Black And White Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Black And White Party Ideas
Bringing Truman Capote's Famous Ball To Life!

When you think of planning a party in which everything is black and white and perhaps silver, it might seem like a daunting task. After all, how many black and white foods are out there, not to mention how to transform a room using these colors? Hopefully, we can lessen the load for you with some of our fun party ideas.

Truman Capote's 1966 Black and White Ball was held in the New York Plaza Hotel. This party is patterned after that grand soiree! To ensure your black and white birthday party is a success, you must require the dress code to be adhered to and the decorations must support your colors. Otherwise, the theme will be lost.

black and white party
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Start things off right by setting the tone for your black and white theme party with an appropriate black and/or white invitation. Nothing less will do. The stark contrast of these colors will surely make a statement. If you want your guests to comply with your requirements, then you must set the bar and make it high! When considering your options for black and white invitations, here's one to think about incorporating:

BLACK AND WHITE LACE INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of white card stock into four pieces. Cover each piece with a black lace overlay and glue in place. Cut an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of white card stock into 7 1/2" x 10" and then cut that piece into four pieces. Type or write in calligraphy your party details on each piece of white card stock. Glue one piece to the center of each piece of card stock that is covered with black lace. Accent the top of the invite with a small black bow. You can either punch two holes and tie it to the top of each invite or make a bow and glue it in place.

If that isn't quite what you had in mind, here's an entire page that contains nothing but numerous ideas for Black And White Invitations from which to select.


A black and white theme party isn't complete unless you ask your guests to wear black, white, or black and white. You can also allow some accents of silver. Regardless of what they wear, be sure to either ask them to wear black, white or black and white sunglasses, which will surely make for great pictures. Specify if your event is formal or casual.

Be sure to have some extra clothing available for your guests to use if they didn't come dressed in their black and white best. If you let people into the party who have on other colors your theme will be ruined, but of course, it is your call. If you do not ask your guests to bring the sunglasses, then be sure to provide them for photo-ops.

If you're looking for some Black And White Party Clothing, Shoes Or Accessories that are fun, unusual, and a true fashion statement, here are some great options to consider.

A black and white theme party brings to mind all the glitz and glam of a black tie affair, along with a touch of romance and intrigue. To insure party success, be sure your party decorations create Wow-Factor and mega eye-appeal. This is not a time to be skimpy with the decorations; this party demands a certain amount of decor, decadence and deliberate actions to make it a success. When considering your options for black and white party decorations, here's a few to think about incorporating:
  • Rather than rolling out the Red Carpet, roll out a black and white carpet on the sidewalk that approaches the front door.

  • Decorate your party room with various sized black, white, and silver stars. You can hang them from the ceiling on fishing line or affix them to your walls. For added zest, add a touch of glitter.

  • To really transform your room and make your theme come alive, cover your walls with black and white sheet music, fabric, gossamer, or even newspaper. The ultimate goal is to get rid of plain, white walls or walls of color that would ultimately defeat your theme.

To help you start planning that splendid affair, here's an entire page that contains nothing but numerous ideas for Black And White Decorations for you to consider.

Lastly, if you click on over to my Black And White Ideas For Party page you will find quite a load of options for decor. It's located under our teen party ideas section, but don't let that fool you, the ideas work fantabulously for adult parties too.


A great party isn't characterized as a "great party" unless you also have some great games to amuse, entertain, and challenge your guests with a little friendly competition.

BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE VOICEOVER – Play a favorite black and white movie, but turn off the volume. Have guests take turns doing voice overs, making up dialogue for the movie. Make sure everyone gets a turn, because this is sure to be a hilarious, fun game. You may be surprised at the funny dialogue that guests come up with to favorite movies. Great black and white movies you could use include Citizen Kane, The Seventh Seal, It’s a Wonderful Life, Maltese Falcon, To Kill a Mockingbird and Sunset Boulevard.

DANCE TO BLACK AND WHITE TUNES – Of course, you’ll want to have dancing as an activity at your black and white party. Dancing goes wonderfully with the elegant theme. Make sure you have an area with plenty of room for your guests to twirl around. Pick tunes that go along with your black and white theme party. Some great tunes to include in your dance playlist include:
  • Black Velvet performed by Alannah Miles
  • Black or White performed by Michael Jackson
  • Ebony and Ivory performed by Paul McCartney
  • Black Magic Woman performed by Santana
  • Paint it Black performed by The Rolling Stones
  • White Wedding performed by Billy Idol

BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE TRIVIA – Another great game to play at your black and white party is black and white movie trivia. Before the game, make up some trivia questions surrounding some of the most popular black and white movies. Make a sheet of questions, printing out enough so each guest gets a sheet. Offer guests pens or pencils and give them 3-4 minutes to answer all the trivia questions. The guest who gets the most questions right wins the game.

BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE CLIP GAME – For this games, you’ll want to make a group of clips of some of the most well know and popular black and white movies. To play the game, play only a brief clip that is 15-30 seconds long. Then, see who can guess the name of the black and white movie. Make about 10-15 different clips. You can give small prizes to each person who gets the name of a movie right during the game.

BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE CHARACTER GUESSING GAME – At the beginning of the black and white party, tape the name of a black and white movie character on the back of each of your guests. During the party, guests have to ask each other questions that are hints to who the person is. See who can guess who they are the fastest.

BLACK AND WHITE SONG GUESSING GAME – Put together a list of about 10-20 songs that are related to the black and white theme. For example, choose songs that have black or white in the title of the song or the artist’s name. Put together a playlist of these songs on a CD for the party. Divide guests into two teams. Have teams try to guess the name of the song and the name of the artist. That means you can give two points for each song. If the first team yells out both the name of the song and the artist name, they get both points. However, if the first team yells out the song name but the second team beats them to guessing the artist’s name, then you give each team a point. See which team gets the most points by the time you finish all the songs on your playlist.

Here's a page that has nothing but Black And White Games that you might want to check out to see if any of them look interesting to incorporate into your Black and White Party.


To carry the black and white party theme to your party table, try to serve food and drink that are only black and/or white. This is probably the most challenging part of the party trying to come up with yummy options that only have a black or white color.

WHITE CHICKEN CHILI – White chicken chili is a perfect addition to your black and white party. It is made with white beans, chicken, green chilies and various spices. It’s easy to make and keep simmering on the stove while you wait for your guests to arrive. Serve it up with dollops of sour cream on top.

LINGUINI ALFREDO – Another fun food idea that goes perfectly with your theme is linguini alfredo. An alfredo sauce is white and creamy and will look great served with pasta. You could even add some blackened chicken to the linguini alfredo for a delicious, elegant dish.

WHITE BEAN DIP – White bean dip is so easy to make and it will look great on your party table with the other black and white foods you are serving. Make white bean dip with white cannellini beans, olive oil, lemon juice, cilantro and a couple cloves of garlic. Add everything to your food processor and process until you have a creamy dip. Add a bit of salt and pepper to taste and you’ll have a fabulous party hit. Serve up with some veggies or even some pita chips.

BLACKENED STEAK – Use a blackening seasoning and grill steaks, making sure they get a good braise on each side so they look black on the outside. Serve the blackened steaks up on a white serving dish to really make the blackened steak stand out when you add it to the food tables.

WHITE CRACKERS WITH CAVIAR – Another delicious dish to serve is white crackers with caviar. Place a small bit of black caviar on the white crackers. Arrange on a serving dish for an elegant, and tasty, dish for your black and white party. You could also serve black caviar on buttered pieces of white bread.

BLACK TORTILLA CHIPS WITH WHITE CHEESE DIP – Black tortilla chips are delicious and they go well with your black and white theme. Serve the chips up with a delicious white cheese dip, such as a warm mozzarella dip.

WHITE PIZZA – White pizza is sure to please all of your party guests. You can purchase white pizza or you can make your own white pizza. Instead of topping the pizza crust with a red sauce, you use a white alfredo sauce on the crust. Top with chicken, white cheeses and any other favorite toppings. You could even make a white pizza bar for guests, allowing them to top their pizzas before you bake them.

S’MORES – S’mores are always a party hit and the marshmallows and dark chocolate make them a great choice for your black and white themed food tables. Let guests put together their own s’mores, putting out bowls of marshmallows and dark chocolate, along with plenty of graham crackers. If your party is outdoors, guests can toast marshmallows over a bonfire, or you can melt the s’mores in a microwave or toast them over an indoor fireplace.

MASHED POTATOES – If you serve up blackened steak or blackened chicken, mashed potatoes are the perfect side dish and their white color makes them look lovely on your food table with the rest of the black and white dishes you’re serving. To make the color of the mashed potatoes stand out, serve them in a black bowl.

SUSHI ROLLS – Sushi rolls with white rice and dark seaweed paper will add something special to your party. You can purchase sushi rolls premade or try your hand at making the sushi rolls yourself. Add a nice variety of rolls, going with options that use the seaweed paper and white rice so they go with your black and white theme.

MARINATED BLACK OLIVES AND MOZZARELLA BALLS – Another elegant side is marinated black olives and mozzarella balls. You can make it yourself, marinating small mozzarella balls with black olives. They colors will look great and it’s a tasty dish that will go with nearly any menu that you choose for your black and white party.

WHITE AND DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED POPCORN – You can buy white chocolate and black chocolate covered popcorn and serve it, or you can have fun making your own. To make white chocolate covered popcorn, make up plain popcorn and drizzle with white chocolate, tossing until well coated. For the dark chocolate covered popcorn, follow the same process, but use dark chocolate. Toss the white and dark chocolate covered popcorn together and serve in a nice bowl for a yummy, sweet snack that guests will enjoy.

black and white    party
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Of course a party isn't a party without a cake. This is a time when you will have an opportunity to really make your theme shine and be at the forefront. All you have to do is make sure your cake is black and white and has a few little extra decorations that will really give it that wow-factor when everyone sees it.

BLACK AND WHITE RIBBON CAKE – Bake a double layer square cake. Make one layer with chocolate cake and the other with white cake. Decorate the cake with white fondant. Then, make a pretty black ribbon and bow that goes all the way around the sides of the cake. Carefully add the ribbon to the cake. The cake looks simple, but very elegant.

BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOT CAKE – Make a double layer round cake, using marble cake, which will look great when you cut the cake. Bake a smaller round cake to go on top of the larger round cake. After the cakes cool, add black fondant to the larger cake. Top with the smaller cake and top the smaller cake with white fondant. On the black cake, add white fondant polka dots. On the top white cake, add black fondant polka dots.

BLACK & WHITE PARTY BIRTHDAY CAKE - Make a 2-tiered white or chocolate cake, one smaller than the other. Frost with white frosting. Decorate sides with black butter cream polka dots. Make a black marzipan bow around bottom of each of the layers or tie black ribbon around the layers.

For some more fun black and white cake ideas, check out our visitor-submitted BLACK AND WHITE CAKE IDEAS photos and how-to tips.


black and white party table image

Party favors aren't necessary for an adult birthday party, but they sure are fun, so if you wish to give your guests a small parting gift, here are a few ideas that you might want to consider:
  • Black and White Photos – During the party, set up an area where guests can have their photo taken in their elegant black and white attire. Print out the photos in black and white on a photo printer. At the end of the party, place black and white photos in black and white frames. Hand them out to guests as party favors.

  • Black and White Coasters – Purchase some pretty glass coasters in black and white. Not only do they look great and go with your black and white party theme, but also your guests can use them again and again. They are both pretty and practical. Place the coasters in small white boxes, and then use a pretty black ribbon to tie the box shut. Hand out as your guests leave the soiree.

  • Fill a champagne glass with Hershey kisses wrapped in silver foil. Decorate the stem with black and white ribbons to carry the black and white party theme right on home with them.

  • Round black and white candles wrapped in clear or black and white print cello, tied with coordinating ribbons.

  • Fill a canning jar with black and white Jelly Bellys and cover the lid with B&W fabric and ribbons.

  • Melt some white molding chocolate and pour it into a round or square-shaped mold. Pop them out and pipe on skinny strips of dark chocolate. Once they've cooled, cover them with clear cello and tie them off with black bows.

  • If you're able to find some black and white Damask favor boxes, fill them up with B&W Jelly Bellys.

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