Unique Cake Topper Ideas For A Perfect Party Cake

Fun And Fabulous Cake Topper Ideas
To Help You Create A Fast, Fun Cake!

A cake topper has a marvelous way of instantly transforming a simple cake into one that looks as if it was done professionally. Toppers ensure a picture perfect cake every time. Now of course that is assuming your cake is well done and doesn't fall into the category of oops!

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The following ideas for cake toppers will help you out if you're a little short on time. You can either make the cake from scratch or buy one already made and create the decorative topping yourself by adding the following:
  • Simply arrange these fun Cake Toppers on top of a frosted cake to coincide with your theme.

  • Use an Edible Icing Cake Topper to decorate a cake. They come in a wide variety of themes, are colorful, and instantly create a professional looking cake without all the effort. All you have to do is add a sugar sheet to a frosted cake and voila', you instantly have a beautiful cake!

  • Simply lay some 3-D sugar shapes on a frosted cake to instantly give the blank canvas a theme. Throw on some confetti or sprinkles, add candles and you're good to go.

  • To quickly dress up cupcakes, start by creating them in fun cupcake liners or wrappers that coincide with your theme. Then dress-up your creations even moreso, with some cupcake picks or cupcake rings. Just stick a pic into the cupcake that coincides with your theme. Add some edible sprinkles, dots, glitter, etc. for added interest and you're good to go.

Cake toppers don't have to be edible. Think outside of the box. Consider your theme and items that compliment it can become cake toppers. You can either make your cake from scratch or start with a store-bought cake. Here are few cake topper ideas to get you going:

BABY BLOCK CAKE - Frost cake yellow. Top with colorful plastic blocks and ribbon curls.

BEACH CAKE - Cover cake with brown sugar (sand). Top with a plastic sand bucket on its side with plastic sand toys spilling out. Serve cake with plastic shovel.

CAR CAKE - Frost the cake black for the road and green for grass area. Top with small plastic cars, trees, and shrubs.

DINOSAUR CAKE - Air brush or frost cake green. Top with a plastic volcano and plastic dinosaurs.

JOHN DEERE CAKE - Frost or air brush cake yellow. Top with plastic fencing and trees and a John Deere tractor.

LITTLE MERMAID CAKE - Air brush or frost cake blue for water and green for land. Sprinkle with blue and green sugars. Top with plastic Little Mermaid characters. Add Swedish fish as if swimming in the water.

PRINCESS CAKE - Airbrush or frost cake pink or lavender. Sprinkle with edible sugar in the same color. Top with a princess wand and tiara that is adorned with jewels.

RUBBER DUCKY CAKE #1 - Air brush cake water blue. Add a few "bubbles" using whipped cream or white fondant. Decorate with a mama duck and 2-3 baby rubber ducks.

RUBBER DUCKY CAKE #2 - Air brush cake water blue. Decorate with pre-made duck-shaped edible cake decorations or make sugar cookies in the shape of ducks. Frost them yellow with orange beaks and blue eyes.

TEA PARTY CAKE - Air brush cake pale pink or mint green. Top with a mini porcelain floral tea set. You can also add a few silk flowers, ribbons, and pearls by the yard.

TEDDY BEAR CAKE #1 - Frost or airbrush cake green. Create a pink picnic blanket from fondant. Top with plastic teddy bears and picnic paraphernalia.

WESTERN PARTY - Either air brush or use colored icing to create the sky and grass. Decorate cake with plastic horse and cowboy figurines or small Legos or Playmobil western figurines. You can also use plastic cowboy hats and boots.

As you can see, all you need to do is start with a theme, brainstorm for cake topper ideas and then create! Other items that you can use to top off your cakes are:
  • Accent decorations: Beads, butterflies curling ribbon curls, pearl garlands, sequins, silk ribbons, tiny helium balloons, etc.

  • Airplanes

  • Baby-related items, e.g., rattles, bottles, shoes, etc.

  • Boats

  • Bugs, spiders, and snakes

  • Carousel

  • Castle

  • Character candles

  • Circus animals

  • Fruit

  • Masks

  • Silk flowers and greenery

  • Silk flower garland

  • Superhero figurines

  • Train

  • Trucks

Use various candies like jelly beans, Boston beans, Jelly Bellys, red hots, Pez, rock candy, licorice strings, lollipops, heart tarts, etc. The following candy cake topper ideas are provided to help you add the perfect confectionary touch!
  • Spell out "Happy Birthday."

  • Make a rainbow.

  • Create a border or layers of borders.

  • Use them to make faces on critter cakes.

  • Use as jewels for pirate-related cakes.

  • Use as bricks, stones, and roofing tiles.

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