Candyland Birthday Party Games To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Fun And Fabulous Candyland Birthday Party Games
To Help You Create An Extra Sweet Time!

If you are thinking of throwing a Candyland Party for your little tyke and are on the look for some games that have the Candyland theme, then keep reading and you'll soon some discover several options that will compliment your party perfectly.

As you begin to set the scene for sweet success, let your guests know that you will be taking them on a lollipop adventure. Get ready to transport everyone into America's favorite Land O' Candy, and have a sweet time playing any of the following games:


GINGERBREAD COOKIES OR GINGERBREAD MEN - Have guests decorate cookies with frosting, edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, nonpareils, raisins, and decorative candies.

LIVE CANDYLAND PARTY GAME - Using the game board as your guide, create the color path by painting large canvases to look like game board or gluing colored felt squares to cardboard. Attach pictures of a candy cane, snowflake, peanut brittle, ice cream cone, etc. to create those squares. Layout path. Either use cards from actual game or duplicate cards into a larger game-appropriate size.

CANDY DOMINOES - Kids love candy in all forms and they are sure to enjoy playing Candy Dominoes.

BUILD KING CANDY CASTLE - Let kids build the castle using some frosting, graham crackers and different types of candy.

CANDYLAND BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES - PEPPERMINT FORREST RING TOSS - Paint various sized white and red so that they look like peppermint sticks and have the kids toss red plastic rings at them. The winner receives a large candy cane and everyone else receives small candy canes.

MUSICAL CANDYLAND PARTY GAME - Glue felt squares of different colors to cardboard and put squares into a large circle. Cut 8 1/2" x 11" pieces of card stock into 4 pieces, color one square to coincide with each color of felt squares. Shuffle cards and place them face down. Play music while guests walk around on squares. Stop the music, draw a card, and whatever color it is, the children on squares of that color are eliminated. Rounds of the Candyland birthday party games continue until only one child remains.

CANDYLAND GAME RUG - Kids will love playing a game of Candyland on this fun rug that is imprinted with the Candyland game.

PEANUT ACRES TREASURE HUNT - Fill a wading pool with Styrofoam peanuts, hide mini Nutter Butter candy bars in the peanuts, and let the kids each find one.

KING KANDY SAYS - Play this game like "Simon Says." Birthday child starts out being King Kandy. Play continues for 1-2 minutes. Give each guest a chance to be King Kandy.

BUST THAT PLUM - Make a tree out of cardboard and hang small purple balloons on the tree. When game time arrives, have everyone pick a "plum" and the first one to burst his or her "plum" shall be the winner. You can use either water balloons or air-filled balloons.

QUEEN FROSTINE MAY I? - Play this game like "Mother May I?" Play continues for 1-2 minutes. Give each guest a chance to be Queen Frostine.

PIN THE CROWN ON KING KANDY - Play this game like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Use a projector to enlarge a picture of King Kandy, create crowns out of yellow construction paper, and use double-stick tape.

Candyland Birthday Party Games

CANDYLAND CASTLE GAME - Here's a fun game, perfect for this theme, that you might consider incorporating into your game time. For more info, click on the picture link to the right.

CANDYLAND BOARD GAME - Purchase or borrow enough Candyland games so everyone can play. Continue play until everyone makes it to Candy Castle.

LICORICE, LICORICE, LOLLIPOP - Play this game like "Duck, Duck Goose." Give each guest a chance to be It.

RAINBOW PINATA - A rainbow-shaped pinata would be the perfect add-on to a Candyland Party. Blindfold guests. Wrap bat with colorful streamers and tie curling ribbons at bottom.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun print and play toddler party games that would be a perfect party game add-on!

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