Castle Cake 1st attempt

by Ayesha Ahmed
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Amazing Castle Cake!

Amazing Castle Cake!

This is my first attempt at a castle cake. I did a lot of research to be sure to do my best. My daughter loves pink and to dress up like a princess so it was a no brainer to make a castle cake for her birthday. I kept it a secret and when she finally saw it for the first time she was both excited and thrilled. If her squeals didn't make all of my hard work worth it all, the look on her face sure sealed the deal. Yes it was time consuming but well worth it.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

For her first attempt, Ayesha did a wonderful job on this incredible princess castle cake. I can just imagine how thrilled her daughter was to see this stunning cake. Try a similar cake or use a castle cake kit to create your own castle cake for your little girl. While the cake is often the main event of the party, don’t forget to take time to find some princess party ideas for games, activities and food as well.

Princess Beauty Salon

Another fun activity to use for the party is to create a princess beauty salon. Of course, this is best for an all girl party. Have some adults to help you in the princess beauty salon. Have someone available to create beautiful hairstyles. Another adult can add a bit of makeup to make the little girls feel like princesses. Someone else can paint fingernails. Make sure to have several colors of nail polish on hand so the girls can enjoy picking out a color that they like. Once all the little girls are beautified you can crown them each with a tiara and a spritz of sweet-smelling perfume.

Coloring Time

When the time comes that you want to still your Princess Pretties, one fun activity that will help quiet your your little beauties is to have some princess coloring pages for toddlers to paint or color. If you use paint, make sure they are washable paints so you don’t end up with a big mess. Have a variety of different pages for kids to choose from when they want to color. You can easily find free princess coloring pages online.

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