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If you're getting ready for a Bob The Builder Birthday Party and need to "build" a great party for your construction crew, then click over a blueprint to help create Bobsville.

Once you've constructed your party, you will want to line up some games to keep the crew entertained. Here are some great options to check out that would be great for a Bob the Builder party.


BOB THE BUILDER BUILD A CITY – Use a sandbox for this game, and if you don’t have one, it is pretty cheap to buy a sandbox and the sand you need to fill it. Divide the sandbox in half and then put your little builders on two teams. Let each team have 15 minutes to work on building a city in the sandbox. You can put out additional materials kids can use to build their sand city, including toy trucks, popsicle sticks and other fun materials. If kids are having fun and still building together after 15 minutes, don’t be afraid to give them a bit more time on their masterpiece. You may even want to take pictures of the kids with their masterpiece.

Bob The Builder Game Ideas

PIN THE HAT ON BOB – Much like the old “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, this game focuses on having kids pin a hat on Bob the Builder. It is pretty easy to make this game yourself. Start with a Bob the Builder Poster. Then, you’ll need yellow construction paper. Trace Bob’s hat and then make more hats out of the construction paper, ensuring you have enough hats for each child. Put the poster up and then blindfold each child, giving them a hat to pin on Bob. See who gets the hat the closest.

BOB’S CELL PHONE HUNT – Bob the Builder is always losing his cell phone, so have your own cell phone search as a fun game that will catch your little builders’ attention. Before the party, hide plenty of toy cell phones all over your part area. Make sure they are well hidden. To start the game, make a cell phone start ringing and then have kids head off to begin trying to find the cell phones. Hide at least 1 cellphone per person invited to the party. Once a kid finds one cell phone, they are out of the game. This way every kid gets to find a toy cellphone, which they can take home as a fun party favor.

Bob The Builder Game Ideas

BUILD A WALL RELAY RACE – Create “bricks” out of cardboard boxes, such as empty shoe boxes or cereal boxes. Divide kids into two teams and divide all your “bricks” into two piles. Have teams stand in a line. The first person on each team takes one brick, races to the finish line, places a brick and then races back to their team. The next person grabs a brick and races to the finish line to place the brick. Teams should work on building a wall with their bricks. The first team to use all their “bricks” will win the game.

TOSS A ROCK – This game is a twist on a bean bag toss. Use bean bags that are gray in color, so they look like rocks. If you don’t have bean bags, take gray socks and fill them up with some dried beans. You’ll also need a couple toy dump trucks. Have kids stand in line. When they step up to the throwing line, give them five “rocks” to toss at the truck. See which child gets the most “rocks” in the truck.

Bob The Builder Game Ideas

BOB THE BUILDER SAYS – The old game of “Simon Says” is still an old favorite for most kids, but this game is twisted to go with your Bob the Builder theme. While the game will have the same rules as the original “Simon Says” game, you’ll want to use construction themed commands for the game. For example, the leader of the game may call out, “Bob the Builder says hammer a nail” or “Bob the Builder says start digging with your shovel. This game will get the kids active and they are sure to have fun.

SAND IN THE BUCKET – You’ll need two plastic yellow or orange buckets, plenty of plastic spoons and some sand. This is best played in a sand box if you have one. Put the kids into two groups. Then, hand out the plastic spoons. The goal of the game is to fill the bucket with sand as fast as possible. However, kids can only use the plastic spoons to move the sand to the bucket, which makes it a bit more challenging. Watch carefully to make sure kids are only using spoons. There is sure to be lots of giggling as the kids work to fill up their buckets using the spoons.

Bob The Builder Game Ideas

BUILDING BLOCK SCAVENGER HUNT – Create a fun scavenger hunt for kids by hiding lots of Legos (or other types of building blocks that can connect to each other) around the party area before your little guests arrive. When it is time for the game, have your guests start racing around the party area to find the Legos that you have hidden. When they find more blocks, they should connect them together. The winner is the child that has the largest group of Legos connected together at the end of the hunt. Consider giving the winner all the Legos as a prize for winning the game.

BOB THE BUILDER CONSTRUCTION COURSE – This game is so much fun and each kid gets to go through the course without worrying about competing against other kids. You’ll want to create your own construction obstacle course for each child to go through. For example, you could have one station where kids had to quickly fill up a toy dump truck with dirt, push it to another area and them dump it out. Another station could have toy mowers and should require the “construction worker” to “mow” a section of lawn. Yet another area may have cardboard bricks and require that the child build a small wall with the bricks to move on. Of course, you can come up with other fun stations to add to your obstacle course on your own as well. Just make sure it is fun and that any child can easily complete the course without a problem. Kids are sure to enjoy going through this obstacle course, but make sure that moms know to send their kids in clothes that won’t be hurt if they get a bit of dirt on them.

Bob The Builder Game Ideas

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