Black Light Party Food Ideas That Glows!

by Reba

Food That Glows!

Food That Glows!

I have recently discovered that Jell-O does indeed glow (especially yellow) and it looks really cool to have it in a nice display by the cake or snacks. You could even make cool Jell-O molds in the shape of stars.

And sherbet ice cream doesn't just taste DELICIOUS but is an excellent source for light during black light parties. (It glows!) Basically, anything white or neon colored will glow. Whip cream, regular popcorn, or even powdered sugar (great with strawberries) will glow in the dark.

If you lack food that glows, you could always get neon food coloring and go crazy! I've never tried it, but you could add some neon food coloring to the water in your ice trays so when you freeze it the ice cubes will glow in your drink. I think they would probably work best if they were added to light colored beverages like Sprite.

Reba has some wonderful party food ideas for a black light party. It’s tons of fun to have food that really glows in the dark for your neon party. Teens are sure to love eating food that glows! This has a way of making ordinary food extra cool.


Did you know that not only do some types of Jell-O glow, but if you make it with some tonic water, that it will really make the Jell-O glow even moreso? So why not give your Jell-O Jigglers an extra kick and make them with tonic water. Your guests are sure to enjoy them at your black light party. Since tonic water can be a bit bitter, simply substitute half of the water called for in the recipe with tonic water and use purified water for the other portion.


If you want to make a fruit salad or fruit tray, make sure you add the bananas right before you serve it so they remain nice and fresh, and more importantly this will preserve the bluish hue that is given off of the bananas when placed under a black light. In other words, your bananas will make your fruit salad or fruit tray look totally cool and give it an incredible look!

Cookies or cupcakes decorated with white icing are sure to be great party food ideas, since the white icing will glow under the black light. Potato chips are light in color, so they’ll be a great choice for a glow in the dark food. Marshmallows also look great under a black light and teens certainly enjoy popping a few in their mouth--usually all at one time.


In fact, have a contest to see who can create the best glow in the dark marshmallow smile. Teens and tweens alike will all be clamoring to get their fair-share of marshmallows so they can create a big, toothy marshmallow smile. Imagine all your guests posing in this fashion. You'll want to be sure to snap a picture or two. This is something that would double as creating a great memory and serve as a wonderful party favor.

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