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Fun And Fabulous Bowling Party Ideas
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If you are looking to have a ball at your next birthday party or special event, I have got everything you need to know in order to throw a striking good time! I have put together oodles of ideas to help you go from creating the invitations to sending your guests on their way with their favors, along with everything in between.

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So, let's get this bowling bash going. I will help you to score a strike with your child as the you prepare to create a party that not only guarantees that everyone will have a ball, but is sure to "bowl" your guests over!

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Nowadays, most bowling alleys offer various birthday packages, which will allow you to pick and choose what you want them to include. For example, a party room, a meal which usually consists of pizza, but there are other options like hamburgers or hot dogs, decorations, and a birthday cake.

You will want to plan on 3-4 kids per lane, so they don't get too antsy while waiting for their turn. Ideally, if the bowling alley would allow you to reserve a certain number of lanes, but not have to pay for all of them if all your guests aren't able to come, that would be the least expensive way to go.


BOWLING PARTY IDEAS FOR BOWLING BALL INVITATIONS #1 - Cut out a black ball from black construction paper or card stock. Cut 3 small, white circles (finger holes) and glue on top of the ball. On the reverse side, either type or write with a silver gel pen the party details and glue the paper to the ball.

BOWLING BALL INVITATIONS #2 - Make a black card stock bowling ball that is 4 3/4" in diameter. Glue 3 white circles on the ball to represent the finger holes. On one side of the ball, write out all party details using a white gel pen. On the reverse side address the ball to your guests and insert into a colorful CD envelope that has the round cellophane window. Add appropriate postage and mail.

BOWLING PARTY IDEAS FOR 3-D BOWLING BALL INVITATIONS - Turn a clear plastic craft ball into a bowling ball invitation by painting it to look like a bowling ball. Using decorative scissors, cut out pieces of card stock and write or type the party details on it, and tie to the end of the plastic loop on the ball with curling ribbon. Either hand-deliver your invitations or mail them out in a little box.

BOWLING PIN INVITATIONS - Cut out a white pin from white construction paper or card stock. Cut a red stripe from construction paper or card stock and glue it around the neck of the pin. Write "Strike up the fun!" in red on the front of the pin. On the back side you'll need to give everyone the party particulars.

BOWLING PINS INVITATIONS Cut out 10 white pins from white construction paper or card stock. Cut 10 red stripes from construction paper or card stock and glue them around the necks of the pins. Put all the party details on the various pins and let your guests line them up in order to learn about the event.

DECORATE BOWLING PARTY INVITATIONS - Buy some bowling invites and then decorate the picture with various embellishments like putting glitter on the pins and ball and perhaps jewels around the neck of the pins.

The following are some bowling party ideas for the introductory wording on your invitations:
  • We hope you can "spare" the time to celebrate.
  • Can you "spare" a Saturday afternoon.
  • (Name's) birthday party is right up your alley!
  • We're getting things rolling, with an afternoon of bowling.
  • "Roll" on over, we're going bowling!
  • The king pin is having a birthday party.
  • Bowl on over to (address).
  • Are you in the "frame" of mind to party?
  • When the bowling pins fall, we all will surely have a ball!
  • Let's hit the lanes!
  • Come have a ball at (name's) Bowling Birthday Bash!

Then add the party details of birthday child's name and age, date, time, location, RSVP name and number, and remind your guests to wear socks and know their shoe size.


You can paint a large bowling pin on t-shirts and decorate it accordingly, or use bowling shirts decorated specially for the birthday party to create a unified "costume." Select a bright color and your job of keeping tracking of your little troop will be much easier!

If you are in the mood to check out some BOWLING COSTUME photos, this page has some fun ideas and how-to instructions and tips to get you rolling in the right direction.


If you are holding the party at a bowling alley, you will be limited as to what you can do in the alley area, but if you have rented their party room, the sky's the limit. Select from the following bowling party ideas to jazz up the party room, whether it's at home or at a bowling alley and make the room spell "B-O-W-L-I-N-G P-A-R-T-Y."

  • Rather than using the standard black and white pins, why not opt for a fun multi-colored set to help decorate your party room. They can double as decor and then be used later for an actual game.

  • Hang clusters of balloons in black, red, and white.

  • Hang streamers in any combination of black, red, and white.

  • Hang inflatable bowling pins and bowling ball balloons.

  • Turn your ceiling into a bowling alley by your hanging streamers to create lanes. Allow sufficient space between your "lanes" of streamers so the lanes can easily be identified as such. At one end, place bowling pin-shaped balloons in formation or use long skinny balloons that clowns use to shape balloon animals, and create your own bowling pins. At the other end, place a balloon with 3 black finger holes pained on it to represent the bowling ball.

  • Hang bowling theme garlands on the walls, around doorways, and lay on food tables.

  • Personalized bowling birthday theme banner.

  • Hang some fun bowling related wall decals onto your main wall(s) to jazz up the room. Transfer them over to your child's room after the party concludes.

  • Hang bowling ball, pin, and scoreboard cut-outs and bowling-related posters on the walls.

  • Make a wall-sized bowling ball, pins, lane, and scoreboard from poster board and hang on wall.

  • Create some signs to hang on the wall that say: "Dream League," "Xtreme bowling," "Ultimate Bowling B-Day Bash," "Party at the Lanes," "Split Happens," "Spare Me!," "That's How I Roll (with a picture of a bowling ball," etc.

  • Create a "bowling ball wall display" like you see at the bowling alleys. You can either use numerous colored circles of construction paper or poster board decorated to look like bowling balls, or use round balloons and color each with 3 holes. Make a "rack" from brown poster board to set your "balls" upon and hang a sign over the rack that reads, "Balls for Sale."

  • Get an old bowling pin that was going to be tossed and have all the guests sign it. Be sure and have them sign with a permanent marker.

  • Attach balloons to each chair and draw 3 dots on the side of each balloon to make them look like bowling balls.

  • Cover the table with a bowling print theme cover, or opt for a solid black or red.

  • Create placemats from construction paper to look like a bowling alley with pins and a bowling ball. Laminate them for repeated use.

  • Create a centerpiece using a plastic toy bowling set.

  • Create a centerpiece by using a bowling bag, filled with red, white, and black tissue paper exploding out of it. You can use a bowling ball to weight it down. Attach a bouquet of balloons consisting of bowling theme Mylar, helium balloons, and bowling pin balloons.

  • Create a centerpiece using a bowling ball placed in a stand. Have flowers coming out of the holes and use bowling garland wrapped around the stand to camouflage it.

  • If you are holding the party at home, create at least 2 bowling lanes so the kids can form teams and compete against one another.

  • A bowling theme standee would be a perfect compliment to your bowling party and you can also use it as a prop to create a nice area for photos.


Obviously if you have opted to have a bowling birthday party, then bowling will be the main game you play. You can opt to give out miniature trophies or inflatable trophies to the winners.

If you need some ideas in order to make the activity of bowling a bit more fun and interesting, I have put together this Bowling Party Games and Activities page which will give you some ideas. You'll find all the necessary info you need for the following:
  • Bowling With Style
  • Black Light Bowling
  • Extreme Bowling
  • Bowling Ideas For Bingo Bowling
  • Rock and Bowl
  • Pin the Ball on the Strike
  • Arcade Fund
  • Awards Ceremony


Most bowling alleys, with the purchase of their party packages, will serve pizza and pitchers of soda. Some may allow you to order certain things off of their menus like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, corn dogs, grilled cheese, and french fries.


Be sure to make a bowling theme birthday cake that is right up the birthday child's "alley." You can be sure that it will "strike" a few smiles, especially when you "split the cake among the guests.

BOWLING BALL CAKE - Use Wilton's 3-D sports ball pan and follow the directions to create a bowling ball cake.

BOWLING PIN AND BALL CAKE - Bake a 13x9x2-inch cake and one-half of the Wilton 3-D sports ball cake. Trim the sheet cake into the shape of a bowling pin and frost white. To ensure your pin is even, create a paper pin-shaped pattern, lay it on the cake, and have your knife cut the lines. Pipe out a red stripe around the pin's neck. Place the ball on top of the pin and frost it chocolate. Pipe out 3 white finger holes. Pipe out birthday message.

EASY BOWLING ALLEY CAKE - Bake a 13x9x2-inch cake. Frost the center portion a different color than the rest of the cake to create a bowling lane. Add bowling pin and bowling ball candles.

BOWLING BALL CUPCAKES - Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting. To give them the look of a bowling ball, create smooth frosting mounds on each cupcake. Pipe out 3 white finger holes on each one.

BOWLING PARTY IDEAS FOR A SUPER SIMPLE BOWLING THEME CAKE - Take a sheet cake and add a bowling scene to it using a sugar art image or top it off with a plastic bowling scene. Toss a bit of edible glitter, sprinkles, or confetti to give it a little color and pizazz.

If you are in the frame of mind of wanting to look at some BOWLING CAKES photos then check this page out and see if one of these cakes sparks your imagination and inspiration.


To create some simple bowling birthday party favors, start out with a bowling cellophane bag or treat box and fill it up with any of these items: Bowling stickers or tattoos, silicone bowling bracelets, bowling theme pens, bowling theme cups, "grippy" bowling socks, bowling pin sports bottles, bowling key chain, or bowling pin container of mints.

Your Favorite Bowling Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite bowling party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your bowling cake and costume ideas.

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