Cat Birthday Party Ideas
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Fun And Fabulous Cat Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Great 1st Birthday Party!

As you prepare to throw the "purrfect" party for your little one’s first birthday, you might want to consider a cat theme party. Be sure to enlist the aid of individuals who can lend a helping hand with all your young guests. Unless you're an octopus, you'll certainly need the extra hands to help corral all the little ones.

As you begin your party planning, you'll want to be sure that everything is age appropriate including food, drink, treats, and activities. This way you will ultimately host a "Paws-itively Purr-fect" Party!

Be sure to collect all of your decorations well in advance so you're not rushing around at the last minute and settling for something that you really don't want. Also, you might want to enlist the help of siblings or hire a teen or two to assist in transforming those plain walls into a land of kitties by creating some cat picture groupings, hanging cat posters, streamers, balloons and the like.

Lastly, you'll want to be sure to have your cameras charged and back-up batteries in the ready position. This is a must for this very important event so you can be sure to start your memory book of birthdays on the right foot.


CAT INVITATION #1 - Why not make your own invitations and enlist some young people to help. Start with card stock in one of your party colors. Fold it in half and decorate the front with glitter, cat stickers and print the party details on the inside. You can search through magazines for pictures of cats and kittens, cut them out, and paste them onto the front of the invite or perhaps add one inside.

CAT INVITATION #2 - Computer savvy? Then why not use clip art for your cat designs and print them directly onto the card stock. When composing your invitation, you'll want to be as creative as possible and use expression that will excite the receiver (the moms and/or dads of your child's friends) so they will look forward with anticipation in attending the party.

Cat Birthday Party Ideas For Cat Invitations

CAT COSTUME INVITATION - Dress your little one in a cat costume and take a picture of him or her. Then download it onto a piece of card stock or decorative cat scrapbook paper, add your party details, and mail or hand-deliver to your guests.

READY-MADE CAT INVITATION - Not enough time to create your own cat invitations, then you can always purchase some invites and jazz them up a bit. There are a multitude of designs to choose from including cartoon cats, Dr. Seuss, Glamour Cats, Disney cats, Garfield and just cats. Add a little bit of glitter, perhaps a bow around a cat's neck, some googly eyes, and you've got some fun one-of-a-kind cat invites.


If you would like for your little one to wear a cat costume, as you can see, there are numerous cat costumes from which to select. shops have several styles to rent if you prefer to go that way.

You could purchase some kitty printed pajamas for your little one to wear along with a head band with ears, paint on some whiskers and a cat nose, and perhaps a kitty tattoo on a cheek or hand.

Cat Birthday Party Ideas For A Cat Costume

Have Mom and Dad greet your guests at the front door wearing a kitty headband with ears, a painted cat nose and whiskers on the face, and a long black tail. Better yet, wear cat costumes and say everything in a cat tones.

Hand each guest a kitty headband as they enter the house. Then have one of your helpers escort them into the party room where a removable cat tattoo can be placed on their hand and whiskers a nose drawn on their face. Remember to use washable paint for this.


  • Hang a large banner announcing the 1st birthday party over your garage door or mount it to some yard stakes and place it in your front yard.

  • Accent your entryway and make it inviting by adding balloons and streamers. Little ones will enjoy the array of color.

  • Also be sure to place bouquets of balloons and hang streamers around the party room. The more the merrier.

  • Turn your party room into a virtual cattery by placing both artificial and live plants with toy cats of all descriptions on shelves, atop furniture, on window sills, stairs, on the floor, wherever there is an opening fill it with a cat or two.

  • Fill the ceiling with balloons and streamers and tie a small kitty to the bottom of the balloon string to weight it down. At the party's end, pull a balloon down for each guest and hand it to them, along with a stuffed kitty, as they depart for home as an added party favor.

Cat Birthday Party Ideas For Cat Party Decorations

  • To enhance your cat theme party, decorate a large wall with cat posters and cat decals. After the party, remove these items and transfer them to your child's bedroom walls.

  • Select pictures of cats that you have found in magazines or cat calendars and create a montage of different cat breeds. Mount them onto craft paper and hang them on the walls of the party room using two-sided tape.

  • Make the party table the focal point of your room. Use a white table cloth or white butcher paper as a cover. This will allow you to use tableware in your party colors and not create a clash of color. You could also place 3 rows of streamers down the center of the table to add a little color.

  • Opt for some fun cat printed plates, cups, and napkins to instantly bring your cat theme party to life. In the alternative, you could purchase solid color party ware.

  • To add glitz to the table setting, use jelly beans in place of confetti.

Cat Birthday Party Ideas For Cat Party Decorations
  • Hang a kitty pull-string pinata over the center of the table. When game time arrives, you can take it down. Until then, let little eyes enjoy the view.

  • Create a centerpiece depicting a mother cat and her kittens. Fill a basket with crumpled newspaper and cover it with Easter grass. Using a medium sized plush cat for the mother and smaller ones for kittens, set the cats inside the basket. Add a party hat to the mother cat and tie ribbons around the kittens' necks. Place the basket at the center of the table on the colored streamers. Lastly, tie a bouquet of balloons to the basket.

  • Place clear dishes filled with foil wrapped chocolate cats on both sides of the centerpiece.

  • Another centerpiece suggestion would be to place decorated cat cupcakes on a three-tiered server in the center of the table. Then place foil wrapped chocolate kittens on the table encircling the server.


With the assistance of your recruited helpers, have the little ones play or engage in any of the following cat games and activities:

FIND THE KITTY - Hide foil wrapped cats in the party room and send your little guests in search of them. Reward each one with a small toy cat. You can make the cat candy out of molding chocolate and plastic molds in the shape of cats.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE CAT - This game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey except you will use a large cat poster or draw a cat onto a sheet of butcher paper. If you opt to make your own cat, you will need to draw a large circle for the body a smaller one for the head and then add a tail at the bottom of the big circle. Be sure to give your kitty some ears and you will have a back view of the cat. Attach your cat to the lower portion of a wall that will be accessible for pinning. Make some tails out of braided yarn that are about a foot long. Attach double-stick tape to one end and have your little guests try to pin the tail on the cat. Be sure to reward everyone for their efforts with a cat-shaped cookie.

Cat Birthday Party For Cat Games & Activities

CAT RACE - Create an obstacle course of balloons and have all the babies crawl around like cats as they try to pass through the balloons or push them away. Once again, you'll need some teen helpers or agile moms and dads to assist little ones in their crawling and racing endeavors.

CATCH THE BUBBLES - Little ones love to play with bubbles and can derive much fun from just trying to catch them before they burst. The trick is to insure you have a steady flow of bubbles for little hands to try and catch. You can have the adults blow the bubbles or you might want to opt for a bubble machine to assist in these endeavors. When all else fails, hire some teens with strong lungs.

WIND UP OF CAT GAMES - Wind down the festivities with a story time or watch a movie, preferably one that involves a cat. Perhaps something Garfield or Dr. Seuss related.


Try and build your menu around food that you might associate with a cat. We all know that cats are fond of fish so set out Goldfish crackers in clear bowls.

Cats like chicken; little ones like chicken nuggets and they're so easy and tasty to eat.

Both cats and babies eat cheese and string cheese is sure to hit the spot.

Cat Birthday Party Ideas For Party Food

Cats eat melon and babies like melon. You might add some cut-up seedless grapes, kiwi, and strawberries on the side.

A Sippy cup of milk to go with some chocolate chip or butter cookies is sure to be yummy for the tummy.

Remember the adults and/or the older kids by serving up some grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches on marble rye bread, a cup of fruit salad, and a cold lemonade.


There are so many choices for birthday cakes that a decision is sometimes hard to make. Here are a few options to consider:

SHAPED CAT BIRTHDAY CAKE - Purchase a cat shaped cake pan and use a ready-made cake mix and frosting by Betty Crocker. This will free up some time that you can devote to other aspects of the party. All you need to do is decorate it according to the pan's directions. If you're one of these crafty individuals, then you can cut loose and create your own signature cake decor.

CAT BIRTHDAY CAKE #1 - Bake up your favorite cake in a round cake pan and create a cat face after it cools. Frost the cake with white frosting, outline the head and ears in chocolate frosting, green jelly beans for the eyes, a brown M&M for the nose, and pipe in chocolate frosting for the mouth and whiskers.

Cat Birthday Party Ideas For A Cat Birthday Cake

CAKE BIRTHDAY CAKE #2 - You could also opt to make a sheet cake and place your cake head in the center and add other decorative touches like balloons or flowers to the cake.

EDIBLE SUGAR ART IMAGE CAT CAKE - You could make or buy a sheet cake and add an edible sugar art image that has a cat theme. There are a couple of options pictured above.

Sheet cakes are always a great choice because you can cut them into small slices for little baby hands and larger slices for the adults.

CAT CUPCAKES - Whip up your favorite cake mix and divide it into cat printed cupcake papers. To easily turn these into cat cupcakes, pipe out some frosting that will coordinate with your party colors, add a fondant cat to each one, and a few sprinkles.

BAKERY OPTION - Perhaps you have something special in mind for this all-important first birthday cake. When all else fails, take your idea to your local bakery and have them bring to life your kitty cat masterpiece.


As you can see, the above depicts quite an array of cat favors from which to select, along with a cute little Glamour Cat favor box which can be personalized with your child's picture.

In addition, there are all sorts of cat favors of all descriptions for cat parties such as cat t-shirts, wind-up toys, balls, stickers, glitter cat stickers, plush cats, plastic cats, cat story books, and the list goes on and on. If time permits, check out your local $$$ store for possible favors as they have quite a variety and they're all under a dollar.


As your party winds down be sure to take a final group picture of all the big and little people who helped to create this wonderful day for you and your child. Be sure to be in the picture with your one year old. Start a memory scrapbook of birthdays so you can always look back and relive that special time in both of your lives.

YOUR Favorite Cat Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite cat birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your cat cakes and costumes.

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