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If you have decided to throw a Bowling Party, then spare no detail to make sure you score with your guests! This means that you will want to be sure to take advantage of the bowling alley's party room and decorate it accordingly, along with having plenty of bowling games and activities to compliment your party.

To help you create a fun-filled bowling theme party, so your guests are sure to have a ball, I have put together some strikingly clever games that all have a bowling theme. They will almost be as much fun as wearing those fantabulous bowling shoes!

BOWLING PARTY GAMES AND ACTIVITIES - Obviously if you have opted to have a bowling birthday party, then bowling will be the main game you play. You can opt to give out miniature trophies or inflatable trophies to the winners.

BOWLING PARTY GAMES - BOWLING WITH "STYLE?" - To add interest to the traditional style of bowling, have guests do various things while bowling. Write the following silly bowling party ideas on index cards (a set for each lane) and have everyone select a card before they bowl. Whatever their card instructs them to do, they must do that particular bowling style. Examples are:

  • Bowl backwards
  • Bowl left-handed
  • Bowl right-handed
  • Do a funny dance while walking up to bowl
  • Bowl in slow motion
  • Bowl with a silly walk
  • Bowl as if they are a robot
  • Bowl while blindfolded
  • Bowl with both hands
  • Bowl with right eye closed
  • Bowl with left eye closed
  • Bowl while pretending a lane's board is a tight-rope
  • Bowl while standing on one foot
  • Bowl while sitting down
  • Bowl hopping on one foot
  • Bowl while laying on their stomach
  • Spin around and then bowl
  • Bowl while holding a teammate's hand
  • Bowl between entire team's legs (team stands with legs apart one in front of another and the bowler throws the ball through all the legs toward the pins.

Be sure to have the camera ready, because the above bowling party ideas for bowling "styles" will certainly provide many photo opps.

BOWLING PARTY GAMES - BLACK LIGHT BOWLING - If your bowling alley offers "black light bowling," you might want to consider holding the party during this time, as it will add an extra fun element to your party, making it unique unto itself. Depending upon the bowling establishment, they may turn off all the regular lights and turn on black lights and neon lights; disco music might play in the background; and disco mirrored balls hang from the ceiling, along with the lanes giving off a luminous black light glow. Way cool! If this is an option, be sure to tell your guests to dress in white or reflective clothing so the black lights will detect them and they can enjoy the "glow."

BOWLING PARTY GAMES - EXTREME BOWLING - In newer bowling alleys, especially in larger cities, they offer Extreme Bowling on certain days of the week. Special effects like glow in the dark, video, lights, fog, music with a DJ, and lasers are all added to the bowling experience.

BOWLING PARTY IDEAS FOR BINGO BOWLING - Bingo Bowling is a team sport. Each person takes a full turn and tries to bowl something that is reflected on the Bingo Bowling Card. As squares are marked off, the kids will have to adjust their bowling style to try and accommodate what they need. They can play to get a "Bingo" or play "Blackout Bingo," which requires that all the squares be marked off. The teams compete trying to be the first to achieve "Bingo. Create your card with any combination of numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 10, 15, along with gutter, no head pin, strike, spare, and head pin only.

ROCK AND BOWL - Most bowling alleys host a night of rock and bowl, at which time contemporary music is played while everyone bowls. Some place a blue pin in each lane and if it comes up as the head pin and you bowl a strike, the bowling alley gives out a prize.

PIN THE BALL ON THE STRIKE - This game is played like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Make a poster with 10 pins lined up into formation. Make enough black bowling balls from construction paper as there are guests, and have them try to pin their ball on the center pin to make a "strike." The one who pins their ball closest to the center wins. Use double-stick tape.

ARCADE FUN - Almost all bowling alleys have some kind of an arcade, and it's a great option for keeping your guests busy and burning off a little more energy.

After everyone is done, hold an Awards Ceremony and give out prizes for the following:

  • The highest score
  • The lowest score
  • The most strikes
  • The most spares
  • The most gutter balls
  • The fastest ball
  • The slowest ball

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games that would be a perfect party game add-on: Printable Birthday Games

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