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Everyone loves to look at birthday cake photos, along with all the glorious decorations. One of the many reasons that I created my site, Birthday-Party-Ideas-101, is to assist everyone who visits to bring forth your inner party diva so you can start creating wonderful birthday parties. On this site we provide lots of theme options and ideas for invites, decor, party games, cakes, and favors.

But now, I'd like to turn the tables on you and enlist your assistance. I would love to showcase your homemade birthday cake photos, preparation tips, and cake tale on our site for others to draw inspiration from and enjoy! It would be "woon-da-bar" if you could possibly submit at least one photo of your cake, along with a description of how you went about creating your masterpiece. If you would be willing to do so, then the only thing to be done is to scroll down and complete the cake submission form below by filling in the blanks, upload a photo or two, and voila you will be done.

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Photo courtesy of: MrsDizney

Guidelines For Submitting Your Homemade Birthday Cake Picture

If you have never done this before, here are a few general guidelines to help make the submittal a little easier.

  • You may submit as many different HOMEMADE birthday cake or cupcake pictures as your little heart desires. All I ask is that you submit each cake separately on its own submission form.

  • Let the world know the age of birthday person.

  • Your photographs and write-up must be your own creation. Please do not violate or infringe upon the copyright laws. Your submission must come from you, a member of your family, a friend, etc. Please refrain from copying info and photos from other websites.

  • It is best if you save your cake tale in your word processing program and not just type it into the submission form. This way, if something goes awry, we'll be able to come knocking on your door for a resubmittal and a rewrite can be avoided.

  • Please Note: Submittal of your birthday cake photos and your little party tales will give me, aka Birthday-Party-Ideas-101.com permission to tweak it a bit if need be and/or add my two cents worth, comments about your awesome creations, and blah, blah, blah.

Birthday Cake Photos - Conclusion

Thank you in advance for sharing your talents with our readers and providing them with additional inspiration. I appreciate you taking the time to possibly having to hunt up the cake photos, dust them off a bit, and write about your cake-making escapade, along with providing any other details relating to the party for which the cake was made.

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Homemade Birthday Cakes

I can't wait to see your fantabulous homemade birthday cake picture, along with reading the cake "tale" (story) behind your masterpiece! Thank you in advance for sharing.

Your Fantabulous Birthday Cake Pictures & Cake Tales

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Elmo Cakes - Birthday Perfect 
Elmo was made with Rice Crispy treats and royal icing. The birthday gifts on the cake were also made out of Rice Crispy treats. Clients did not want too …

Fire Truck Cake Not rated yet
The fire truck is a cake that was cut and pieced together to form the truck shape. Then I covered it with fondant and hand-painted it to give it color …

Great Train Birthday Cake Not rated yet
I baked a chocolate cake and made them into rectangles in the shape of coaches. Did fudge icing and used candies to decorate. A train birthday party …

Helicopter Cake Ideas Not rated yet
We used fondant to cover the helicopter and the cake. We carved out part of the bottom of the cake to put a small motor to make the rotors of the helicopter …

Coolest Fire Truck Cake Not rated yet
My son loves fire trucks, so I wanted to make him a birthday cake for his 3rd Birthday that had that theme. This was my first cake that I did with fondant. …

Fun Wild Animal Birthday Cake Not rated yet
This cake was made for an 11 year old Justin Bieber party. This was before I added the Bieber on top of the cake. This is one of the coolest zebra cakes …

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Submittal of your birthday cake photos and write-ups shall grant Birthday-Party-Ideas-101.com permission to republish, alter, and create derivatives in any and all forms of media whatsoever.

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