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Fun And Fabulous Care Bears Games
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If the little pastel bears fascinate your child, then you are probably considering a Care Bears Birthday Party theme for your little one's upcoming birthday; if you make this choice you will not be disappointed. This is one of the sweetest options that you could select and will certainly make for a beary special party that is also beary colorful. Although any games and activities that you might plan need to be kept simple, you will still want to plan on having some games that have a Care Bears theme at the ready.

To help you create that fun-filled Care Bears theme party that will have everyone giggling with delight, I have pulled together some beary special games that will provide the perfect blueprint for a successful Care Bears party. Then you that will be left for your little cubs to do is enter the Kingdom of Caring and you will have instant access!


CARE BEAR CRAWL OBSTACLE COURSE – Make your own Care Bear obstacle course before the party, but make sure you make it age appropriate. Place objects on the course that kids have to go under, over, around, etc. To make it more fun, have them do the course while they are on all fours, crawling around like bears through the course. Be sure to have the other kids cheering them on at the end of the course to keep them motivated.

CARE BEAR LIMBO – Your young guests are sure to enjoy getting a chance to do the Care Bear limbo. Make your own limbo stick with a long cardboard roll from gift wrap. Cover it and then add Care Bear pictures to it to make it look fun. Turn up some music and let the little ones try doing the limbo. However, there is a catch – they have to do the limbo while holding a stuffed Care Bear. This makes it a bit harder, and a lot more fun. If a child, or their Care Bear, ends up touching the ground or the limbo stick, they are out of the game.

Care Bears Games

CARE BEAR DANCING – If you’re looking for fun Care Bear games, a Care Bear dancing game is sure to be tons of fun. Get all your little “bears” dancing with some fun music. You can find a CD of Care Bears tunes and crank it up. Have all your guests head out on the dance floor and do their best imitation of a Care Bear dance. Let kids free dance or make this a freeze dancing game, having kids freeze whenever you turn off the Care Bears tunes. Either way, they’ll have a blast and get rid of some of that energy.

CARE BEAR TUMMY DESIGNING ACTIVITY – For this Care Bear activity, you will need to print off some pictures of Care Bears, but make sure that their tummy is blank instead of having designs on them like they usually do. This way your guests can design their own Care Bear tummy design on their own. Give each child a picture of a Care Bear with a blank tummy and have some markers, crayons, glitter and other decorative options that kids can use to decorate their Care Bear tummy. Give them about 20 minutes to work on their Care Bears and they can enjoy taking them home after the party.

Care Bears Games

RAINBOW NECKLACE - Have kids create an edible rainbow necklace with string and Fruit Loops cereal. You can either divide Fruit Loops into colors ahead of time or let kids select the colors as they need them.

POT OF GOLD - Get as many mini tin buckets as there are kids. Cover buckets in various colored papers and fill with goodies like gummy bears, Swedish fish, goldfish crackers, Care Bear stickers, blowouts, lollipops, heart-shaped sunglasses, etc. Hide buckets. Hand out to each of the kids a piece of paper to correspond with a bucket color and have them find their pot of gold with the same color as their paper.

CARE BEAR BEAN BAG TOSS - Pick your favorite Care Bear and draw him onto an extra-large piece of cardboard. Cut out holes where his belly and paws are located. Then paint him accordingly. Make pastel colored bean bags out of fabric and beans and have the kids try to toss them through the holes.

Care Bears Games

TEDDY BEAR PAWS #1 – You can buy hand print kits or you can choose to make plaster or clay to create cool “paw prints.”

TEDDY BEAR PAWS #2 – On a smooth rock, use black paint to create bear paw prints. Have kids dip their fingers into the black paint and then press the fingers on a rock. Then paint a black circle in the center, which will be the paw pad.

RAINBOW PINATA – Use streams of various colors to wrap a bat. Then, blindfold the guests and let them use the bat to strike at the rainbow piñata.

BUBBLES – Use bubble wands to put on a big bubble show. Even the small kids will enjoy watching the bubbles as they float around changing shapes and colors. Kids will enjoy running after the bubbles and trying to catch them in their hands or pop them in the air before they hit the ground or floor and pop.

PRINTABLE GAMES – This site offers some great printable birthday party games. They are a great addition to any birthday party.

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