Ideas For Candyland Party Theme Invitations To Sweeten The Deal!

Fun And Fabulous Candyland Party Theme Invitations
To Sweeten The Pot & Entice Guests To Attend!

Candyland is a timeless and classic game that has been around for decades. The game board focuses upon many vibrant and primary colored squares, along with several candy creatures. This alone makes it an ideal option for creating a fun birthday party theme.

Bring this cheerful theme with its whimsical characters to life by using the Candyland board as your inspiration. To help you get started, I have put together some fun ideas for the invites that are sure to entice your candy-lovin' crew to come and party with you!


CANDYLAND JAR INVITATION - Fill empty baby food jar or other small jar with colorful jelly beans or Jelly Bellys. Paint lid red, orange, blue, purple, green, or yellow. Cut 8 1/2" x 11" piece of coordinating scrapbook paper into 4 pieces using decorative scissors and put party details on paper. Hole-punch upper left corner, run ribbon through hole, and tie onto jar. Hand-deliver invitations.

SUCKER INVITATION #1 - Place a large, white address label containing party information on a large lollipop. Tie a few colorful ribbons to the sucker handle and hand-deliver to your guests.

SUCKER INVITATION #2 - Cut 2 large circles out of white card stock and write party details on one side. Glue popsicle stick to bottom of circle. Cover circle with colored cellophane, tissue, or tulle netting and tie off with color-coordinated ribbon. Hand-deliver invitations.

Candyland Party Theme Invitations

CANDYLAND PARTY INVITATION - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" white card stock into 2 pieces and fold in half. Cut brightly colored card stock into small squares to match board game and paste squares on front of white card stock to create a winding road. Put candy stickers around path. On inside type or write party details.

CANDY-SHAPED INVITATION - Using various colored cardstock, cut out large pieces of candy shapes that appear on the Candyland game board like a lollipop, a gum drop, or a candy cane. Decorate the front to look like the piece of candy using glitter and the various colors of cardstock. Put the party details on the back.

CUPCAKE INVITATION - Make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them in the Candyland colors. Then add a tag to the cupcake that contains all the party details and hand-deliver your yummy invites.

Candyland Party Theme Invitations

CANDY INVITATION - Fill a small cellophane bag with a candy of your choice, preferably one that is found on the game board. Then create a colorful tag with all the party info on it. Attach to the top of the candy and hand-deliver your invites.

GINGERBREAD INVITATION - Make some gingerbread men shaped cookies, decorate them with piped on frosting. Wrap them all in cellophane and tie off with colorful ribbons. Type out your party details on a piece of decorative scrapbook paper, laminate, hole punch and tie your invites to your gingerbread men cookies, and hand-deliver.

Variation: Cut out your gingerbread men from brown cardstock, decorate with sequins, glitter, etc. Write the party details on the back and mail the invites to your guests.

Invitation Wording:

Lollipop, lollipop,
Sweet as can be.
Come help me celebrate,
As I turn three.
Don't Miss A Lick!

Lollipop, lollipop,
Sweet as can be.
Come help me celebrate
A party for me.
You're Not Going To Want To Miss A Lick!

Gumdrops and lollipops
And gingerbread too
Makes a Candyland Party
Just for you.
We don't Want You To Miss A Lick!


Now that you have several ideas for your invites, I'm sure that you are able to start seeing how the party can come together and can imagine how it will truly be a sweet celebration. If you are ready to move on to some great ideas for your Candyland Party decor, food, cakes, and favors, then click on the above link and get ready to be amazed at the colorful fun you can create!

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