Chinese garments, ask your guests to show up wearing crimson, which is a color of good luck in China. Ask guests not to wear anything white, since it has a negative meaning in China. This makes it easier for guests while still having a special dress code for your Chinese party.


Make sure your guests really feel like they’ve arrived in China for the Chinese birthday party by decorating the area to provide a Chinese ambiance for the event. When choosing the color palette for your décor, red, gold and black are wonderful Chinese colors that will definitely transport everyone to that country when used throughout the party area. Red is known to be very lucky, so use it heavily throughout your décor.

  • Use red ribbon around the area, adding them to walls, ceilings and even around furniture or plants.

  • Adding lucky bamboo plants to the room will definitely add to the décor.

  • You can also hang up Chinese lucky characters around the party area as well as hangings that include Chinese good luck sayings and phrases.

  • Traditional Chinese lanterns will look great at the entrance of your party and throughout the room.

  • For the tables, choose red and black tablecloths and add some gold confetti to add some sparkle.

  • Use gold and red candles to add some mood lighting. Placemats of bamboo look great if you’re having a sit-down meal and you can also display bamboo and paper fans around the room.

  • Add a bit of Chinese music to the background to really make guests feel like they’ve traveled to China for the party.

  • Hang a large Chinese dragon on your walls to serve as a focal point.

  • Hang small red lanterns from the ceiling at various heights using fishing line.

  • Sprinkle tabletops with Chinese themed confetti to add a splash of color and theme to your tables.

  • Create bouquets of balloons that are red and gold and tied off with red and gold curling ribbons. Place them in those empty spaces in your party rooms to add a bit of color and pizazz.

  • Use bamboo placemats, along with Chinese printed party ware or opt for solid red and black tableware.

  • Be sure to create a fun centerpiece. You can use Chinese themed cutouts, dragons, curling ribbons, and Chinese symbols that are glued to long sticks and place them into a bamboo plant. You can also attach a large bouquet of balloons for added interest, height and color to the centerpiece.


Keep your Chinese party going with some exciting games and activities for guests to enjoy. One fun idea is to have origami paper and an origami book on hand so guests can enjoy trying out this lovely art themselves.

It can also be fun to allow guests to make their own paper lanterns to take home with them at the end of the night.

One fun game to try is a game that tests the chopstick skills of your guests. Have a chopstick relay race that requires your guests to carry cotton balls from bowl to bowl by using their chopsticks. Everyone will be laughing at the end of this game.

Another idea is to have a mah-jongg tournament. Many people across the world play this very ancient Chinese game today. The person who wins the tournament can be presented with a nice prize.


Making up the menu for your Chinese birthday party is sure to be fun. The Chinese have a delicious cuisine that includes a variety of flavors that come from various regions of China. You can make things simple by ordering in from a Chinese restaurant or by having a Chinese restaurant cater your party. However, making the menu and the foods yourself can be fun as well if you have the time to spend in the kitchen.

CHINESE MAIN DISHES - One great dish to serve up is Kung Pao chicken, which is a very spicy Szechuan dish that includes chili pepper and peanuts. Chow Mein is tasty as well and can include vegetables, shrimp and pork. Beef with broccoli makes a wonderful addition to your menu and includes a delicious sauce that many people enjoy. Other items for the main dishes include Stir fried lemon chicken and sweet and sour pork.

CHINESE DRINK OPTIONS - Don’t forget to have some great drinks for guests to enjoy. Hot Chinese teas can be served to guests who enjoy tea. Favorites include ginger and oolong tea. Cold green tea beverages also makes for a great drink choice. You may also want to serve various red-colored beverages, such as Hawaiian punch.

CHINESE DESSERTS - A few nice Chinese deserts can really add to your food tables. Of course, everyone will anticipate having fortune cookies so it’s important to have plenty of them to serve your guests. Another idea is to serve some Chinese ice cakes or perhaps almond jelly with lychee which makes a delicious sweet treat to serve up to your guests.


When deciding on the cake for the Chinese party, try to ensure that it goes along with the Chinese theme. One idea is to have a cake decorated to look like a beautiful Chinese lantern, which is easy to do with a round cake.

Decorating a round or square cake with Chinese sayings is another fun idea.

A sheet cake that includes several Chinese lucky characters or even some Chinese dragons is sure to look amazing at the party.


While everyone will be sad that the night is over, you can cheer them up and thank them for coming with some great favors. Choose favors for your Chinese birthday party that continue the theme.

Red or gold silk bags can be filled with oranges, chocolate gold coins or fortune cookies and then you can hand them out to your guests.

Small lucky bamboo plants are beautiful favors or you can give guests boxes of herbal teas.

Chinese candy will offer a tasty treat or you can give everyone a beautiful handmade cherry blossom fan or a pair of lovely decorative chopsticks.

YOUR Favorite Chinese Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Chinese birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Chinese party cakes and costumes.

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