Black Light Party Ideas

by Asba

Glow On To A Good Time

Glow On To A Good Time

Create a glow in the dark party where strobe lights, disco balls, glow sticks, and glow jewelry and glow sunglasses fills the room.

Have everyone wear white or fluorescent clothing so they glow too.

Cover walls with white paper and let everyone paint pictures on the walls with glow in the dark paints.

Hang up some glow in the dark wall decals and balloons. Use waterproof LED lights to create a centerpiece in a vase filled with water and white flowers. This way the flowers and the lights will glow.

Use glow in the dark glasses for people to drink out of.

A black light party is sure to be tons of fun, especially for tweens and teenagers. Asba offered some great ideas for a neon party, making me think of some cool ideas of my own that you may want to try.

Black Light Party Decorations

One fun idea for a black light party is to actually light up your party tables using glow sticks. Lay the glow sticks along food tables and along tables for your guests so they have some light to see while they are eating.

Glow In The Dark Games

If you’re looking for a fun game for your neon party, consider taking some small balls (small enough so they can be juggled) and paint them with some glow in the dark paint before the party. Then, let kids take turn trying to juggle the balls to see who can juggle the glow in the dark balls the longest. Not only is it fun, but it looks awesome too with those balls flying around as kids try to juggle.

Neon Party Food Ideas

When making a cake for your black light party, opt for plenty of white icing on the cake so it will show up well during the party. Considering using glow in the dark items as decorations for the cake to really make it stand out. Just make sure you take them off the cake before you cut it and serve it to guests.

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