Caveman Costumes

by Erica
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Heap Big Cool Caveman Couple Costumes--Ugh!

Heap Big Cool Caveman Couple Costumes--Ugh!

After suggesting costume idea, my boyfriend finally said, "I want to be a caveman." We went to the Halloween store, but I was not into paying $30 for his and $50 for my costume that we would wear once. Instead, we just bought our jewelry (necklaces and bracelets made out of plastic bones) and his club and my bone and I decided to make the costumes instead.

I bought 2 yards of faux tiger fur and a yard and a half of leopard fur from Joann Fabrics. For his, I simply cut out two rectangle pieces of fabric, cut the top into an angle for the one-shoulder look, and sewed two straight seams along the side. I finished it with a black gabardine zig-zag along the top that I had left over from another project, and cut the bottom into a big zig-zag. He finished it off with the jewelry, club, and a fake beard. I also drew on a uni-brow and messed up his hair with hairspray.

For my costume, I cut out two rectangles, but I allowed some extra room for a kimono sleeve. I made the bottom asymmetrical. I simply sewed the two pieces together with a straight seam, folded the top over and top-stitched it to finish the edge, and finished the whole thing with a raw-edged black gabardine tie belt. I also cut the kimono sleeve into big zig-zags at the bottom. My whole costume came together with black leggings, folded-over Ugg boots, the jewelry and bone from the Halloween store, and big messy curled hair. The fabric was under $20, and I even had enough left over to make a wristlet to hold my phone and camera.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Now that Erica has shared some great DIY ideas for costumes and showed us how lots of $$$’s can be saved, I have a few ideas for some party decorations if you’re going to be having a caveman party.

Start by greeting guests with some fun dinosaur signs. You can make them in the shape of highway signs and make them yellow, red, and green. Start by downloading pictures of dinosaurs and print them out onto cardstock. Then add wording to the various types of dinos like, Triceratops Crossing, Danger T-Rex Ahead, etc. Staple your signs on yard stakes and line your walkway with them.

To give your room a cave-like feel, cover the ceiling and walls with brown fabric or butcher paper. If you use any butcher paper on the walls, be sure to draw some hieroglyphics.

Accent the windows and doorways with leopard skin printed fabric. A faux fur rug or large piece of fabric can also serve to accent the floor. Real or silk plants arranged in corners will add a little authenticity to the room also.

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