Fun Camp Scavenger Hunt Ideas!

Fun And Fabulous Camp Scavenger Hunt
To Get Kids Excited About Nature & Inspire Them To Learn!

A Camping Scavenger Hunt is sure to help you make your camp out, hike, or outdoor party a little more interesting and enjoyable. It's a great activity that is sure to put a smile on everyone's mug and bring out the "I want to win!" attitudes.

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The great thing about scavenger hunts as a whole is that you can easily tailor them to the age of your guests and they can be elaborate or easy. This type of hunt is sure to help improve a child's observation skills, along with increasing their interest in the great outdoors.

As you plan your camp scavenger hunt, you'll want to be sure to factor in the age and personality of your participants when designing your hunt. You don't want to frustrate younger kids with hard to find items, yet you want to be sure to provide older kids with enough of a challenge to hold their interest and bring out their competitive spirit.

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If you are camping where there are others campers, then you can select items that the kids can try to obtain from camping neighbors.

Be sure to establish ground rules before sending everyone out on the hunt. You'll want to define the boundary lines that you want everyone to stay within, along with telling the participants to stay with their team members and not venture out on their own. In addition, be sure to let everyone know to not leave the campgrounds, not disturb nature unnecessarily, and to not destroy the natural surroundings.

Be sure everyone has what they need in order to go on the hunt. They'll need some kind of a bag to carry everything in that they find, along with some plastic bags that they can use to put smaller items into or things that might be a bit fragile. Empty baby food jars with lids that have holes in them might be useful if they need to collect any kind of a bug.

You might also want to provide some Wet Ones and a pair of disposable gloves for everyone to have on hand in case they have to touch something that they don't want to do so with their bare hands. Be sure to make arrangements ahead of time for each to have a digital camera or just use cell phones. Lastly, if you want to combine a good deed for the day with the hunt, give each team an extra garbage bag and have everyone pick up at least one piece of trash.

To get you started in coming up with your camp scavenger hunt, I've put together several suggested items below. If you like what you see, then print it out and you're ready to rock n' roll.


  • __________Apple core

  • __________Band-Aid

  • __________Battery

  • __________Berry

  • __________Bottle cap

  • __________Candle

  • __________Cinnamon stick

  • __________Corn cob

  • __________Deck of cards

  • __________Four-leaf clover

  • __________Frog

  • __________Grasshopper

  • __________Leaf with insect holes

  • __________Licorice piece

  • __________Lizard

  • __________Maple leaf

  • __________Marshmallow

  • __________Orange rind

  • __________Package of pepper

  • __________Package of salt

  • __________Package of sugar

  • __________Peanut shell

  • __________Pepsi can - empty

  • __________Piece of wood

  • __________Plastic spoon

  • __________Popcorn bag - empty

  • __________Rope piece

  • __________Rubber band

  • __________Snail

  • __________Straw

  • __________Sunflower seed

  • __________Tent stake

  • __________Toilet paper square

  • __________Toothpaste - just a squirt in a plastic bag

  • __________Trash - Fill a separate bag

  • __________Twine piece

  • __________Vine

Aside from having a responsible person assigned to each team, you'll want to let everyone know how long they have to go on the hunt before they need to return to your designated spot. The team who makes it back first, obtains all of the items, and ends up with the most points will be your camp scavenger hunt winners.


  • Give 1 point for each designated item that is collected.
  • Give 5 bonus points to the team who returns to the designated location first.
  • Give 5 bonus points to whichever team collects the most garbage.
  • Penalize each team who returns late--1 point per minute.

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