Candyland Cake

by Janet Eldridge
(Colorado Springs)

Princess Lolly Would Be Proud To Call This Cake Home!

Princess Lolly Would Be Proud To Call This Cake Home!

I was having a Candyland party for my son's 4th birthday. I decided to have a cake that looked like it was a part of the game.

This is a 2-layer cake. Each layer is a different flavor--chocolate and red velvet. The striped ropes are made out of fondant rolled and twisted together. The buttons and bows are either made out of fondant or sugar paste. The cake was then topped off with 3 large suckers.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This Candyland cake just makes your mouth water when you look at it. I love the lollipops on top of the cake! A Candyland party is sure to be a huge hit with your young guests, and if you need a few more ideas for your party, this incredible cake brought a few fun options to my mind.


When decorating for your Candyland party, have fun with colors. Since candy comes in so many different colors, use a rainbow of colors to decorate your party area.

Choose paper goods in various primary colors, like green, yellow, red, blue and purple.

Create fake lollipops and candy bars that can be attached to the ceiling with some string.

Speaking of ceilings, why not turn yours into a Candyland extraordinaire. All you have to do is fill a bunch of balloons that are the Candyland colors with helium and tie off the ends with decorative ribbons. Then let all the balloons rest on your ceiling. Voila! instant color; instant Candyland fun!

For all you quilters out there, it's time to slash your stash with a fun-filled Candyland party table cover. Sew together all of your brightly colored solids that coincide with the game colors to make 2"-4" squares. Ultimately, make it large enough to cover your table and perhaps hang down a bit. Then when the party is over, you can wash your table cover and add some additional squares if necessary, along with some borders, and you'll be ready to turn it into a quilt.

Make some large decorative lollipops out of colorful card stock. You can accent the candy with stripes and glitter. Glue your "candy" to some skinny dowels and then wrap them up with coordinating cellophane and tie off with a lots of curling ribbons. You can use them to line your walkway, decorate tables, walls, corners of the room, etc. All you need to do is adjust the size of your lollipops to coincide with how you will be using them.

Speaking of walkways, you can create a Candyland path to your doorway with washable paints--the kids will love it!


When putting foods out on the food tables, you can arrange foods by color. For example, have different colored bowls of candy. You can also skewer soft candies like any of the gummies and stick the skewers into a tall container.

For some fun food ideas, consider cotton candy, candy apples or even brightly colored veggies and fruits.

It’s even nice to have a big Sundae bar for the kids, with fun candy toppings that can be added on top. Just warn parents before you send their toddlers home with a sugar high.


For some fun and games, consider having a brightly colored piñata for the kids to enjoy. Of course, you’ll want to fill it full of candy for the kids to collect when the piñata finally breaks open. Coloring pages that go along with your Candyland party theme make great activities that toddlers will enjoy too.

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