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Fun And Fabulous Candyland Party Favors
For A Super Sweet Candyland Birthday Party

If you've decided a Candyland Party is the way to go, you'll want to be sure to create some fab favors to hand out when it's time to kick your guests to the curb so to speak.

First of all, if you're throwing a Candyland Party and are on the hunt for some great ideas for Candyland themed invites, decor, cakes, and party food, then click on over and check 'em out!


If you're feeling a little pressed for time, or just in the mood to make it easy on Mom, you might consider this all-in-one favor kit. It contains a Candyland blowout, some Candyland stickers, a pink heart mirror and brush set, a Candyland bounce ball, plus a mini star wand.

If you're looking for some ideas to help you create unique party favors for your little guests, you might consider starting with some multi-colored paper bags or cellophane bags that are decorated with Candyland stickers or various pictures of candy.

Another option you might consider is using a piece of pink and mint green tulle. Cut out large circles of tulle to accommodate your selected favors, put the favors in the center, gather the tulle around the favors, and tie it off with pink and mint green ribbons.

In the alternative, you could fill up a cute little themed favor box with any combination of the following:
  • Candyland stickers

  • Candyland Blowout

  • Bubbles - Turn an ordinary bottle of bubbles into one that has a Candyland theme. the easiest thing to do is cover the bottle with candy printed paper. You could also create a paper wrap and design it with whatever candy treats you like.

  • Bouncing balls or a Candyland bounce ball

  • Colorful candy necklaces

  • Chalk

  • Candyland puzzle

  • Crayons and a Candyland coloring book

  • The Candyland Game

  • Pencils and Notepad

  • Theme erasers

  • Putty or Play-Doh

  • Funny Sunglasses

  • Hair Barrette or Bow

  • Candy Shaped Tattoos


Let your favors do double-duty. During your Candyland Party, create a fun candy-scape of various candies that will ultimately be handed out as favors. For example, you could display any of the following to create an eye-appealing, yummy to the tummy candy table:
  • Bag of Candies. Fill clear cellophane bags with Jelly Belly's, Gummy Bears, Gummy worms, or any other candy favorite. Tie off with a colorful ribbon and decorate the bag with a sticker. Display in a clear bowl.

  • Candy Tube - Fill clear plastic tubes with candy, cap them off, and add a decorative sticker on the tube to dress it up. You could also tie a colorful ribbon around the top. Place the tubes into a colorful bucket that is filled with shred.

  • Fill mini coke bottles with Jelly Belly's, Skittles, M&M's or any other candy of your choice. You can add a splash of color with a streamer or ribbon that coordinates with the contents' colors, along with a plastic Krazy straw for added fun. Display on a fun tray.

  • Fill plastic margarita glasses with colorful foil wrapped candies like Hershey's kisses. Tie a ribbon around the stem of the glass and display them on a cake pedestal.

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