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Caveman couple theme costumes are a perfect option for individuals that will be participating in a dress up event as a team.

Caveman Couple Theme Costumes – Creating a Prehistoric Combination

The caveman is a character type that is based on preconceived notions of what the earliest people looked like. It has been assumed that the earliest humans resided in and around caves. It is also believed that - due to lack of technology and other types of advancements in the earliest period of human existence - that cavemen exhibited certain types of behaviors in order to survive in their environments.

This page includes various pictures depicting caveman costume ideas, so feel free to snag any of them as your own and use them to help you make your own homemade versions. I might suggest that you start out by browsing through all of the pictures so you can discover what others have created in terms of portraying the caveman. Many pictures display individuals wearing these costumes and several pictures display couples wearing these costumes. If you elect to use a design that is included in a picture with just one person that is on this page, you will simply need to duplicate the general design for the appropriate gender.


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caveman couple costumes images
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caveman couple costumes images
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caveman couple costumes images
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After checking out the photos, you most likely observed several common elements. First, all of the clothing worn by cavemen is a bit on the rugged side due to the fact that most of their time was spent outdoors, or outside of their caves. Second, the outfits worn by this group of people were often darkly colored, or colored to look like certain types of animals. This was so they could blend in and/or look like common predator animals of the time period in which they existed. In creating your costume, you should keep these common elements in mind. In doing so, your caveman couple costumes will appear to be more realistic. If help is needed in figuring out how to put your costume together, the instructions that follow just might assist you:

Instructions For Unisex Caveman Couple Costumes

Items Needed:
  • Brown Fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Black Fabric
  • Rugged Soft Brown or Black Boots
  • Face Paint

Step 1: Create a caveman outfit by creating a garment with the brown fabric and sewing machine that looks like a robe. However, the bottom edges of the garment should be tattered and/or torn.

Step 2: Once the outfit has been created, use the black fabric to outline the edges of the bottom of the outfit, as well as the sleeves. You may also create armbands, wrist bands, and headband using the brown and black fabric.

Step 3: Place the boots on the feet.

Step 4: Use the face paint to create dirt spots on the face, arms, and/or legs.

If you have a costume idea, or have created your own caveman styled costume, I would of course enjoy receiving your submissions. If you have some tips or comments about the costumes or instructions you have seen here, we would love to receive that information, as well. In submitting your pictures and ideas, you will help our readers develop their caveman style and ultimately create a costume that would please the Flintstones.

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Caveman Couple Costumes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Caveman Couple costumes, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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