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For Added Fun, Glow In The Dark From Head To Toe!

For Added Fun, Glow In The Dark From Head To Toe!

Have a party at a bowling alley near you with the theme being anything bright and colorful hair. This not only means the decorations but you hair, clothing, etc. The winner of each bowling game gets a prize and the best costume also gets a prize. It's really fun. I had 15 people come, of which 4 were boys. Be sure to invite all your closest friends.

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This is such a fun idea for a bowling party. All the colors were sure to be a blast! This fun idea brought to mind even more great bowling party ideas that you can use for a teen party. For example, you could have a costume bowling party. Have everyone show up in a costume of their choice, which teens are sure to love. You can have a theme for the costume party or you can just let everyone choose any costume they want for the big bowling event.


If you’re looking for fun teen party ideas for a bowling party, consider having a 70s theme bowling party. Everyone can show up dressed in 70s or hippy attire. You can have the bowling alley blast 70s music and you can decorate the venue with bright colors to bring out that hippy/70s feel to the entire area. Everyone is sure to have a blast. If you're in a bowling alley that offers a black light option, you could easily transform your vibrant 70s decorations into ones that are neon in color and have a glow in the dark hippy bowling party.


If you're fortunate enough to live near a bowling alley that offers the option of a black light atmosphere, you could do a black light bowling party which would be tons of fun for everyone as well. These types of alleys are really cool as they turn the bright florescent lights down or off and turn the black lights on, and their balls and pins glow in the dark. Some alleys even have strobe lights which adds to the fun glow in the dark atmosphere.

Have everyone wear neon colors, lots of white and safety green as these colors will all look great under the black light. If you don't require your guests wear any special colors, you could hand out some white t-shirts as everyone arrives.


Have fun bowling in the eerie light and make sure to have plenty of fun foods that look incredible under the black light as well. Mountain Dew and tonic water are great glow options. You could mix these into drinks, punch or make Jell-O in clear cups so everything will glow. Although pasta doesn't "glow" under a black light, it will look bright. You could serve it with some white Alfredo sauce and sprinkle it with Parmesan, which will also look "bright" under the light. A cake with white frosting, white M&Ms, and vanilla ice cream will also have a glow/brighter look to it.

If you're having trouble coming up with foods that you want to eat not being those foods that glow in the dark--like pizza; although the Mozzarella cheese might be a bit brighter--you could opt to serve your food on glow in the dark plates and drink ware.

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