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Bowling theme cakes are a unique and appealing type of dessert for the individual that has a passion for bowling and is celebrating their birthday.

Bowling Theme Cakes – Hit a “Strike” at Your Next Birthday Celebration

Those that bowl are typically highly passionate about the activity; therefore, a bowling birthday cake is an absolutely perfect choice for their>
If you look below, you will see many different pictures that display a wide variety of designs and colors. All of these cakes are based on a bowling theme. If you are interested in getting your creative juices flowing, be sure to take the time to look at each of these pictures. One of them may just prove to provide the inspiration that you need to create the perfect bowling cake for the birthday bash that you are currently planning.


Cake Submitted By:
Martha - Morgan, SC
Bowling Alley Cake

bowling cakes

This bowling alley cake is something that I made for my nephew. He was turning 13 at the time and he was really into bowling. He loved everything having to do with bowling. People wonder where it came from, but I think it has something to do with Wii Bowling being part of the house.

I wish that I could have done a better job. I didn't use a special pan to make this, but maybe I should have, lol. It's a little sloppy, but I think it turned out nice. He really enjoyed it. I took a regular 9x11 cake and then cut it in half and then laid the two on top of each other. I trimmed the edges to make it look more like a bowling alley.

At first I was going to use frosting, but then I decided to use fondant because that's the only thing that would give me the flat look. I took some food coloring and painted the fondant to look like the wooden alley. I then took some more fondant and made it for the sides/gutters. The pins and bowling ball are all made of out gum paste. They look really hard to do, but they're not. You can either make them by hand or use a little mold that you can buy at cake stores or online.


bowling cake
Photo courtesy of: Woodley Wonder Works


Cake Submitted By:
CJ Sorg
Bowling Cake

bowling cake
Photo courtesy of: CJ Sorg


bowling cake
Photo courtesy of: Wilton


bowling cakes images
Photo courtesy of: EyeDewCakes


bowling cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Xara


bowling cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Hectic Household


bowling cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Helen Weir*


Now that you have seen the pictures of the cakes that our readers have submitted, it is time to start coming up with strategies to create your very own bowling birthday cake. You may want to create a cake that actually looks like a bowling ball.

For this, you would need a specially designed ball cake pan set. You also have the option of creating a square sheet cake that displays a bowling lane, complete with a bowling ball and bowling pins. You must really put some thought and consideration into exactly how you will design the cake so that the presentation at the birthday celebration is spectacular and memorable for the individual that you are creating it for. The following outlines some basic instructions that will help you in mastering the art of creating a bowling birthday cake:

Instructions for a Cute Bowling Cake

Items Needed:

  • Bowling Ball and Pin Edible Sugar Cake Topper
  • Round Cake Pan
  • White Fondant
  • Red Fondant
  • White Cake Mix
  • Cake Tray

Step 1: Create the white cake batter and bake it in the round cake pan, then, allow it to cool.

Step 2: Cover the cake tray with red fondant and then place the cake on top.

Step 3: Cover the entire cake with white fondant. Then, cut out red fondant strips and place them on the cake, horizontally.

Step 4: Place the edible sugar bowling ball and pin cake topper on top of the cake.

It is now time to take the pictures that we have posted on this page, and the set of instructions listed here and make your own cake for the bowling enthusiast in your life. We are sure that you have been inspired by the bowling cakes that we have shared with you.

Once you create your cake, we would like for you to take a lot of pictures and share them with us! You may also share your cake making and decorating tips, as well as any stories that you have about the birthday celebration for which the cake was used. We look forward to your submission!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Bowling Cakes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade bowling cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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