Build Your Own Batmobile Out Of Cardboard

by Suhail

A Batman/Robin Batmobile - Fun Batman Game Idea

A Batman/Robin Batmobile - Fun Batman Game Idea

The Batmobile has to be the coolest thing that Batman has in all his movies. So, the kid who builds the nicest and best looking Batmobile out of a cardboard box gets to win the game.

Though it might sound complicated for small kids, I know they can do it with perhaps a little help from an older child. This could be a great group activity and help the kids make new friends and also bring out their creative sides.

All you need to provide them with are some cardboard boxes of various sizes, glue, tape, marking pens, glitter, and other craft items.

I just love the idea of making a Batmobile as one of the Batman games for a Batman theme party. If you choose to use this game, why not turn this into a great photo opportunity. Once all of those Batmobiles are made, make sure you have a nice photo area where kids can pose with their newly made Batmobile. Use an area where you have a lot of cool Batman decorations, which will act as a backdrop for your photos. If you have a digital camera, set it up to take the photos and then send a photo of each child with their Batmobile to your photo printer.

Try taking the photos before you serve the food. Then, you will have time to have the photos printed out of each child. Consider purchase some cool picture frames as favors. Then, after the batman games have been played, you can take the photo of each child and his or her Batmobile and place it in a photo frame. Hand out the frames with the photos at the end of the Batman theme party. The kids and their parents will love this cool favor idea. What a great way to remember a wonderful party with friends.

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