Black Light Party Dance Floor

by Larry Neiman
(Mundelein, IL )

Glow On -- Black Light Dance Floor

Glow On -- Black Light Dance Floor

It's not just for the 70's anymore. Turn on that purple glow with a black light activated dance floor cover. Hang a strobe light and set up a bubble machine that blows glow-in-the-dark bubbles and you're sure to have the party of the decade.

Centerpiece Productions (PartyFloor) offers a white vinyl based floor cover that is black light activated and has a removable adhesive.

Dancing on a black light dance floor is such an awesome idea and there are many ideas you can use to make your black light party even more fun. You can purchase your own mini black strobe light to add to the dance floor, which will really add to the fun. A fog machine can be added for a cool effect that will make the black light look even more eerie. You can even add a disco ball to the dance floor to reflect all the cool black light at your glow in the dark party.

Fun Ways To Use UV Glow Spray

It’s possible to purchase UV Glow Spray, which is used to make almost anything glow under black lights. Buy several bottles to have on hand for the black light party. You can spray it on tablecloths, chairs and more to add to the fun.

Neon Hats

Consider having neon hats for your party guests to wear while they are dancing at the party. Neon hats can be found in neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink and neon green. These hats will stand out at the party and you can allow guests to take their hats home as a party favor.

Fiber Optics Decoration Ideas

Fiber optics really adds something special to your black light party too. You can find them at party and craft stores. Fiber optic centerpieces will make your party food tables stand out. You can even find small fiber optic barrettes that can be easily clipped into the hair to add more fun, moving light to the dance floor. These barrettes can also be added to food trays or cakes as decorative accents.

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