Black Light Party Invitation Ideas

by Alice

Great Glowy Dance Party Invite Ideas

Great Glowy Dance Party Invite Ideas

If you are going to have dancing at your party, you could jazz up your invites by taking a piece of black card stock and use fancy scissors to cut them out into quarters.

Then get some dancing silhouettes off the internet, cut them out, and trace them onto silver, white or neon paper.

Then glue them onto the card stock. (Make sure they can fit on the invitation before going to all that trouble.)

Then go over the invite with clear glitter paint to give it some dazzle.

I know this all sounds like a lot of work but it's definitely worth it. A great way to kick off your black light party and get everyone excited about coming!

What a fun idea for a black light party invitation! This great suggestion gave me a few more invitation ideas for a glow in the dark party. One idea you may want to use is to purchase a large amount of glow sticks or glow bracelets. Make sure you have one for each guest you plan to invite. You’ll also need some black card stock. Use glitter pens or neon paints to write the party information on the black card stock. Then, attach the card stock invitation to the glow stick or bracelet for a cool 3-D invitation that will give guests a nice preview of the party. Guests can even bring along their glow sticks or bracelets to use at the party.

When you send out those invitations for a black light party, you may want to include a little invitation insert to give guests some ideas of what to wear to the party. Suggest that guests consider wearing white shirts or sneakers. They may want to wear neon socks, neon nail polish, LED jewelry, fluorescent silly bandz bracelets, and UV reactive hair colors or face paints which are all great suggestions for your party guests to consider as part of their attire. Since all the teen guests may not have access to some of these items, it’s nice to provide some of them at the party so your guests can add some glow in the dark “bling” to their clothing of choice.

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