Cartoon Character Party

by Willow

Let Your Inner Super Hero Emerge!

Let Your Inner Super Hero Emerge!

This is one of my party fav's because you can have your guests come dressed as all different kinds of characters (some that don't even exist).

Serve foods from famous cartoons like the Flintstones' brontosaurus burgers.

You can also play games related to the various cartoons. For example, a scavenger hunt's teams could each have a name relating to cartoons like FAIRIES and have that team obtain items that relate to fairies.

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Teens love cartoons! This is why Willow's idea is definitely a great one to consider. She even had some fun scavenger hunt ideas that you could use for a cartoon party. These ideas made me think of a few more that would help you throw a perfect cartoon character party.


For the most part, going with the primary colors of red, blue, green and yellow for your decorations will probably be best. However, if you were to bring in Betty Boop, the colors would need to be black, white, and red. Use lots of streamers, balloons, and confetti in these colors to save money and instantly transform a room into a party atmosphere.

Get posters of your favorite cartoon characters or download pictures and hang them on the walls, attach them to string or fishing line and hang them from the ceiling, or create a wall collage by gluing them to butcher paper which is hung on a wall. Another option might be to cover a large party wall with Sunday comics--obviously you'll have to save up several newspapers to have enough. Another fun and inexpensive wall covering option is to twist streamers, alternating colors, down a large wall.

For accent pieces go with those things that compliment a particular character. For example, Bugs Bunny is always munching on his carrot, so place bunches of carrots with all the greenery attached around the room. You could also tie some colorful ribbons to the carrots to make them more party-like and festive.

One idea is to consider throwing the party with a particular cartoon theme, such as a Scooby Doo or a Flintstone themed party. Narrowing it down to one cartoon may make it easier for you to find decorations. You could have guests come dressed as their favorite Scooby Doo character, which is sure to be tons of fun for the teens.


If you’re looking for teen party ideas for games, consider making up a cartoon trivia game for teens to play. They can see how well they really know their cartoons. Compile some trivia questions from various popular cartoons. Print out worksheets with the questions, give the teens 2-3 minutes and see who can get the most questions right. The person who gets the most questions right can be crowned the “cartoon king” or “cartoon queen” for the night.


Another great game idea to consider is charades using cartoons. Break up the party guests into groups of 4-5 people. Put the names of different popular cartoons on slips of paper and place them in a hat. Have each team pick out a piece of paper. They have to do a quick skit related to the cartoon they have chosen from the hat. The rest of the guests will have to guess what cartoon they are trying to portray with their skit. This is sure to bring loads of laughs.

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