Candyland Birthday Party Decorations To Help You Create A Lolly Good Time!

Fun And Fabulous Candyland Birthday Party Decorations
For A SWEET Candyland Adventure!

If you're looking for some yummy ways to create a SWEET atmosphere for your Candyland Party, then you've come to the right place! We've got some mouth-watering ideas that will have everything coming up lollipops and roses!

Before I get into providing some ideas for your Candyland Party decorations, if you are still in need of some help for your invites, costumes, party food, cakes, or favors, then click over to my Candyland Party page and snag some sweet ideas.

Now on to the reason you came to this page, here are sweet options that will help you transform your home into the Land O' Candy and bring the all-time favorite Candyland game to life in party style:

Candyland Birthday Party Decorations

  • In Candyland colors, decorate with curling ribbons, balloon clusters and twisted streamers.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with streamers in any combination of Candyland colors.

  • For the wider walkways, use sheets in Candyland colors and tie them back.

  • Hang a fun Candyland birthday banner on one of your party room walls.

  • Use bright tablecloths in Candyland colors to cover tables. Use curling ribbons to tie the corners and scatter gumdrops, jelly bellys, peppermints, etc. on tabletop.

  • Accent your tables with cute Candyland centerpieces.

Candyland Birthday Party Decorations

  • Attach some fun Candyland balloons to the birthday child's chair and brightly colored helium balloons to guests' chairs.

  • Put colorful balloons outside to alert guests of party location. Attach to mailbox, hang from tree, or tie to car antenna.

  • Tie colorful tulle bows around chairs.

  • Make a tulle tutu for punch bowl. Cut tulle to 6" x 24". Gather one side using upholstery needle and string the same color of tulle. Tie it off and shape around bottom of punch bowl as a centerpiece.

  • Create a fun and fabulous Candyland background using a sweet cupcake background to create a great Candyland atmosphere and perfect photo-op.

  • Make signs that say, "Gumdrop Mountain Pass," "Molasses Swamp," "Candy Cane Forest" or "Lollipop Woods," and then hang them up around the party area to name different areas.

Candyland Birthday Party Decorations

  • Create Lollipop Woods by making large lollipops using two colored paper plates stapled or glued together. Attach to a wood dowel, cover them with coordinating cellophane, and tie off with ribbons.

  • Create large cardboard plums and hang them from the limbs of any trees you have in your yard.

  • Cover a wall with Ice Cream Mountains made from cardboard and painted white and then add white or iridescent white glitter on the tops.

  • Opt for a fun sweet taffy waterfall and add some pink gossamer at the bottom of the falls for added effect.

  • Make Gumdrop Mountains out of cardboard and then paint them and cover with coordinating glitter.

  • Make Peanut Acres by creating cardboard trees and painting the bushy tree part dark green and the stumps brown. Then glue peanuts in the shell to the bushy tree part.

Candyland Birthday Party Decorations

  • Make Snowflake Lake using blue fabric or blue fabric with white snowflakes. Add some snowflake printed balloons. Make some snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. Cut them out of white poster board and cover with white or iridescent glitter.

  • Create Licorice Forest by spray painting large tree branches, minus the leaves, black. Place them in empty coffee cans filled with sand. Cover the coffee cans with black fabric. Attach pieces of licorice to the trees using Christmas ornament hangers or make hangers using paperclips.

  • Hang some fun giant Candyland wall decals on your party room walls and when the party is over, transfer them to your child's bedroom walls.

  • Have a bubble machine going at front door so guests walk through a sea of bubbles as they enter.

  • Make colorful squares from construction paper and hang on wall to create a backdrop. Use a projector, enlarge pictures of Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, Gramma Nutt, Mr. Mint, the gingerbread men, and candies and hang on wall.

  • Make placemats to look like game cards. On one half of a piece of cardboard put a picture of peanut brittle, an ice cream cone, a snowflake, a candy cane, etc. and on the other half glue colored paper. Cover with clear contact paper.

  • Using different Candyland colors, paint several metal buckets. Keep them weighed down by adding some beans. Add balloons and brilliant spiral lollipops to the buckets, hiding the beans with some tissue paper of complementary colors.

  • Create a Candyland house out of a gingerbread house kit or use graham crackers, frosting, and candy decorations. It's best to attach the graham crackers to a box to give it shape and hold it together.

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