Camp Out Party

by Emily

We're Just Girls Who Wanna Have Good Clean Fun!

We're Just Girls Who Wanna Have Good Clean Fun!

A campout is definitely my favorite.... I had a pool party first, then afterwards we had a BBQ, and finally we settled down for the night in a 3 bedroom tent. Of course we had s’mores, cake and other things in between.

PS. Recommend to be 12+

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A camp out party sounds like tons of fun if you’re looking for exciting teen party ideas. If you have a big tent, invite your teen’s best friends over and have them bring sleeping bags for a great camp out. Of course, you’ll definitely want to have a big bonfire, because that’s what camping is all about. Have fun letting the teens roast their own hotdogs over the fire for food. Like Emily mentioned, you can allow everyone to roast marshmallows for dessert, creating delicious s’mores, so be sure to have plenty of chocolate and graham crackers on hand to go along with those marshmallows.


Be prepared with some great teen party ideas for games that work well with a camp out party theme. You’ll definitely want to have a nice scary story time. Have all the teens sit in a circle around the bonfire. Everyone can take turns telling the scariest stories they can think of.

Charades is always a great game to play when camping out. Those skits become really dramatic with all the shadows cast by the crackling camp fire.

You could also include a hike if sufficient daylight is present. This will help to burn off a bit of energy and make for a possibility of the teens to eventually tire and go to asleep. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part.

You could also have everyone make lanterns to use. All you need are empty plastic jars that have a handle; red, orange and yellow tissue paper cut into diamond shapes; good old-fashioned Elmer's glue, and a battery-operated string of lights. Have everyone glue various colors of tissue paper to the jar so that it looks like flames, insert the lights into the jar, turn them on, put the lid on and you're good to go.

A scavenger hunt is another possibility. You've got the great outdoors at hand and you could easily do a nature hunt. If you don't want to be bothered or you're running short of time, this is a great site that offers some fun scavenger hunt options for the great outdoors.

Treasure Hunts at
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues


Make sure you take plenty of snacks along for your party. The majority of the teens will probably end up staying awake most of the night and they are sure to be hungry. Chips, nuts, peanut butter crackers, popcorn and other easy snacks that teens love will be great choices to take along for all those hungry guys and gals.

Instead of trying to serve a cake out by the campfire, one of the best teen party ideas for a camp out party is to serve up cupcakes instead of cake. They're not only easy to transport if you're holding the campout somewhere other than your back yard, but they're also easy to eat and don’t require utensils.

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