Black And White Party Ideas To Help You Host The Event of The Season!

Fun And Fabulous Black And White Party Ideas
Discover How To Create The Party Of The Century!

Lookin' for black and white theme ideas to help you recreate and host the event of the season? If you want the glitz and glamour of the infamous black and white ball, then keep your finger scrolling and you'll find a lot of cool ideas that will give your party room a dramatic facelift and make it be the event of the year.

First of all, a bit of history in case you aren't familiar with the origin of the black and white party. It is patterned after the Black and White Ball that Truman Capote held in 1966 at the New York Plaza Hotel. It was coined "The Party of the Century." Everyone who was anyone wanted that coveted invitation to arrive in their mail. The guests were instructed to wear masks and two colors--black and white. The women were also told to carry fans.

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So, if you are wanting to throw the not-to-be-missed party of the century that is extraordinary and elegant, then you must ensure that your guests are bedecked in tuxedos and glamorous evening gowns. Your decorations must be breathtakingly beautiful in support of your colors. To be a success, this is a party not to be taken lightly and planned on the fly, it requires much planning and preparation.


MODERN BLACK AND WHITE ANIMAL PRINT INVITATIONS – Since you are throwing the black and white party for teens, a modern invitation is perfectly fine. This modern invitation is sure to appeal to teens and it is easy to make as well. Create modern black and white animal print invitations by finding some black and white animal print scrapbook paper. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and then cover the front using the animal print scrapbook paper. Find some 3-d letter stickers to use on the front, using stickers to spell “YOU’RE INVITED!” Inside of the invitation, you can include all the details for your black and white birthday party.

BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO PARTY INVITATIONS – Another of the great black and white party ideas for invitations is to make your own black and white photo party invitations. Take a photo of the birthday teen and have it reprinted in black and white. Create an invitation on black cardstock and attach the black and white photo to the front of the invitation. Use white lettering to write, “It’s Written in Black and White…It’s Time to Celebrate (Name’s) Birthday.” Inside of the invitation, you can write the following:

“We’re throwing a birthday party
And everything’s black and white
We’re hoping you’ll come and celebrate
There’ll be cake, games and dancing all night!”

CLASSY BLACK & WHITE INVITES - Go all out and create the right tone for your fabulous party with a professionally created invitation that is on high-grade white cardstock with black ink.

BLACK & WHITE DOT PARTY INVITES - Select high-quality white and black cardstocks. Cut black cardstock 1" smaller than the white cardstock and glue it onto the white cardstock's center. Write out in calligraphy the party details using white or silver ink. Punch out white dots using a scrapbook or 1-hole punch. Glue dots randomly around 1" black border. Glue a black satin bow at the top area of the invitation for an added touch of color and elegance. Be sure to advise your guests that you are hosting a black-tie affair and that they must wear black and white attire with silver jewelry.

BLACK INVITES WITH WHITE INK - Select a high-quality black scrapbook paper and write in calligraphy your party info and details using white or silver ink. Laminate and mail the invitations.

BLACK & WHITE POSTCARD INVITES - Look for some postcards that have some fun black and white party-related photos or drawings. Then using calligraphy, hand-write your party details using black ink on the back of the postcard and mail.

BLACK MASK INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of shiny white or iridescent cardstock into 4 pieces using decorative scissors. Write your party details on one side in calligraphy; use a gel pen that is white or silver. Laminate, hole-punch in upper left corner, run black and white ribbons through the punched hole, and tie to an eye mask that is black. Hand-deliver your mask invitations.


Remember to advise your guests that you are hosting a formal black tie affair and that they must dress in black and white with silver jewelry. If you allow guests to wear other colors, it will destroy the dramatic effect of everything being black and white. Have a few extra pieces of black and white clothing on hand, in case guests fail to comply with your party attire or colors. Here's a fun black and white party ideas, tell your guests to bring black sunglasses for a special group photo of everyone dressed to the nines wearing sunglasses. If you don't require guests to bring black sunglasses, then provide them, so everyone has a pair.

If you would like to give all your female guests a black and white tiara as they arrive and your male guests a black or white top hat.


Adhere to using only black and white decorations with silver accents for a little pizzazz.
  • Here's a couple of black and white party ideas sure to make a statement! If you really want to do it up right, have long, black stretch limos pick everyone up and drop them off at the party. As an alternative, if you just so happen to be able to get your hands on a black sedan you could use that instead.

  • Roll out a black and white carpet on the sidewalk that approaches the entrance. Check with carpet liquidators for a remnant.

  • At the end of the carpet, create a photo op entrance. Start with a fun archway and then add the backdrops by using some of the gossamers noted below or coordinating fabrics.

  • At your entrance, set-up a large black poster board with metallic pens and have each of your guests sign in and leave a birthday message.

  • Here's some black and white party ideas for your tables. Use crisp, white tablecloths with a black lace overlay and white dishes. Or use crisp, black tablecloths with a white lace overlay and black dishes. Using opposite colors will create extra drama.

  • To add ambiance place black and white floating candles and lighted candles throughout your party room. If you don't feel it is safe to light the candles, then just create decorate displays using various heights of candles around the room. Put the taper style into various stands and the floating candles in glass bowls.

  • Be sure to incorporate some silver accents like serving dishes and utensils or candleholders.

  • If you can find the long, sleek black vases that are anywhere from 1' to 3' high, a few of these placed on some of your tables would make a dramatic statement. Fill them with long-stemmed black and white roses.

  • Some other black and white party ideas for vase displays would be to place white flowers into black vases, or black flowers into white vases. You could also fill a clear vase with black beads, and then add the black and white flowers.

  • Use plastic black top hats to create centerpieces. Fill the hat with some black and white shred. Tie some balloons to the hat and add some black, white and silver curling ribbons.

  • Accent your party room with some fun balloons that would be a perfect accent for your black and white party like black Mylar star balloons, white balloons with black stars, and black and white polka dot latex balloons.

  • Depending on your table linen colors, place black, white, or silver confetti on the table tops.

  • Use mirrors on tabletops to display black and white candles and sprinkle a little silver and black star confetti.

Here's some great black and white party ideas for your walls and ceiling:
  • Cover your walls with some really cool black and white printed gossamer to create instant drama in your party room.

  • Gossamer is a great wall and ceiling cover. It instantly adds a lot of atmosphere, ambiance, and elegance all at one time. There's a few options in the photos below to consider.

  • Another thing that you can't have too much of are white Christmas type lights. You could hang the net-style of white lights all over your walls and then cover them with sheer white or black fabric to hide the wires. This is one of my favorite looks.

  • Some fun black and white party ideas for your ceiling would be to hang extra-large black, white or silver stars from fishing line at various lengths.

  • You could also hang silver disco balls and strobe lights from the ceiling, which would really create a wonderful party atmosphere.

  • Hang black and white checkered crepe paper throughout the party room.

  • Here's a few black and white party ideas for your furniture. When renting your chairs, see if they also have black or white fabric chair covers. If they don't go to a Wal-Mart type store and get some black, white, or black and white fabrics. All you need to do is drape the chair with the fabric and use one of those extra-long rubber bands to hold it on. Cover the rubber band with a fabric bow.

  • Ultimately, you want to be sure your walls and furniture are covered with a mixture of black and white fabrics.

  • Use black and white fluted pedestals throughout party room to hold a top hat of munchies, a vase of flowers, party favors, etc.

  • If there is a fireplace available, nothing says atmosphere quicker than the ambiance of a flickering flame.

  • Create a black and white dance floor using temporary flooring that party companies rent out.

  • Create a photo op area using black and white fabrics, white Christmas lights, balloons, etc. You can either take color photos if you want to be able to see the various color differences, or stay on theme and go back in time and take black and white photos as each of your guests arrive.

  • Depending on the size of your room, decorate it with empty boxes that are wrapped in black and white sheet music, black and white newspaper, or black and white wrapping papers. Finish them off by tying them with black and white ribbons. The larger the room, the larger the boxes.

  • Leave disposable cameras all around the party room and let your guests take photos throughout the night. Once again, if you want to stay on theme, use black and white film. If you would rather see the splendor of your black, white, and silver decor, then use color.

  • Create a black and white collage of photos of the honoree and hang on the walls. You can go from birth to the present to make it extra fun.


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Your main activity at an event such as this, will be dancing. So you might as well teach everyone some new dance steps and let them move and grove to the music. Black and white party ideas for dancing may extend to trying out the following dance styles: jazz, salsa, line, rock, and swing.

GAME TABLE WITH CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE GAMES – Set up a game table in the party area where guests can enjoy playing some classic black and white games with each other. Great games to add to the game table include dominos and chess. You could even have dominos and chess tournaments at the party.

BLACK AND WHITE RORSCHACH TEST – Another find idea is to create your own black and white version of the Rorschach test to use for the party. Before the party, make your own black and white ink images. To play the game, place an image up for everyone to see. Go around the room seeing what each party guest sees in the image. Have several images to use and be ready for some hilarious answers as guests try to see things in the random ink images you’ve created.

BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE GUESSING GAME – You can also put together a bunch of black and white movie clips. Divide the teens into 2-4 teams. Play one movie clip at a time and see which team can guess the movie. Great movies you can use for your clips include:

- Night of the Hunter
- Citizen Cane
- Paths of Glory
- Sunset Boulevard
- Casablanca
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- It’s a Wonderful Life
- My Darling Clementine
- Double Indemnity
- The Haunting
- The Seventh Seal
- Gone with the Wind

I NEVER DID THAT! - Give everyone 10 to 15 pennies. Each person in the group tells everyone something they have never done. If the other guests have done whatever that person says, they give them a penny. The person with the most pennies at the end of the game wins. You can go around once and call it quits or go around twice. Examples of statements:

1. I have never been in jail.
2. I have never been in an auto accident.
3. I have never broken a bone.
4. I have never changed a flat tire.
5. I have never been on a roller coaster.

DON'T SAY "YES" - Either make black, white, and silver ribbon necklaces or use black, white, and silver beads. As your guests arrive, give them each a necklace. Instruct your guests that they may not say "yes", "yeah", "un-huh", "yup", "si", or anything else that translates into "yes". If another guest hears someone say any of these affirmatives, they may take the other person's necklace from them. The person who ends up with the most necklaces at the end of the evening, or whatever time limit you set for this event to conclude, shall be the winner!


Trying to come up with only black and white party ideas for food is probably going to be your most challenging part of planning your party. You may have to "fudge" (there you go, this is a black food) a little.

FINGER SANDWICHES - Using marble, white and rye breads, make crust-less sandwiches and cut them into fourths.

BLACK PARTY BEAN ROLL-UPS - Make big pots of black beans and white rice and serve with flour tortilla shells and Monterey Jack cheese.

PASTA DISHES WITH WHITE SAUCE - Fettuccine Alfredo or Chicken fettuccine Alfredo.

PIZZA - Pizza with only white cheese, white onions, and black olives.

CHICKEN BREAST - Chicken breast strips with black bean dipping sauce.

FRUIT KABOBS - Blackberries, white grapes, and peeled cut-up apples which will reveal the "white" fruit.

MUNCHIES - Black top hats filled with popcorn or chocolate covered popcorn. Bowls of black olives, a silver tray of white cheese cubed, each with a toothpick, and black and white Jelly Bellies or jellybeans.

CHEESECAKE - White cheesecake with dark chocolate chips baked in or white cheesecake served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.


1 package of brownie mix
2 3.9-ounce packages of instant chocolate pudding mix
1 16-ounce package of frozen whipped topping, thawed
3 pieces of English Toffee (approximately 3-4 ounces)

Prepare the brownie mix according to the package directions. Cool.

Mix the pudding according to its package directions.

In a glass truffle bowl, create your decadent masterpiece. Layer your ingredients in the following order: 1/2 of the brownies, crumbled; 1/2 of the prepared pudding; 1 piece of the toffee, crushed; and 1/2 of the whipped topping.

Repeat the layers and refrigerate overnight. Top it off with crumbled toffee bar just before you are ready to serve it.

CHOCOLATE FONDUE - Melt chocolate and keep it warm in a fondue pot. Serve with angel food cake cubes for dipping. Or for a truly more elegant way of serving your chocolate, opt for a chocolate fountain.

BLACK AND WHITE STRAWBERRIES - Dip half of the strawberry in dark chocolate and the other half in white chocolate. Be sure you cover up the entire red berry. If you keep the green leaves in place, it will be easier to pick up and eat. Sorry, I know that interferes with the black and white food scheme.

DRINKS - Serve black coffee, Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, or 7-up.


black and white party ideas
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Here are a few black and white party ideas for creating an extra special cake:

BLACK AND WHITE FONDANT CAKE - A black and white cake decorated with fondant is the best choice for creating a show-stopping, wow-factor cake. Fondant has a way of adding instant elegance to a cake and it is extremely versatile. Cover a square cake with white fondant and then top it off with one large black fondant bow to create an elegant looking cake.

BLACK AND WHITE PARTY BIRTHDAY CAKE - Create a sheet cake or round cake and frost it white. Top it off with an edible black and white sugar image or cake topper. If you're making a round cake, you could cover it with white fondant and accent all of the cakes' sides with black diamond shapes cut out of fondant.

BLACK AND WHITE BIRTHDAY NUMBER CAKE – Make a double layer round cake, making one layer in chocolate and the other in white cake. Put the layers together, using white butter cream to connect them. Decorate the cake with white buttercream. Pipe black flowers all around the cake. Add a black ribbon around the bottom of the cake. Create the birthday teen’s age, such as a “16” out of black fondant and put right in the middle of the birthday cake for an elegant cake.

Black and Whtie Party Ideas For Cakes
BLACK AND WHITE ANIMAL PRINT CAKE – Make a square 9” cake using any flavor of cake you like. Decorate the cake in white buttercream and then add black buttercream to make animal print. You can do Zebra stripes or another type of animal print on the cake.

WHITE ROSE CUPCAKES – Make a batch of cupcakes and when they cool, decorate them with black icing. Then, pipe on white icing, making a large white rose right in the middle of the cupcake. The cupcakes will look so elegant and will definitely add something special to your food tables.

BLACK AND WHITE ICE CREAM CAKE - Buy a black and white ice cream cake and just add a happy birthday greeting and you're good to go.

BLACK AND WHITE PARTY IDEAS FOR CUPCAKES - Make some cupcakes and cover them with white frosting. Top them off with music notes cut out of black fondant. You can also accent each cupcake with a sugar red rose.


Just being a part of the party will be favor enough, but if you're inclined to give each guest a memento, here are a couple of black and white party ideas. Fill a champagne glass with Hershey kisses wrapped in silver foil, or black and white Jelly Bellies, or Hershey Kisses Hugs (which are black and white). Decorate the stem with black and white ribbons to carry the black and white party theme.

Your Favorite Black And White Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Black and white Party Ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your black and white cake and costume ideas.

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