Black Light Party Ideas
That Are Out Of This World

by Carol

Fun Glow In The Dark Body Makeup

Fun Glow In The Dark Body Makeup

I had a black light party for my 8 year old and here are some of the things that we did that made it awesome!

T-Shirt Decor - Have the kids decorate t-shirts using highlighters. They had a lot of fun creating them and we took pics of everyone wearing their one of a kind creations.

Black Light Party Fishing Fun - I put lots of glow in the dark necklaces floating in a bathtub of water and then had the kids fish them out with a long pole. I also used a kid’s planetarium in the bathroom to add effect. It was a little crowded, but everyone enjoyed their fishing experience.

Sidewalk Art - Glow in the dark sidewalk paint is perfect for summer. The girls had fun drawing on the cement and watching their drawings come to life as it got dark.

Shooting Stars - Blow up a bunch of white and/or lime green balloons; then throw them around for the kids to try and keep in the air. This burns off lots of excess energy and the girls had a blast with such a simple and cheap activity.

Carol had some great black light party ideas that you could use for your own teen glow in the dark party. Her great ideas made me think of some more wonderful ideas you can use to please a party for teen guests.

Bobbing For Glow Apples - Instead of fishing for glow in the dark items, why not create a black light bobbing for apples game. Add fluorescent tape to apples and put the apples in the bottom of a metal tub. Don’t go with anything that is too deep. The apples should be glowing at the bottom of the tub. Let guests take turn bobbing for the glowing apples for some party fun.

Glow In The Dark Hopscotch - Another fun idea for a black light party is to create a glow in the dark hopscotch game. Start with a plastic white tablecloth. Use glow in the dark or fluorescent paints to paint the hopscotch outline onto the tablecloth. Secure to the floor at the party and let teens have a blast with this glowing game of hopscotch. You can even add some glow in the dark spray to bean bags to be used for the game as well.

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