Care Bears Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Care Bears Birthday Party Ideas
That Will Give Pastels A New Meaning!

If you have decided to bring back the joy of the Care Bears that you may have grown up with, I have put together some fun Care Bears party ideas that will assist you in bringing these wonderful pastel bears back to life.

Read on to learn how you can create a beary special Care Bears party that will make for a cuddly good time. You'll soon discover how you can make your sunny day full of Funshine, bring a smile to all concerned with the help of cheery Cheer Bear, be ready to hug all who enter with Wonderheart Bear's biggest care hugs, and share the fun with the help of Share Bear. Use any of these b-day party ideas to help you ultimately design and create a splendid celebration for your child.


3D CARE BEAR INVITATIONS – Look online for small beanie baby Care Bears and if you find a good deal, purchase enough of them to use for your invitations. Write all of the important party information on a card made of cardstock in any color. Punch a hole in the card and use a piece of ribbon in a complementary color to tie the card to the mini Care Bear. Place in boxes and send out or opt to deliver them personally.

GUMMY BEARS INVITATIONS – Pick up enough small packages of gummy bears, such as Haribo gummy bears, so you have one pack for each guest that you plan to invite. Cut out small cards from cardstock in Care Bear colors. Glue the cards to the back of the gummy bear packages. On the cards, write “You’re Invited to a Beary Special Celebration.” Add the party info and have fun handing these sweet invitations out to guests.

CARE BEAR COLORING BOOK INVITATIONS – Find a cheap Care Bear coloring book. Color enough of the pictures to have one pictures for every invitation that you need to send out. After coloring a picture, cut it out. Fold a piece of cardstock in half. Glue a Care Bear picture that you have colored to the front of the invitation. Across the top, you can write “We Care to Invite the Beary Best to This Birthday Party.” On the inside, make sure you include the party information. Slip into envelopes and then mail the invitations to all your party guests.

Care Bears Birthday Party Invitations

CARE BEAR SHAPED INVITATIONS #1 - Enlarge a picture of a Care Bear from their website and use it as a pattern to create your bear-shaped invites. Cut them out of pink, green, blue, yellow, and lilac card stock. Cut the same bear shape out of a piece of scrapbook paper, glue it to the back of the cardstock, embellish the edges with coordinating glitter, and add all your party details.

CARE BEAR SHAPED INVITATIONS #2 - Using the instructions above as a guide, glue to the back of the invitation some wiggly eyes, hair bow, heart nose, and embellish tummy decorations of the sun, rain cloud, lollipops, rainbow, and star.

On any of the invites you can either type or hand write in calligraphy all your party details. Here are a couple of ideas for some fun Care Bears themed wording:

Birthday Bear: (B-Day Child's Name)
Bear Facts: (Date & Time of Par-Tay)
Come On Over To: (Address of Shindig)
RSVP to Mama Bear: (Parent Name & Phone #)
Bring your special teddy so he/she can join the fun!

We’re “beary” excited to celebrate (Name’s) birthday
And we’re throwing a party with games, food and cake too
We’ll have Cheer Bear and Sunshine Bear join in the fun
But most of all, we want to invite YOU!

Using decorative scissors cut insert and glue to inside of card stock. Decorate inside with teddy bear stickers.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE CARE BEARS BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS - Buy some Care Bear invites and turn them into a one of a kind invite by adding some glitter, wiggly eyes, heart appliques, sequins, bows, etc. to them.


Take your Care Bears birthday party to the next level by having your guests show up in fun costumes. You can have them dress as their favorite Care Bear if you desire, but if you choose this option, make sure you let parents know in the invites you send out. Another fun idea is to transform guests into little Care Bears once they arrive. You can use face paints, pom-pom tail, Care Bears masks or even bear ears headbands to help kids make the transformation. Another option would be to just give each of your guests a Care Bears t-shirt and mask as they arrive.


Create a fun and festive atmosphere with any of the following ideas while using the Care Bear colors of pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple:
  • Make a huge rainbow to go on one of the party walls. Start with a nice length of white butcher paper and hang it up on the wall (you may want to put a piece of poster board or cardboard behind it so colors do not bleed through on your wall). Then, using markers or some paint, create a huge rainbow on the butcher paper. Make sure you use the right colors, which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You could also create the outline of the rainbow in the right colors and then let kids color in the rainbow when they arrive.

  • Add “clouds” around the room by placing white pillows on the floor for kids to sit on. Then, they can enjoy sitting on “clouds” as they enjoy the Care Bears birthday party.

  • You can really add to the Care Bears mood in the party area by playing some Care Bears music in the background. Kids will enjoy the music and it will make them feel like they are really partying with the Care Bears. Some of the great songs/CDs you can use include:

    - Care Bears Christmas Eve
    - The Care Bears’ Birthday Party
    - Care Bears Nighty-Night
    - Adventures in Care-A-Lot
    - Care Bears Holiday Hugs
    - The Care Bears Care for You
    - Meet the Care Bears
    - Journey to Joke-A-Lot
    - Friends Make Everything Better
    - Care Bears Let’s Be Friends

  • Hang some paper lanterns around the party area, choosing lanterns in care bear colors. Add some mini LED lights to the paper lanterns as well, which will make them glow. The glowing lanterns will cast pretty Care Bear colors throughout the entire room, making it look beautiful.

  • Purchase some Care Bears wall clings to use around the party area, specifically looking for wall clings that features many of the popular Care Bears, such as Cheer Bear and Sunshine Bear. You may want to buy a couple packs if you have a large party area that you need to decorate. Hang up all of the clings on the walls to add to the party décor. After the party, they will come off easily and then the wall clings can be placed in your child’s room so they can enjoy the Care Bears decorations.

  • To help you accent your ceilings, you could twist some colorful around the perimeter and then add a cluster of balloons in each corner that is decorated with curling ribbons. If you can get your hands on some Care Bears streamers, all the better.

  • Decorate the party room with stuffed Care Bears. To help give them a party spirit, put a party hat on each bear and/or attach a balloon or small bouquet to their arms.

  • Attach Care Bears Mylar balloons to the guest of honor, aka birthday child's chair. Then attach some helium balloons in party colors to each of your guests' chairs.

  • Create a rainbow arch of balloons. If you have a wire arch cover it in various colored balloons. If not, create arch from cut-up wire hangers.

  • To make things easy, use disposable Care Bears tablecloths to cover your tables. If you want to further accent them you could tie off your corners with some colorful curling ribbons.
  • Transform solid colored party hats into Care Bear themed hats by decorating them with colorful curling ribbons and Care Bear stickers.

  • Create table centerpiece using a Care Bear in a basket with napkins in party colors, curling ribbons, and helium balloons.

  • Add a birthday banner to a wall, preferably one with a Care Bears theme.

  • Turn pictures of Care Bears into placemats by laminating them. When all is said and done, little ones can take their placemat home as one of their party favors.

  • Enlarge pictures of Care Bears, hearts, and rainbows and hang on walls.

  • Create a rainbow arch of balloons. If you have a wire arch cover it in various colored balloons. If not, create arch from cut-up wire hangers.

  • Sprinkle colorful Care Bears confetti on tables.

  • Create heart and rainbow garland and hang around party room.

  • Make signs that say, "Have a Rainbow Day," "Oopsy Does it," "Grumpy-Go-Round," "Funshine," etc.

  • Draw paw prints, rainbows, and hearts with chalk on sidewalk leading to front door.


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If you want to incorporate a few Care Bears Games And Activities, then click on over to the above page and you'll find all of the following games and activity how to's:
  • Care Bear Crawl Obstacle Course
  • Care Bear Limbo
  • Care Bear Dancing
  • Care Bear Tummy Designing Activity
  • Rainbow Necklace
  • Hot Bear
  • Pot of Gold
  • Care Bear Bean Bag Toss
  • Teddy Bear Paws #1
  • Teddy Bear Paws #2
  • Rainbow Pinata
  • Bubbles


RAINBOW CARE BEAR PUNCH – Before the party, take several flavors of Kool-Aid in different colors, such as purple, orange, green, red, etc. and pour them into ice cube trays, filling each tray only about half full to make small cubes (or use a small ice cube tray). Place the rainbow colored ice cubes in a large bowl when it’s time to serve drinks, allowing each guest to fill a cup with some of the rainbow cubes. Pour in a clear soda, such as Sprite Zero over the cubes, and as the ice cubes melt, the punch will turn rainbow colors.

RAINBOW PASTA SALAD – Make your favorite pasta salad recipe but use rainbow colored pasta. You’ll end up with a bright pasta salad that goes along with your Care Bears theme perfectly.

CHEESE PLATTER – Cheeses and crackers always make a great food addition to any birthday party. To make this go along with your Care Bears birthday party theme, use moon, star and rainbow shaped cookie cutters to cut the pieces of cheese into fun shapes. Kids will enjoy adding the cool cheese to their crackers. You could also use those cookie cutters to cut out small sandwiches for kids to enjoy.

RAINBOW FRUIT KABOBS - Put together some little fruit kabobs using a rainbow of fruit options. Things like strawberries, slices of banana, cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon (no seeds), and peaches.

RAINBOW MUNCHIES - Whip up a batch of the infamous Rice Krispie treats except make them with Fruity Pebbles to give them a rainbow appearance. Also, be sure to pick up some rainbow-colored Goldfish crackers and rainbow-colored Pringles to keep your pastel alive and well.

PEANUT BEAR AND JELLY SANDWICHES - Cut sandwiches into teddy bear shapes with a cookie cutter.

CARE BEAR TATORS - French fries or baked potatoes.

CARE BEAR TREATS - Animal crackers and Teddy Grahams.

Care Bears Birthday Party Ideas For Food


CARE BEAR BURGERS - Use teddy bear cookie cutter.

RAINBOW FRUIT PARFAITS – Create fun, rainbow fruit parfaits by layering granola, yogurt and fruits of different colors in a cup. Use fruits like pineapple, raspberries, blueberries and other colorful options. Top with a bit of whipped cream and serve in clear cups.

CARE BEAR JELLO TREATS – Create Jell-O Jigglers following the recipe on the Jell-O box. Before the Jell-O sets, add a little gummy bear here and there so each Jell-O treat will have a gummy bear in it when they set.

TEDDY GRAHAMS – To go along with the Care Bears birthday party theme, serve up teddy grahams to your little guests. You could always top the teddy grahams with just a tad of colored icing to make them look more like Care Bears.

CARE BEARS SUGAR COOKIES - Cut cookies in heart, rainbow, sun, and star shapes. Decorate with colored icing and edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, nonpareils, etc.

HONEY BEAR PUNCH - Mix together 2 qts. lemonade and 3 qts. unsweetened pineapple juice.

CARE BEARS PUNCH - Combine 1 large can pineapple juice and 1 liter of 7-up or Sprite in a punch bowl. Add a few dollops of pineapple sherbet right before serving.


CARE BEARS BIRTHDAY PARTY SHEET CAKE - Make up a sheet cake or opt for a round cake instead and frost it up in the Care Bear colors. Then add a Care Bears cake topper or an edible sugar art image.

CARE BEARS BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE - Bake 2 round cakes for body and head, 4 cupcakes for paws, 2 cupcake tops for ears, and 1 cupcake top for nose. Cover with pink, blue, green, yellow, or purple frosting. Cover with coconut (fur) tinted appropriate color. Frost nose white and add heart nose. Using a cookie cutter as guide, put a sun, rainbow, or star on belly.

CARE BEARS SHAPED CAKE - Use Care Bear shaped cake pan and decorate cake according to pan's instructions.

Care Bears Birthday Party Ideas For Cakes

RAINBOW SHAPED CAKE #1 - Use a rainbow-shaped cake pan to make your cake. Then decorate it with various colored frostings in the rainbow shape to give it a fun look.

RAINBOW SHAPED CAKE #2 - Cut a round cake into two pieces to create semi-circles which will look like the shape of a rainbow. Then cover them with white frosting; be sure to put a little bit between them to hold it all together. Then fill in the top with various colored edible glitters to create the rainbow of colors. When you're ready to serve up your rainbow, be sure to add a few dollops of Cool Whip around the bottom of your rainbow to give the illusion of clouds.

CARE BEARS CUPCAKES - Make white cupcakes and frost with various colored cream frosting and top with Care Bears cupcake pics or Care Bears star rings, which could also double as a party favor.


Fill a Care Bears favor bag with any of the following items:
  • Care Bears blow outs
  • Care Bears note pad
  • Care Bears stickers or tattoos
  • Care Bears whistle
  • Care Bears Soap
  • Mini pink bubbles
  • Care Bears plush bear
  • Care Bears activity and/or coloring book and crayons
  • Go to the Care Bears website and download pages to color, maze puzzles, connect the dots, bookmarks, etc.
  • You could also add Gummy Bears, Teddy Grahams, and Rainbow Goldfish

Your Favorite Care Bears Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Care Bears birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Care Bears cakes and costumes.

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