Cat Cake

by Sandy Kamille
(Phoenix, AZ)

Crazy-Lookin' Cat Cake

Crazy-Lookin' Cat Cake

I didn't see a place to submit my cat cake for a toddler so I hope it's okay, but I went ahead and uploaded it here.

Since we’ve had a cat for years, my little girl has been around cats since she was born, so she loves them. She’s such a big fan of cats that we thought we’d throw her a cat birthday party to celebrate her very first year with us. Everything was all about cats, starting out with some adorable cat invitations I actually made myself. I invited over several friends who also have little ones, so I had a party of 10 babies between the ages of 10 months and 24 months. What a time it was!

One of the cutest activities we used for the cat birthday party was a reading of “The Cat and the Hat” by my husband, which was loved by all our little guests. I decorated with stuffed cats and also used balloons and streamers for simple decorations.

Now, the hardest part of planning the cat birthday party was figuring out how to make a cat cake. I wanted it to be cute and look great, even though I knew my little guests would only care how it tasted. I did find a cat shaped cake pan, which make the basic shape easy for me. However, I still had to decorate the cat shaped cake to actually look like a cat. I used white icing for the cat’s fir, trimming it with a pretty gray icing for the tail, around the eyes and in the nose area. I even added a cute pink bow around the cat’s neck. With blue M&Ms for eyes and a red candy nose, it actually turned out pretty good.

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