Bumble Bee Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Bumble Bee Birthday Party Ideas
That Are Sure To Create A Buzz!

Whether you're a worker bee or a queen bee you're sure to love a bee birthday party for your child's first birthday. It's not only a honey of a theme but it's sure to have all your guests, okay their parents, a-buzz in anticipation.

Bees are very popular these days for not only party themes, but also for patio and yard decorations, various collectibles, cake and party decorations, favors and the list goes on. This will give you a wide range of sources from which to select all of your party supplies and decor which are available online, at party stores, gift shops and the like.

Invite some small guests over to celebrate your little honey’s birthday and with a little work, your party is sure to be the “bee's knees.” If you need some creative tips and ideas to get your party planning started, here are some great bee birthday party ideas for invitations, favors, decorations and more.


BUMBLE BEE BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS #1 - Perhaps you have a talented friend or relative that could help by creating a fun invite. If not, start by searching through clipart for pictures of bumble bees to download onto card stock. Then use a black pen to write your greeting on the front of the invite using calligraphy.

Write something like, Buzz on over for a Bee-Lightful 1st Birthday Party for (Child’s Name). Be sure to RSVP to my Queen Bee Mom. Then write out the party details on the reverse side or opt to type them out and paste to the inside of the invitation. Add a few bee stickers and some glitter to the invite to jazz it up a bit. Place it into a yellow envelope, add a large bee sticker on the envelope and send it off.

BUMBLE BEE INVITATIONS #2 - Cut out of yellow card stock your bee birthday party invites in the shape of bees. Then add black stripes using a heavy black marker. Glue on wings made out of vellum, googly eyes, and little black antennae made from pipe cleaners. Be sure to put all the party info on the reverse side before you decorate the front of your bees.

HONEY INVITES - Another fun idea you can make is jar of honey invitations. You can cut out cardstock in the shape of a honey jar or make a honey jar on your computer and print it out. If you feel real adventurous, actually purchase small jars of honey and use labels to attach your party information.

Do you need a few cute wording ideas for your bee invitations? Here are some cute ideas:

- You’re invited to my “bee-day” party.

- Come join the birthday “buzz” at the (last name) hive.

- Buzz over for my Bee-day party.

- We’re totally buzzed about (name’s) birthday.

BUMBLE BEE INVITATIONS #3 - If you're planning on investing in a bumble bee costume, you'll want to be sure to have it do double-duty. Create a photo-style invite by dressing your little one in one of the adorable bumble bee costumes. Then all you need to do is download that little cutie onto a piece of card stock and add the party details.

HONEY INVITES - Type or write out all of your party details onto a piece of yellow card stock that is in the shape of a bumble bee. Tie it to a small jar of honey and hand-deliver your invites.


This is the easy part as there are baby-sized body suits available with a variety of bee designs on the front of then. They are reasonably priced and can be worn on other occasions.

In the alternative, you might decide to go with the ever popular bee t-shirt which is stylized with bees for another costume choice. Add a party hat and a bumble bee tattoo and your baby is ready to par-tee.


Decorating for your bumble bee birthday party can be really fun. Start with a color scheme of yellow, white and black. These colors can be used throughout your décor. Here are a few ideas to help you get started in creating your child's bee-day party that are guaranteed to create quite the buzzzzz:

  • Welcome your little guests by lining your walkway with black and yellow balloons that are attached to yard stakes.

  • Place a colorful sign on the front door that says something like, "Welcome To (Name's) Bumble Bee Party."

  • Since bees love to buzz around flowers, you'll want to be sure to have plenty of them along with lots of greenery to accent your party room; they can be real or artificial. Accent these displays with bumble bee cupcake picks. You can tuck them into the plant and flower displays as part of your party room decorations.

  • You can also add some vases of flowers that fit your color scheme, such as black eyed Susan's, sunflowers or daisies.

  • Hang a bumble bee birthday party banner in the room between two bunches of black and yellow balloons which can be taped to the wall.

  • Twist black and yellow streamers throughout the room to give it a festive bumble bee theme.

  • Hang bee and garden cutout shapes on the walls and from the ceilings using fishing line.
Bumble Bee Birthday
  • Tissue paper bees and flowers look great hanging from the ceiling with a bit of fishing line or string.

  • A balloon wall in the shape of a bee will look amazing and it’s inexpensive and easy for you to create as well. Finish your décor with a big party banner in the party colors, reading “Happy Bee-Day, Honey!”

  • Decorate window sills, table tops, and shelves with various bee figurines, stuffed bee toys, and mini jars of honey.

  • Tie balloons to the back of the chairs, festoon them around the door openings, and float bee Mylar balloons to the ceiling decorated with black and yellow streamers that have bee stickers on them. Also be sure to add black and yellow curling ribbons on the floaters for added color and fun.

  • To highlight your party table in bumble bee style, start by covering it with a yellow tablecloth and a black runner or vice versa. Another option would be to use a plastic tablecloth that has a bumble bee pattern or even opt for locating a fun fabric, which can later be sewn into a bee-utiful quilt.

  • Add some bee confetti and a fun centerpiece to your table. Terra cotta flower pots that are painted yellow and filled with flowers and accented with bumble bee cupcake picks positioned near the top of the flowers are a perfect choice. Add a large jar of honey on either side of the pot and a sprinkling of gold dust on the table. This is sure to create a little wow -factor.

  • Since the party table is the highlight of the party for this “Happy Bee-Day," you'll want to be sure to adorn your table with some cute bee-themed party ware for added color.


To keep the party buzz going for your bumble bee birthday party, a few bee themed games and activities should be planned.

FACE PAINTING - When your little guests show up, consider having face paint available so they can be painted up like little bees or like little flowers.

BEE MOVIE AND/OR BOOK - Another fun activity is to play the “Bee Movie” for the little ones to enjoy. A bee themed story book will be entertaining as well especially if you act out a lot of the characters in the book.

BUMBLE BEE HIVE HUNT - Keeping a one year olds attention is sometimes hard to do. One way is to keep them in motion and at this age the choice of games is rather limited. Download pictures of large bee hives and mount them on black card stock. Punch a hole in the upper corner and create a hanger by running a yellow ribbon through the hole. Hang the hives throughout the party rooms on door knobs, plants, furniture, etc., wherever you can find a good spot and then send your little bees on a hive treasure hunt (with the help of a parent or teen helper). Be sure to reward your little hunters with a small bumble bee toy.

MUSICAL FLOWERS - This game will be played like musical chairs except you will use large flowers made out of construction paper or felt. Be sure to add a bee to each one to keep your theme flowing. Pair up your little guests with an adult or teen helper to assist them in buzzing around the flowers while music plays and trying to stand on a flower when the music stops. With each round, remove a flower and whoever is unable to get onto a flower when the music stops shall be out of the game.

PIN THE BEE ON THE FLOWER - This game will be played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey except everyone will try to pin a little bee into the center of the flower. Cut out a large flower from poster board and bees from construction paper. Use double-stick tape for the pinning portion of the game.

BUMBLE BEE DANCE - Play some music and have the little ones buzz around the room like a bee while making a buzzing sound and flapping their arms like wings. For added fun, be sure to have your leader dressed up like bee.

"BEE" BAG TOSS - Make your bean bags out of black and yellow felt or material and fill with dry beans. Have everyone take turns trying to toss their "bee" bags into large plastic buckets.

BUMBLE BEE PINATA - Hang a pull-string Bee pinata in your party room as a decoration. When game time arrives, have everyone take a turn pulling on the string. They're sure to have fun gathering up the loot when it finally opens up.


Choose some bee birthday party foods that go with your theme. Two menus might be necessary in order to serve age-appropriate food. For the little ones you might consider serving:

  • Chicken fingers and serve them up with honey dipping sauce
  • Honey crispies can be made with rice crispies, honey and some peanut butter.
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • String cheese
  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches cut into flower shapes using a cookie cutter.
  • Spaghetti O's
  • Bumble bee shaped cookies, decorated to look like bees
  • Sliced apples
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Lemonade
  • Fruit nectar
For the adults you want to serve grilled hamburgers with all the fix in's, coleslaw, a big juicy dill pickle, and a soft drink, along with some chips and fruit.


A cute cake can be a great centerpiece for your bumble bee birthday table. Deciding on the type of a cake can sometimes be a challenge in and of itself. Do you have the time and expertise to create a birthday cake from scratch? Do you want that cake to be spectacular and create a buzz with everyone talking about the out of this world cake masterpiece? For the latter choice if you don't have the skill, time or fortitude to create that bumble bee cake extraordinaire, then seek out a bakery that specializes in unique birthday cakes. For those of you who are wanting to take the plunge, here are a few ideas to consider:

BUMBLE BEE BIRTHDAY CAKE #1 - Consider a round cake decorated to look like a bumble bee. Make your favorite cake recipe, cover it with yellow frosting and top it off with black fondant stripes. Add a bumble bee decoration in the center.

GARDEN CAKE - A caked decorated like a garden with flowers and bumble bees will be a cute and tasty option too.

BEE CAKE #2 - Once again, make your favorite recipe except this time cover it in a light yellow fondant. Top it off with a large round cake that is made in a bowl and cover it with black fondant. Add a few yellow fondant stripes to create the bee look and some wings made out of white fondant. Make some eyes out of white fondant with a black fondant center. Decorate the flat part of the cake with some tiny bumble bee sugar dec-ons.

BUMBLE BEE & HIVE SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and top it off with an edible sugar art image. Another option would be to create a hive out of fondant and add a few bumble bee sugar dec-ons flying around the hive. You can also pipe out some grass at the bottom with a few flowers.

BUMBLE BEE CUPCAKES - You might consider saving the fancy cake for another year when your child will appreciate all your effort and opt for cupcakes. You can pipe out each of your guests' names onto a cupcake or top them off with a little fondant bumble bee or sugar dec-on. Of course cupcakes are easier for babies to eat and won't create quite the mess that a piece of cake might present.


Everyone likes to take home a little loot from a party. At the end of your bumble bee party, consider handing out cute little stuffed honey bees to each little guest. Bumble bee coloring books with crayons are cute ideas too. A copy of the Bee Movie is sure to be a hit with all of your guests, or you could give out little bee themed story books.

A little stuffed animal or perhaps a fun bath toy are always great options for this age range. Balloons are another favorite for tots; they do enjoy watching them float around and trying to catch them. Have several floating around the ceiling and as they get ready to leave, pull them down and hand them out. Bee stickers and tattoos are also winners. Toss in a bumble bee shaped toy, along with anything they received during game time and they're sure to be buzzing with happiness.


As your guests get ready to leave, be sure to take one last picture of the group to include with your thank you notes. Well Mom we asked you in the beginning if you were a worker bee or a queen bee and I think it's safe to say that you are both. This party required a lot of hard work to plan and carry out and you did it “Bee-utifully".

YOUR Favorite Bumble Bee Birthday Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite bumble bee birthday ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your bee cakes and costumes.

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